Coronavirus and Yacht Charter: Destinations worth waiting for

By Editorial Team   26 March 2020

Travel restrictions may be in place right now due to COVID-19, but that shouldn't stop you planning ahead and taking a look at our favorite summer yacht charter destinations for the future. 

From the sun-soaked beaches of the Bahamas to the hundreds of islands that make up Greece, there’s plenty to look forward to once the current travel restrictions are lifted.

So whether you're dreaming of your next getaway or you're looking to make a booking now and travel later, we've rounded up our favorite travel destinations which you can visit on a yacht charter the coming weeks or months.

All of them are great for social distancing, with plenty of secluded beaches and moorings where you can escape the crowds.

If you'd like more information about booking, please refer to our Yacht Charter and Coronavirus Guide.

The Bahamas

With its year-round tropical climate and hundreds of sandy islands, the Bahamas is expected to be extremely popular this summer. In fact, initial sentiments suggest that many North American charterers who previously chose Mediterranean destinations like Italy and Ibiza might stay closer to home and discover all that the Bahamas has to offer.

There’s certainly no shortage of things to see and do in the region. Cruise around the Exumas and feed the resident pigs at Pig Beach, snorkel in Pablo Escobar’s sunken drug plane and swim with nurse sharks at Compass Cay. 

Those looking to get off the beaten track will find serenity at Cat Island and long swathes of footprint-free white sand beaches on Long Island. Scuba pros can even take a dip in Dean’s Blue Hole, a naturally-occurring sinkhole with plenty to see below the surface.


Greece has thousands of islands to explore, so you can be sure to find one to suit the needs of you and your charter party. For those chartering with their partner, head to Santorini. The blue and white buildings, iconic sunsets and cobbled streets covered in pink bougainvillea are easily enough to set the tone for a romantic getaway.

If you're in the mood for something more tranquil, head to Milos. Just south of Santorini, this volcanic island is famed for the lunar beach of Sarakiniko that closely resembles the surface of the moon. Spend the morning sunbathing on the white rocks, then take a dip in the blue water.

In the Aegean sea, further north of the Cyclades, lies the Sporades island chain. This scattering of islands is primed for yacht-goers in search of peace and serenity, with islands like Alonnisos and Skopelos offering a welcome retreat from the crowds.  


The Adriatic enclave of Montenegro is one of jewels of the East Mediterranean. Temperatures extend well into the 80’s during the height of summer, and the alpine landscape makes a refreshing change to other Mediterranean hotspots.

On shore, you can enjoy luxury shopping and fine dining at Porto Montenegro, the country’s leading marina. It has the capacity to host the largest yachts in the world, so you will be in good hands when you charter here. 

Off shore, the sapphire waters of Montenegro are studded with pretty islands that create great itineraries- be sure to check out Our Lady of The Rocks and Sveti Stefan peninsula. Anchor in the waters surrounding, and enjoy sunbathing or playing with the water toys in the most enchanting surroundings.


Steeped in history, Croatia has no shortage of charm and character. From the ancient stone city of Dubrovnik, with its fortified walls and alluring Old Town, to the red roofs and palm-tree-lined port in Split, Croatia has so much to offer those visiting by yacht.

What’s more, Croatia has over 1,000 islands at the disposal of guests. Not only does this create great and diverse itineraries, it also means there’s plenty of secluded coves and little bays where your yacht can moor overnight, saving you the hassle of having to find a marina. 

One of the favorite islands in Croatia is Brač, which is home to the famous horn-shaped beach of Zlatni Rat. The beach is perfect for a beach picnic, and light winds also make for ideal conditions for windsurfing.


With its dramatic fjords and sleepy fishing villages, Norway is the place to go for those looking for a completely different charter experience. The south of Norway is great for food-lovers, with Stavanger playing host to world-famous famous restaurants such as RE-NAA, which specializes in Nordic cuisine with a fine-dining flair.

If you cruise through the south of Norway, you can expect mild temperatures and stunning scenery as the wildflowers come into bloom and the rolling meadows create a striking contrast between the red-roofed ‘hyttes’ (cabins) which are scattered across the countryside. 

If you’re looking to cruise in the north, expect to witness the incredible phenomenon known as midnight sun. Most locals spend a lot of time being outdoors and at one with nature- if you’d like to do the same, be sure to check out Trolltunga and Kjerag, which both offer great hikes in the high hills of Norway.

The Galapagos

the Galapgos from the vantage points of one of the many mountains in the region where guests on a luxury yacht charter can expect to discover many rare species of animasl
A marine iguana that is only native to the Galapagos island
a giant turtle that is native to the galapagos islands and lives in one of the many animal sanctuaries there
a guest on a luxury yacht charter throws on their scuba diving gear and plunges into the expansive depths of the Galapagos waters where they swim with a docile whale shark

One thousand kilometers off the Ecuadorian coast lies the volcanic island chain of the Galapagos. These islands represent a truly different type of vacation, with their mesmerising landscapes and awe-inspiring spectrum of wildlife.

For seasoned divers, a trip to Darwin’s Arch is a must. This natural rocky outcrop is a playground for whales and sharks, with a year-round congregation of hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, reef sharks, barracuda, manta-ray, dolphins and yellowfin tuna. Some particularly large whale shark species are also known to frequent these waters.

Darwin’s Arch requires an overnight cruise to access, so a private yacht charter is a must. Spend the rest of your vacation seeing the sights on land- from penguins and turtles to birds and lizards.

Cape Cod

a vintage style lighthouse on the outskirts of cape cod
the sunsetting in cape cod creating a breathtaking scene for guests on a luxury yacht charter to enjoy asthey sip cocktails in the evening sun
a small town in new england ahwere guests can explore while on their luxury yacht charter and discover charming family run establishments
a whale emerges from below the waters of cape cod

New England’s coastlines offer a varied mix of culture and scenic beauty. Lighthouses pepper the coasts, alongside picturesque little towns and white sand beaches that stretch on for miles.

Cape Cod is arguably one of the prettiest destinations in New England. Famed for its sandy shores, glowing sunsets and all-American charm, the region offers a much more relaxed yacht charter vacation and the chance to really unwind in the midst of undisturbed peace.

Summer also represents the optimum season for whale-watching, with humpback whales frequenting the water as they migrate to Massachusetts between June and October. Sit out on the deck and enjoy watching these gentle giants breach the surface of the sea as they come up to feed.


resort cabins perch on the still and tranquil waters of tahiti giving luxury yacht charter guests a relaxing space to unwind
Tahiti is well known for its beautiful flora guests on a luxury yacht charter can expect to find many unchartered spaces full of neature and wildlife
a gfuest on a luxury yacht charter in tahiti decides to take part in some water sorts and surfs the cinematic waves of the region
a charter guests discovers a lagoon and waterfall all to themselves and spend the day unwinding before returning to their luxury charter yacht

Synonymous with clear blue lagoons and beaches dotted with palm trees, Tahiti is the crowning jewel of the South Pacific. The entire cruising region of French Polynesia makes a great travel destination during the summer months, with dry weather and lots of sunshine.

The islands are an oasis of unspoiled nature- if you’re visiting, you should be sure to try the vanilla pods that are grown locally. Taha’a produces some of the best vanilla in the region, and accounts for around 80% of Tahiti’s vanilla production.

Other sights to see include the pearl farms, where you can see exactly how saltwater pearls are harvested and made into jewellery. Be sure to bring back one for you and one as a souvenir- choose between pink pearls, black pearls and the classic milky white.


a guest on a luxury yacht charter who has anchored in oludeniz is paragliding over the breathtaking blue lagoon in turkey
the ancient ruins of Myra are a popular tourist destination especially among those on a luxury yacht charter
Tea and coffee is very important part of turkish culture charter guests can visit many fine cafes in the country where they can sample the flavours of the east med and also get breathtaking views of hot air balloons flying overhead
Suleymaniye Camii mosque in Istanbul is definitely a place to visit while on a luxury yacht charterin turkey

Turkey is the perfect destination if you're looking for postcard-perfect beaches and a relaxed pace of life on shore. Similarly to Croatia, it also has countless little bays where you can moor your yacht, saving you the hassle of having to find a port.

Be sure to spend lots of time in the water exploring Turkey's undersea landscapes- the Turkish Riviera is home to great coral reefs, including the famous Barracuda reef, which is a prime spot for divers.

If you're chartering on the Turkish Riviera near Fethiye and Marmaris, then be sure to add the Blue Lagoon to your itinerary. This awe-inspiring natural wonder is a swimmer's paradise, with clear water and a long strip of sandy beach where you can take some time out and sunbathe.

Please follow the advice outlined by your local government about travel restrictions. Read our yacht charter and Coronavirus FAQ for more information about luxury yacht rental.

You can still make a booking now and travel later- please get in touch with your preferred yacht charter broker for more information.

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