Italy Yacht Charter

With a huge diversity of destinations and an enormous selection of yachts at your disposal, Italy is the top choice for a yacht charter vacation in the Mediterranean this summer. Whether you want to explore the beauty of Portofino or cruise the Amalfi Coast in style, Italy offers so much to see and do. Islands like Sardinia are an oasis of white sand beaches, while cities such as Venice offer fascinating culture and ancient history. Ideal for every type of charter guest, Italy is set to be one of our most popular yachting destinations for summer 2020 and beyond.

Known for its romantic charm, beloved cuisine, and picture-perfect towns and cities, Italy is one of the Mediterranean’s shining jewels. The mainland forms part of the Italian Peninsula, which sits in the heart of the Mediterranean basin with the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the east. The smaller Ligurian Sea can also be found on the north-western coast.

From family-friendly fun to dazzling party hotspots, Italy provides it all. You can enjoy laid-back cruises or jam-packed island-hopping and finish your yacht charter with enough memories to last a lifetime.

Italy: At a glance

  • Unique variety of destinations
    Italy has a vast number of different destinations which you can visit within a relatively short itinerary. Spend a day on the beach, followed by a day exploring the city!
  • Plenty of marinas
    The most popular cruising regions are well-catered to superyachts of all sizes.
  • More coastline than anywhere else in western Europe
    The country has over 7,200 kilometres of coast, with plenty of islands that create interesting and diverse itineraries.
  • International access
    Italy is well-connected to the rest of the world, with plenty of international airports which offer direct, intercontinental flights at all times of the year.
  • An expansive charter fleet
    Whatever type of yacht you’re looking for, you can be sure to find it in Italy. Most of the world’s largest superyachts spend their summers in Italy; but there are plenty of smaller yachts, sailing vessels and sports yachts also available to book.

Where to charter a yacht in Italy

There are so many destinations in Italy, it can be tricky to know where to start. Let us help to break it down for you.

The Italian Riviera (Liguria, Portofino, Rapallo)
Best for: Scuba-diving, upscale restaurants, cultural landmarks

The Amalfi Coast (Positano, Capri, Sorrento)
Best for: Pretty towns, UNESCO-listed scenery, celebrity-spotting, romantic venues

Sardinia (Sardegna, Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda)
Best for: Sandy beaches, buzzy venues, luxury retail, swimming and snorkelling

Sicily (Palermo, Marsala)
Best for: Peace and quiet, fascinating history, interesting monuments, unspoilt beaches

East Coast Italy (Apulia, Puglia, Bari)
Best for: Wine tasting, hiking, authentic restaurants

Venice (Veneto)
Best for: Art galleries, theatres, ancient architecture

Italy’s west coast is the most popular region for yacht charters, and most of our clients will usually book a week or more in order to fully experience all that this slice of paradise has to offer. You can browse our selection of tailor-made itineraries to help you choose the type of vacation that’s right for you.

Types of charter yachts in Italy

Italy Yacht Charter photo 1a motor yacht crusiing the coast of Venice while on a luxury yacht charter in Italy
Feadship superyacht lady s underway in cinque terre in italy while on a luxury yacht charter vacation with a fleet of superyachts behind hersuperyacht maltese falcon underway in the Mediterranean while on a luxury yacht charter vacation in peak summer on her way to capri

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to superyachts for charter in Italy, with one of the largest and most diverse fleets in the world for you to choose from.

If you’re unsure about whether you want to book a motor yacht or sailing yacht for your Italian getaway, there are a few things you should consider first.

Motor yacht charter in Italy

There is a huge variety of motor yachts for charter in this part of the Mediterranean. You can choose between a small, fast and sporty yacht, or a larger yacht with all the latest features and amenities; or something in between the two.

Yachts with planing hulls are ideal for you if you want to zip between destinations quickly. They are sleek, sexy and ideal for speed demons. However, be aware that they consume more fuel and will be less stable at anchor.

Displacement and semi-displacement hulls are slower, but more spacious and far more stable at anchor. They offer ample volume and comfort, and the largest yachts in the international charter fleet are all displacement or semi-displacement.

Sailing yacht charter in Italy

There are plenty of sailing yachts for charter in Italy. Choose between a high-performance ketch, a classic sloop or a catamaran for increased on-board volume. 

The country’s west coast is better for experienced sailors who aren’t afraid of wind and swell. The east side is more relaxed, and you can easily incorporate some island-hopping around Croatia into your vacation- just be sure your yacht has a Croatian charter license. 

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Italy?

With so many options available, there’s something to suit every type of budget in Italy. The average prices for motor and sailing yacht charter in Italy are as follows;

Motor yacht charter

Average Length              Average Low Season * Average High Season *
< 82ft (< 25m) $32,600  $35,667
83ft - 99ft (26m - 30m)  $52,366  $57,994
100ft - 134ft (31m - 40m)  $92,930  $104,407
135ft - 164ft (41m - 50m)  $179,361 $200,138
165ft - 199ft (51m - 60m)  $277,481  $306,424
200ft - 234ft (61m - 70m)  $464,345 $501,041
235ft - 264ft (71m - 80m)  $641,975  $696,736
265ft - 294ft (81m- 90m)  $921,383  $958,371
295ft + (91m +)    $1,150,114  $1,255,780

* All prices are quoted per week plus expenses.

Sailing yacht charter

Average Length Average Low Season* Average High Season*
< 65ft (< 20m) $29,005 $34,921
66ft - 99ft (21m - 30m) $28,561 $32,464
100ft - 134ft (31m - 40m) $60,997 $67,770
135ft - 164ft (41m - 50m) $98,538.55 $109,978
165ft - 199ft (51m - 60m) $175,870 $193,187
200ft - 230ft (61m - 70m)  $193,187 $235,666
230ft + (71m +)  $503,261 $557,375

* All prices are quoted per week plus expenses.

VAT and Tax in Italy

As with almost all countries in the European Union, Italy charges a percentage VAT on goods and services. This applies to yacht charters as well.

The standard VAT in Italy is 22% of the cost of the yacht charter. However, there are some instances where this can be reduced, dependant on the time spent in international waters during your charter. Speak to your preferred yacht charter broker for more information. 

Where should I begin my yacht charter in Italy?

superyacht elixir in a quiet marina in italy while on a luzury yacht charter vacation to the hotspost of the Mediterranean with a mountain behind her
the sun setting over venic whiel yachts come to berth in a marina so that her guests can enjoy an evening in the town while they enjoy their luxury yacht charter in Italy
a woman in blue holds her hat and a tote bag full of the essential things she needs to enjoy a day in the sun while on her luxury yacht charter in Italy

Your start destination depends on where you want to visit in Italy; however, there are some popular yachting hubs where you can usually expect to start or finish a charter. For itineraries on the west coast which include the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sardinia, your yacht charter will typically begin in Naples.

For yacht charters on the Italian Riviera, most people begin in Genoa or in the South of France. It’s simple enough to begin your superyacht vacation in a neighboring country, and then pop across to Italy; ask your charter broker for more information.

If you’re looking to begin in Sardinia or Sicily, you can- but you may have to cover the cost of repositioning, as it's possible your desired yacht will have to leave its home port to meet you at one of the islands. 

For the east coast of Italy, most people choose to begin in Venice or in Bari, which is located in the Puglia (or Apulia region).

When is the best time to visit Italy by yacht?

a shining fleets of superyachts off of the coast of capri with their guests enjoying the hot Mediterranean sun as they cruise from port to port on their Italy yacht charter adventure

Similarly to most Mediterranean destinations, Italy’s charter season runs between April and October. Peak season is in July and August, when the mercury’s at its peak and rainfall and wind levels are at their lowest.

Savvy charterers looking to save some money should consider chartering a yacht in Italy during shoulder season, which is generally between April and May, and September and October. While these months aren’t as lively as peak season, you can still enjoy warm weather, fewer tourists, and less competition for berths.

Climate in Italy

Italy enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate, with minimal rainfall and lots of sunshine during the summer months. The country is not particularly windy; however, the west coast experiences more winds than destinations which lie on the sheltered east coast.

It’s also worth noting that islands such as Sicily, Sardinia, Capri, and Ischia are more affected by wind.

Marinas and Anchorages

an italian marin where a fleet of luxury superyachts berth in peak season for a spledid festival in land bringing some excitement to a quaint settlement and to the guests of a luxury yacht charter

It won’t be necessary to spend every night of your yacht charter in port. However, most of the time, charterers will enjoy spending an evening or two on shore and returning to their charter yacht in the marina afterwards. 

Be aware that Italy has some of the highest berthing fees in the Mediterranean, and competition for berths is fierce during peak season.

Popular marinas

While exploring Italy by yacht, you will find plenty of marinas that cater to a wide range of superyachts.

One of the most popular start and end points on a yacht charter is Naples. Here, there are two large marinas; Marina di Stabia is a luxury marina close to Naples, which caters to yachts up to 100m, and Marina Molo Luise is a second option which caters to yachts measuring up to 140m.

Further up the coast, Porto Lotti is located in the Italian Riviera and caters to yachts of up to 100m. Over on the east coast, yachts can dock at Darsena Fontanelle, which has a maximum capacity of 60m, and in Venice, yachts can make use of Venice Yacht Pier, which has the capacity to host yachts of up to 120m.

Anchoring in Italy

You will spend most nights at anchor during your yacht charter. It’s worth noting that the waters of the western coast of Italy are deep, and smaller yachts may find it more challenging to find suitable spots for anchoring.

Your yacht crew and your broker will know the most about the best bays and sheltered coves where you can find a peaceful anchorage.

Airports in Italy

Italy is well-connected to the rest of the world by air. For those starting a yacht charter, the most popular airport on the mainland is Naples International Airport, which operates direct flights to the USA, Russia and the Middle East during peak charter season.

Leonardo DaVinci International Airport is another major airport, which is situated close to Rome and offers more intercontinental flights.

On Sardinia, Cagliari Elmas Airport is an international airport on the southern tip of the island, which is best if you're flying in from abroad. For those making a domestic journey from Italy's mainland, Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is the best airport to fly into, as you will be well-placed to popular yachting hotspots such as the Costa Smeralda and the Maddalena archipelago. 

On Sicily, Palermo has its own international airport for those looking to charter around the island. Meanwhile on the eastern coast of Italy, charterers can fly into Venice Marco Polo Airport or Bari International Airport, both of which operate international routes with regular flights during peak season.

Booking Advice from the Experts

a  luxury yacht charter broker discusses fees and expenses to his client who is eager to explore italy on a yacht charter vacation

Italy is one of our most popular destinations in the summer months. Therefore, advanced booking is crucial if you want to secure your perfect yacht, in your ideal destination on your preferred dates.

If you leave it too late, the selection of yachts at your disposal will be minimized, and you might not be able to explore the destinations you have your heart set on. Plus, finding dates when everyone in your charter party is available can be tricky; the longer you leave it, the more challenging it will be. 

Your broker will also need plenty of time to tailor an itinerary to suit you, and enough time to book ahead for the nights you wish to spend in marinas. We recommened booking up to 3 months in advance to give your broker the optimum time to organise everything down to the last detail. 

Local Insight

a sunny walkway in a charming coastal town in italy that is overflowing with greenery
a white vespa against the yellow coated wall of an Italian boutique in naples where guests of a luxury charter yacht are perusing for some new designer clothes a deliceous and authentic italian meal prepared by the chef of a luxury charter yacht for the guests who want to explore the Mediterranean

Italy is an internationally popular travel destination that’s widely accepting of other cultures and customs. The country’s own culture has had an impact across the globe; from its famous artists, such as Leonardo DaVinci, to its iconic fashion houses like Gucci, Versace and Prada.

The country shares borders with France, Switzerland, Slovenia and Austria and is also home to two independent countries inside Italy; the Holy City of Vatican and San Marino, a tiny state in the hills on Italy’s east coast.

While Italy has a very distinct culture, it is very welcoming of all types of visitors. However, be aware that there are some specific laws you will need to adhere to while exploring the country; if you don't, you risk being fined.  As well as obvious ones like not drinking in the streets and no swimming in the fountains, you also should be aware that you can't swim in the Blue Grotto, in Capri, and you should wear proper footwear while walking in Cinque Terre- no flip-flops allowed. 

Most popular superyacht hotspots in Italy:

a bright and colourful marina in positano italy just waiting for a fleet of luxury charter yachts to berth and explore the region
the  buildings of the amalfi coast nestled in the crevices of cliffs and hilltops with beautiful mountains in the background a perfect anchorage for guests on a superyacht looking to explore while on their italy yacht charter vacation the popular tourist attraction villa lysis in capri where fleets of charter yachts visit

Italian Riviera

Also known as Liguria, the Italian Riviera is characterised by its centuries-old architecture, historic landmarks, and craggy cliffs. The crescent-shaped strip of land occupies the most north-easterly coast, and generally includes destinations such as the pretty, pine-coated island of Elba, and a selection of seaside towns and cities in Tuscany.

Highlights of the Italian Riviera include Cinque Terre, a string of former fishing towns carved into the hills overlooking the sea. Now a popular vacation spot, the towns’ colourful buildings have become an icon of the region. Nearby Portofino shares the same type of brightly-coloured buildings and is a magnet for superyacht charters.

The Amalfi Coast

the candy coloured buildinsg of the hot charter yacht destination positano
the famous statue of someone in vila cibrone a vacation hostspot that sees masses of guests on a luxury yacht charter through italy come and visit
and olive tree on the hills of capri with the perfect view of the ocean where it seems fleets of superyachts cruise while on their italy yacht charter vacation

Located in the Campania region, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beloved yachting destinations in Italy. Also known as the Sorrentine Peninsula, the coast stretches from Naples to Salerno, covering towns such as Sorrento, Positano, Ravello and Amalfi. Islands including Capri and the Phlegrean archipelago (which covers Ischia, Procida and Vivara) are included in the Amalfi Coast.

The region has limited beaches, but plenty to see and do on shore- you won't ever be bored on the Amalfi Coast! You can walk the manicured gardens of Ravello and admire the breathtaking seascapes, then head over to Positano to browse the majolica shops and dine in pretty venues sitting high in the hills. 

a lovely peninsula in the east coast of italy where many motor yachts on a italy yacht charter visit

The island of Capri is steeped in culture, history and natural beauty. Explore the ancient villas, discover the wonders of the Blue Grotto, have a coffee in Piazza Umberto I and pick up a pair of sandals- they were a favorite of Jackie Kennedy's. 

Further north, cruising around the islands of Ischia and Procida will allow you to experience the healing power of thermal spas created through ancient volcanic activity- soak in the natural springs and leave your footprints in the black sand beaches.


bright and colourful decorative plants hang against the vibrant yellow wall of a family run pizzeria where guests on a luxury yacht charter vacation are dining
the crystal clear water on la maddalena archipelago in italy's shoulder seaon where they experience less tourisma rocky path on the coast of a popular yacht charter destination sardinia

Located in the Tyrrhenian sea next to the French island of Corsica, Sardinia is hugely different to the Italian mainland. In contrast to the steep bluffs and deep sapphire sea of the Amalfi Coast and Italian Riviera, Sardinia is bordered by sugary sand beaches and crystal-clear bays. 

The north-east coast of the island is the most popular for visiting yachts. For keen sailors, a voyage around La Maddalena archipelago can't be beaten- it's the same location where a number of prestigious regattas are held and it sits on the famous Costa Smeralda, which is well-known for its beaches and fantastic snorkeling opportunities. 

Porto Cervo is a luxury-lovers dream, with its high-end shops and designer emporiums close to the main port. Meanwhile, Olbia is the quieter sister of Porto Cervo, where you can while away the day wandering around museums and admiring the architecture. 


the Ruins of Taormina Theater Sicily a famous attraction in Sicily and also a popular attraction with guests on a luxury yacht charter vacation

Sicily is a quieter alternative to the hustle and bustle of other Mediterranean destinations. The city of Palermo is a beguiling mix of old and new, with plenty of Gothic architecture, authentic little ristorantes and wine bars to be found along the palm-tree-lined streets. 

The island is rich in historical sites and ancient myth and legend. You can visit the Statue of the Temples in Agrigento or the archaeological park of Neapolis for an insight into the culture, which has been heavily influenced by Greece.

East Coast Italy

elctric blue water off of the coast of porto fino where luxury yachts anchor and enjoy the Mediterranean sun

Encompassing the region of Puglia (or Apulia), the East Coast of Italy is not the most common yachting destination- but those who visit this area won't be disappointed by the fascinating local heritage of this Adriatic enclave.

In Bari, you'll have the chance to walk the mazelike streets and admire the bleached buildings and the little boats in the charming central harbor. Further up the coast, the countryside rolls out for miles around, with fields of vineyards and olive groves- the region accounts for 40% of Italy's olive oil! The area is also famed for its gastronomy, and you'd be remiss not to sample the burrata and pasta along the East Coast.


the famous canals of Venice where luxury charter yachts are not allowed to cruise but provides a romantic setting while guests are enjoying their vacation

A cultural gem of Italy, Venice is a city that is primed for of art and theatre fans. There are countless museums and art galleries for you to explore during your visit, and while you can't cruise your yacht through the city's inner waterways, you can indulge in a gondola ride- and that's far more intimate and romantic!

Nearby, the island of Murano is famed for its production of unique hand-blown glass art, and makes the perfect stop for a day wandering the boutiques and galleries. 

Neighbouring regions

Italy is well-positioned for visiting other destinations in the Mediterranean. In fact, many people will choose to incorporate the South of France into their itineraries, since it's close by and offers the chance to experience another side to the Mediterranean. The French Riviera is popular- yachting hotspots include Monaco, Cannes and St Tropez. Off the mainland, the French island of Corsica is perfect for those already chartering in Sardinia. 

If you're booking a yacht charter on the East Coast of Italy or in Venice, Croatia is a great destination to add to your itinerary. The variety of islands and the laid-back culture are an alluring contrast to the buzz of Italy, and there are numerous sandy beaches and picturesque cities in this pocket of the East Mediterranean. 

You could even extend your yacht charter to include Greece. Corfu and Kefalonia are a short cruise across the Ionian Sea.

If you are exploring Sicily, you might consider heading further south to the island chain of Malta. This historic archipelago is an exotic alternative to the cosmopolitan glamour of Italy.

a breathtakingly quaint coastal town in west coast Italy where fleets of luxury superyachts berth while on vacation

Don't miss:

  • Chryst of the Abyss, an 8-ft bronze statue that stands 17m below the surface of the sea in Portofino, creating a popular diving spot.

  • Fontelina, an iconic beach club set on the rocks in Capri.

  • Villa Rufolo, a villa with beautiful, manicured gardens overlooking the sea in Ravello.

  • Il San Pietro di Positano, a pretty hotel with an elegant terrace looking out over the ocean in the cliffs of Positano.

  • The Faraglioni, a rock formation off the coast of Capri.

  • Cala Goloritze, in Sardinia, a white-sand beach which is consistently voted one of the prettiest in Europe.

  • Hotel Splendido, a beautiful hotel in the hills looking out over the bay of Portofino.

  • The Sunken City of Baiae, a small city that sunk into the sea during Roman times close to Naples.

  • The Blue Grotto, or Grotto Azzura, a semi-submerged cave in Capri where the light refracts the sunlight from outside, creating a mesmerizing optical illusion. 

Italy Yacht Charter Itineraries

Our wide selection of itineraries has been curated with the help of brokers and yachting experts to ensure each one is perfectly tailored for a luxury yacht charter. To make it easier to choose the right fit for you and your party, you can browse our itineraries based on the number of days you’re planning to spend chartering.

From Portofino to Positano and everywhere in between, Italy is home to a variety of charter hotspots. If you’re looking to explore one region in Italy, we recommend an itinerary that covers between 5-7 days. This will give you enough time to spend on shore discovering the delights of new towns and pretty villages, while also enjoying some down time on deck.

If you’re looking to explore two regions that aren’t far from each other (for example the Amalfi Coast and Sardinia) you should consider 7 days. Your itinerary can incorporate an overnight cruise to ensure you don’t waste a day underway.

For more than two regions, or if you’re looking to spend more than one night in any destination, you should consider an itinerary that is longer than 7 days. This will give you enough time to fully experience everything that this beautiful Mediterranean destination has to offer.

Italy is a vast country that covers many sub-regions, so be sure to consider this when browsing our itineraries. Many people will choose to start and end their vacation in Italy, but it’s also possible to incorporate neighbouring countries into an itinerary; a popular destination is the South of France, but you could also incorporate Croatia or Greece.

Discover Italy


Scenic coastlines, cultural attractions, fine dining, luxury and fashion, pretty villages, island discovery

When to Go:

May - September


  • Naples International Airport
  • Leonardo DaVinci International Airport
  • Cagliari Elmas Airport
  • Catania-Fontanarossa
  • Bari International Airport

Luxury Yachts for Charter in Italy 2021 & 2022

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786 Yachts for charter in Italy
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Madsummer Yacht Charter in ItalyMadsummer yacht charter lifestyle
from $1,600,000 p/week
O'Pari Yacht Charter in ItalyO'Pari yacht charter lifestyle
from $1,172,000 p/week♦︎
Flying Fox Yacht Charter in Italy

Flying Fox25

136m Lurssen

136m   2019

from $3,516,000 p/week♦︎

Lana Yacht Charter in Italy


107m Benetti

107m   2020/2021

from $2,110,000 p/week♦︎

Dream Yacht Charter in Italy


107m Olympic Yacht Services

107m   1997/2018

from $2,344,000 p/week♦︎

Christina O Yacht Charter in Italy

Christina O34

99m Canadian Vickers

99m   1943/2020

from $656,000 p/week♦︎

Faith Yacht Charter in Italy


97m Feadship

97m   2017

from $1,406,000 p/week♦︎

Kismet Yacht Charter in Italy


95m Lurssen

95m   2014

from $1,200,000 p/week

Madsummer Yacht Charter in Italy


95m Lurssen

95m   2019

from $1,600,000 p/week

O'Pari Yacht Charter in Italy


95m Golden Yachts

95m   2020

from $1,172,000 p/week♦︎

Lady S Yacht Charter in Italy

Lady S12

93m Feadship

93m   2019

from $1,723,000 p/week♦︎

Aquarius Yacht Charter in Italy


92m Feadship

92m   2016

from $1,500,000 p/week

Moonlight II Yacht Charter in Italy

Moonlight II36

91m Neorion

91m   2005/2015

from $756,000 p/week♦︎

Tranquility Yacht Charter in Italy


92m Oceanco

92m   2014

from $1,100,000 p/week

Nero Yacht Charter in Italy


90m Corsair Yachts

90m   2007/2021

from $525,000 p/week

Phoenix 2 Yacht Charter in Italy

Phoenix 212

90m Lurssen

90m   2010/2011

from $1,000,000 p/week

Athena Yacht Charter in Italy


90m Royal Huisman

90m   2004/2019

from $352,000 p/week♦︎

Lauren L Yacht Charter in Italy

Lauren L36

90m Cassens-Werft

90m   2002/2008

from $815,000 p/week♦︎*

Barbara Yacht Charter in Italy


89m Oceanco

89m   2017

from $1,289,000 p/week♦︎

Maltese Falcon Yacht Charter in Italy

Maltese Falcon12

88m Perini Navi

88m   2006/2016

from $480,000 p/week

AQuiJo Yacht Charter in Italy


86m Oceanco

86m   2016

from $527,000 p/week♦︎

Chakra Yacht Charter in Italy


86m Scheepswerf Gebr. van der Werf

86m   1963/2017

from $580,000 p/week♦︎

Aquila Yacht Charter in Italy


86m Derecktor Shipyards

86m   2010/2020

from $945,000 p/week

Sunrays Yacht Charter in Italy


86m Oceanco

86m   2010/2018

from $1,172,000 p/week♦︎

Bold Yacht Charter in Italy


85m SilverYachts

85m   2019

from $1,143,000 p/week♦︎

Grand Ocean Yacht Charter in Italy

Grand Ocean12

85m Blohm + Voss

85m   1990/2019

from $703,136 p/week

O'Ptasia Yacht Charter in Italy


85m Golden Yachts

85m   2018

from $938,000 p/week♦︎

Solandge Yacht Charter in Italy


85m Lurssen

85m   2013/2019

from $1,172,000 p/week♦︎

O'Mega Yacht Charter in Italy


83m Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

83m   2004/2018

from $762,000 p/week♦︎

Secret Yacht Charter in Italy


82m Abeking & Rasmussen

82m   2013/2018

from $840,000 p/week*

Romea Yacht Charter in Italy


82m Abeking & Rasmussen

82m   2015/2021

from $1,026,000 p/week♦︎

Alfa Nero Yacht Charter in Italy

Alfa Nero12

81m Oceanco

81m   2007/2021

from $728,000 p/week*

Air Yacht Charter in Italy


81m Feadship

81m   2011/2017

from $875,000 p/week

Elements Yacht Charter in Italy


80m Yachtley

80m   2019

from $938,000 p/week♦︎

Excellence Yacht Charter in Italy


80m Abeking & Rasmussen

80m   2019

from $1,100,000 p/week

Tatiana Yacht Charter in Italy


80m Bilgin Yachts

80m   2021

from $775,000 p/week

Legend Yacht Charter in Italy


77m IHC Verschure

77m   1974/2019

from $574,000 p/week♦︎

Boadicea Yacht Charter in Italy


77m Amels

77m   1999/2020

from $733,000 p/week♦︎

Yersin Yacht Charter in Italy


77m Piriou

77m   2015

from $480,000 p/week

Wheels Yacht Charter in Italy


76m Oceanco

76m   2008/2019

from $680,000 p/week♦︎

22Charter Crew
6Charter Cabins
12Charter Guests

75m Abeking & Rasmussen

75m   2016

About premium listing

from $879,000 p/week♦︎

Lady Jorgia Yacht Charter in Italy

Lady Jorgia12

74m CRN

74m   2017

from $879,000 p/week♦︎

Naia Yacht Charter in Italy


74m Freire Shipyard

74m   2011/2014

from $695,000 p/week

Siren Yacht Charter in Italy


74m Nobiskrug

74m   2008/2013

from $574,000 p/week♦︎

Planet Nine Yacht Charter in Italy

Planet Nine12

73m Admiral Yachts

73m   2018

from $762,000 p/week♦︎

Titania Yacht Charter in Italy


73m Lurssen

73m   2006/2020

from $550,000 p/week

Coral Ocean Yacht Charter in Italy

Coral Ocean12

73m Lurssen

73m   1994/2016

from $320,000 p/week*

Quantum of Solace Yacht Charter in Italy

Quantum of Solace12

73m Turquoise Yachts

73m   2012

from $560,000 p/week

Bleu De Nimes Yacht Charter in Italy

Bleu De Nimes28

72m Clelands Shipbuilding Co

72m   1980/2020

from $504,000 p/week♦︎

Game Changer Yacht Charter in Italy

Game Changer17

72m Damen Yachting

72m   2017/2020

from $450,000 p/week

Axioma Yacht Charter in Italy


72m Dunya Yachts

72m   2013/2020

from $643,000 p/week♦︎

Serenity Yacht Charter in Italy


72m Austal

72m   2004/2017

from $645,000 p/week♦︎

Haida 1929 Yacht Charter in Italy

Haida 192912

71m Krupp Germaniawerft

71m   1929/2018

from $310,000 p/week

Joy Yacht Charter in Italy


70m Feadship

70m   2016

from $700,000 p/week

Nomad Yacht Charter in Italy


69m Oceanfast

69m   2003/2020

from $445,000 p/week♦︎

Saluzi Yacht Charter in Italy


69m Austal

69m   2003/2014

from $480,000 p/week

Soaring Yacht Charter in Italy


68m Abeking & Rasmussen

68m   2020

from $820,000 p/week♦︎

Triple Seven Yacht Charter in Italy

Triple Seven10

68m Nobiskrug

68m   2006/2014

from $631,000 p/week♦︎

Icon Yacht Charter in Italy


68m Icon Yachts

68m   2010/2014

from $500,000 p/week

Anna 1 Yacht Charter in Italy

Anna 112

67m Feadship

67m   2007/2021

from $586,000 p/week♦︎

Global Yacht Charter in Italy


67m Shadow Marine

67m   2007/2008

from $120,000 p/week

Vertigo Yacht Charter in Italy


67m Alloy Yachts

67m   2011/2019

from $287,000 p/week♦︎

Okto Yacht Charter in Italy


66m ISA

66m   2014

from $400,000 p/week

Invictus Yacht Charter in Italy


66m Delta Marine

66m   2013

from $550,000 p/week*

Luna B Yacht Charter in Italy

Luna B12

66m Oceanco

66m   2005/2019

from $410,000 p/week♦︎

Ventum Maris Yacht Charter in Italy

Ventum Maris12

66m Amels

66m   2011/2019

from $490,000 p/week

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Top 'Things To Do' in Italy

Grotta Palazzese
Grotta Palazzese

Incredible views and an unforgettable dining experience

Cala Goloritzè
Cala Goloritzè

A UNESCO-listed site of wild Sardinian beauty

Il San Pietro di Positano
Il San Pietro di Positano

A slice of La Dolce Vita

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Italy Yacht Charter Q&A

  • Q.
    What do I need to consider before booking a yacht charter in Italy?

    Italy is one of the yachting capitals of the world, and certain regions are extremely busy during peak season.

    You should start the booking process as early as possible, particularly if you’re looking to spend some nights in port. Marinas such as Marina Grande in Capri and Marina di Portofino are among the most in-demand in the Mediterranean, so be sure to let your broker know if you’d like to book a berth in either of these.

    As with all popular travel destinations, Italy can be congested and touristy in the height of summer. Cultural sites and landmarks will always be popular attractions, but you can avoid the crowds by dining at exclusive restaurants and beach clubs, which you can find in our Points of Interest section.

  • Q.
    What do I need to know about VAT on yacht charters in Italy?

    In most European countries, VAT is charged on yacht charters. The percentage varies from country to country. Italy charges 22% on the cost of the charter, however, there are some instances where this can be reduced depending on time spent chartering in international (or non-EU) waters. Talk to your charter broker for more information. 

  • Q.
    How long should I book a yacht charter in Italy?

    If you’re looking to explore one or two areas of Italy, we recommend a 7-day itinerary. However if you’re looking to explore multiple regions of Italy, you should plan a longer itinerary. Luckily, there’s plenty of room for flexibility and longer and shorter itineraries can be arranged according to the needs of your charter party.

  • Q.
    How much does it cost to charter a crewed yacht in Italy?

    With a huge variety of yachts to choose from, there’s a charter yacht in Italy to suit every budget. 

    For a mid-sized motor yacht during peak season, you can expect to pay anywhere between $90,000 to $300,000 per week plus expenses during peak season. 

    You should be aware that the price displayed next to the yachts on our site are base rates, and do not cover additional expenses.

    Additional costs include the cost of fuel, berthing, VAT, crew tips and food and beverages. You should factor these costs in and typically expect to pay upwards of 30 - 35% of the base rate on top of your charter fee. 

  • Q.
    How can I find the right yacht for me and my charter party in Italy?

    To help you get an idea of the yachts that are available, you can browse ALL crewed yachts available for charter in Italy on our site. When you’ve chosen your perfect yacht, you can make an inquiry and a charter broker will be in touch. 

    They will take care of the booking process, and talk to you about what you want from your vacation so that they can provide you with an incredible experience down to the very last detail. 

    If you’re still undecided on the yacht that you want, that’s not a problem; your charter broker will consider your requirements and recommend a selection for you.

  • Q.
    Where is the best place for a sailing yacht charter in Italy?

    There are plenty of opportunities for sailing in Italy. The country’s west coast is ideal for experienced sailors who don’t mind wind and swells. Islands like Sicily, Sardinia, Capri and Ischia are all great locations for a sailing vacation. Meanwhile, Italy’s sheltered east coast is typically calmer, and you could even incorporate some island-hopping in Croatia. 

  • Q.
    When is the best time to visit Italy on a yacht?

    Our clients typically book a yacht charter in Italy between June and August. However, the weather in certain regions is still pleasant as early as June and as late in the season as September.

    In September in particular, the seas are warmer and there are far fewer tourists, so this could be a good time to visit if you’re looking for a more relaxed vacation. 

  • Q.
    Where should I begin a yacht charter in Italy?

    Where you begin your yacht charter in Italy depends on where you want to charter. One of the most popular start destinations is Naples, which provides access to all the most well-known yachting destinations including the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Sardinia and the Italian Riviera (or Liguria).

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