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Guide to Freeport

The Bahamian Cosmopolitan

Located only 65 miles from Palm Beach, Florida, Freeport is the second largest populated city in the Bahamas.

Only rivalled by Nassau, Freeport offers a Bahamian cosmopolitan adventure for shoppers and party goers. Founded in 1955, the once neglected swamplands has now become a hive of activity which continues to bring in large numbers of tourists across the globe.

If you love to shop then you're in the right place. The city of Freeport operates under a free trade zone so the prices on some of your favourite things are cheaper here. Stock up on some of your essentials in the duty-free stores before leaving on your private yacht charter to explore the rest of the Bahamas.

If duty free isn't enough shopping for your needs then a must see in Freeport is the International Bazaar. Separated into different areas, each sub section represents different areas of the world such as the Middle Eastern sector. Within each area you can indulge in the various different cuisines from around the world and find many themed stores with trinkets and locally made souvenirs.

Another popular pull to Freeport is the Rand Nature Centre. Positioned in the centre of the city, the nature centre expands over 100 acres and is covered in pine trees. Walking through the Rand Nature Centre will allow you to see many native birds to the Bahamas and enjoy some magical forest like trails through the beautiful scenery. If nature and birding are your favorite pastimes the Garden of the Groves is also a must see.

After the shopping and bird adventures during the day, take the time to let your hair down in Downtown Freeport. Try some local cocktails in the bars and clubs and dance till the early hours before returning to your charter for the night.

Before leaving the area, make a stop about a mile and a half away from the coastline and adorn your scuba equipment. Perfect for intermediate and advanced divers Theo's Wreck sits 100 feet below the water's surface. Purposefully sunk and cleaned out, the 238 foot freighter sits on the edge of the continental shelf allowing divers some spectacular sights. With access to through the engine room and the cargo hold you can explore the freighter whilst encountering the new inhabitants including green moray eels, spotted eels and gargantuan jewfish.

To make the most of this dive view and compare all the available crewed superyachts for charter in the Bahamas to start planning your escape.

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Reasons to Visit

Rand Nature Centre For Birders
The International Bazaar Shopping Experience
Theo's Wreck

Good For

  • Nightlife
  • Nature
  • Diving
  • Shopping

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