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Guide to Inagua

Birder's Paradise

Consisting of a pair of protected islands, Inagua is home to an extraordinary amount of unusual birds and creatures, making these islands an animal lover's utopia.

The largely uninhabited islands of Inagua attract attention from around the world when it comes to seeing some of the most spectacular natural sights in the Bahamas. Known as the Birding Capital for the Bahamian chain, Inagua never disappoints when it comes to showing off birds or animals you may have never seen before.

Being the southernmost islands in this region, the Inagua climate is gloriously warm and enjoys calm waters on most sides. Laden with beautiful beaches to match, these islands are a must-see visit on any list when touring the region. Take your tender ashore and discover the easy-breezy lifestyle of the hospitable locals. Mingle with them and they will point you towards the secret attractions hidden from the tourists. 

With plenty to see, there is enough activity to keep you occupied for two days at least while on your yacht rental vacation. There are three national parks to explore, as well as visiting one of the three last remaining kerosene operated lighthouses in the Bahamas. 

Some of the more popular attractions on Inagua include Union Creek Natural Reserve, which homes rare species of sea turtles, and the bird sanctuary located in the centre of the island that sees flocks of West Indian Flamingoes year after year. 

Plus if there's time, you can plunge into the depths to investigate the reef around Little Inagua island and maybe see some shipwrecks too. The island was once notorious for being home to pirates who would bury their treasure, as well as being a pivotal anchorage for Columbus' voyage. The two most popular wrecks are the treasure-laden Santa Rosa (C. 1599) and Le Count De Paix (C. 1713). 

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Reasons to Visit

Three national parks over two islands
A paradise teeming with birdlife
Many shipwrecks from the Columbus era
Animal sanctuaries housing rare species of sea turtles

Good For

  • Snorkeling
  • Marine Life
  • Nature
  • Diving

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