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Guide to Mayaguana

Animal Lovers Hideout

Dreamy and distant, Mayaguana is the ideal anchorage for guests who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of popular tourists hotspots of the Bahamas, and towards the soothing arms of an uncharted paradise. As the only island in the Bahamian family to still occupy it's original Arawak name, Mayaguana refers to the name of one of its special breeds of iguana.

With only around 300 locals who all live in one of three settlements on the island, you will first notice how quiet and peaceful the loaction is. Abraham's Bay, Pirate's Well, and Betsy Bay are all within a 15-minute walk from each other, making it easy to visit all three in one day during your yacht charter. Although the villages are small and a touch rustic, the locals are very friendly and encourage you to try some of their local cuisine, freshly caught and cooked on the island.

Previously a hotspot for pirates, Mayaguana not only has a settlement named Pirate's Well but it is also home to some quaint limestone caves and some underneath the water's surface, which make for a great diving opportunity. Once upon a time some of these caves may have held some priceless pirate treasure.

Staying in the water or on the beach, take a stroll in the evening to Horse Pond Beach and join in with a bit of crabbing. Often found nestled in limestone crevices or bushes around the beach, crab meat is used in many dishes on the island and is an activity you must have a go at.

For animal lovers, there are some special species to encounter while visiting Mayaguana. The Hutia, which is the island's only native mammal, is a rabbit-sized rodent which was thought to be extinct until the 1960s. Although classed as a rodent they are a special sight to see if you love furry animals.

On a small island called Booby Cay, just east of Mayaguana, you can encounter some more species of animals to complete your trip. Home to flocks of brown booby birds, the island also has goats, starfish, and some small rock iguanas who enjoy some fruit and vegetables. The water is so serene that you can swim between the mainland and the nature reserve.

Practically unmarked by tourism, you can expect to be the only visitors to the many beaches and bays of Mayaguana. You could spend days anchored close by, making trips to the island for some watersports or sunbathing, and not see a single soul.

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Reasons to Visit

They are quiet, perfect for picnicking, sunbathing, shelling, and snorkelling.
Nature reserve that is home to rare and exotic animals that are only native to destination
Unspoiled coral reefs
Previous hotspot for Pirates and still harbours some treasure
Large, crystal-clear pond and lagoons

Good For

  • Snorkeling
  • Monuments
  • Marine Life
  • Nature
  • Diving
  • Anchorage

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