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Guide to Andros Island

Bahamian Nature Highlight

The largest island in the Bahamas at a staggering 2,300 square miles, Andros is an often overlooked beauty which boasts some incredible natural sights.

Made up of three main islands, Andros hosts the oldest diving location in the area and offers exemplary access to the world's second largest barrier reef. Across North Andros, South Andros and Mangrove Cay the environment differs on a large scale giving all visitors the chance to see marshlands, densely vegetated forests and sublime crystal clear waters.

Exploring Andros will bring you face to face with some exquisite species of wildlife including some creatures which are native to the island. Taking a tender through the winding rivers you can also see some spectacular flora and fauna displays which attest to how untouched and beautiful this island is.

Whilst exploring the mainland you may also be on the look out for some of the mythical creatures from Andros known as the Chickcharnees. The part-bird, part-man creatures are said to roam through the trees and help ward off evil beings. On the contrary, another mythical being also lives in the blue holes of the island. This one is named Lusca and is said to have more than a slight appetite for swimmers and divers!

When avoiding the clutches of Lusca, there are plenty of opportunities to tick off a blue hole on your bucket list. With the most densely populated collection of blue holes in the world, you are spoilt for choice when choosing which of these incredible diving phenomena to investigate. With some out in the open waters and others in the middle of the forest, there are many species living in the blue holes for you to visit and photograph while on your yacht charter vacation.

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Reasons to Visit

The largest, yet most sparsely developed of all The Bahamas - is king when it comes to exceptional natural surroundings
The world’s third-largest fringing barrier reef. The reef is 190 miles long, drops to about eight feet on the island side and plunges to more than 6,000 feet in the Tongue of the Ocean.
Many consider Andros the Bonefishing Capital of The World
In land are numerous blue holes surrounded by thousands of acres of virgin forest, teaming with exotic flora, fauna and wild life.
Home of the famous land crabs, the annual harvest season culminates with a grand Crab Festival that lures hundreds of visitors to her shores year after year.
Andros has the highest concentration of blue holes in the world. They house many unusual and unique cave fish and invertebrates, some not found anywhere else in the world.

Good For

  • Snorkeling
  • Marine Life
  • Nature
  • Diving
  • Anchorage

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Andros Barrier Reef
Dive Site
Andros Barrier Reef

A natural wonder in the Bahamas

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