Florida Luxury Yacht Charters

Florida Luxury Yacht Charters A Florida private yacht vacation offers both relaxation and entertainment amongst famous beaches, bustling harbours, and breath-taking natural beauty. From wilderness to watersports, the complete charter experience is possible in this exciting cruising destination; the wilderness of the Everglades offers opportunities to see abundant wildlife and natural beauty, whilst the coastal cities of St Petersburg, Tampa, and Naples offer opportunities for relaxed dining and shopping.

Florida Luxury Yacht Charter Guide

Florida boasts a pleasant year-round climate, with hurricane season being a consideration from the beginning of June until the end of November. Winter charter vacations in the Keys are ideally taken from December to March, while spring is the perfect time to explore the West Coast, Gulf Coast, and the Panhandle further north. Florida’s close proximity to the Bahamas also make it a fantastic starting point for a Caribbean private yacht charter.

Florida Private Luxury Yacht Charter

With possibilities and options on offer for every kind of guest, Florida is a destination which is unquestionably best discovered by superyacht. Indeed, from the draw-dropping beauty of the Everglades to the art galleries and restaurants of the city, all points of interest are accessed across long stretches of cobalt blue waters.

Superyacht Charter Itineraries in Florida

With a convenient proximity to the Bahamas and other Caribbean destinations, Florida can be enjoyed individually or as part of a more far-reaching vacation. What’s more, thanks to the collection of islands a short distance from the coast, it’s possible to spend a number of days discovering new charms.

Chartering a Private Yacht in Florida

For more information about renting a private luxury charter yacht in Florida and Miami, contact your preferred Yacht Charter Broker. They will be able to assist you in compiling an itinerary and suggesting the best points of interest to ensure a totally memorable vacation.

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Discover Florida

Florida Timezone

Local Time: 00:36.  GMT - 6

Google map

Discover Florida

Florida Timezone

Local Time: 00:36.  GMT - 6

Crewed Charter Yachts in Florida

179 Yachts for charter in Florida
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Starfire Yacht Charter in FloridaStarfire yacht charter lifestyle
from $248,000 p/week
Maria Yacht Charter in FloridaMaria yacht charter lifestyle
from $230,000 p/week
Dream Yacht Charter in Florida

Dream36Charter Guests

107m Halic Tersaneleri

107m   1997/2018

from $2,375,000 p/week♦︎

Solandge Yacht Charter in Florida

Solandge12Charter Guests

85m Lurssen

85m   2013/2019

from $1,187,000 p/week♦︎

Sherakhan Yacht Charter in Florida

Sherakhan26Charter Guests

70m Vuyk

70m   2005/2017

from $501,000 p/week♦︎

Blue Moon Yacht Charter in Florida

Blue Moon12Charter Guests

60m Feadship

60m   2005/2014

from $395,000 p/week

Carpe Diem Yacht Charter in Florida

Carpe Diem12Charter Guests

58m Trinity Yachts

58m   2011

from $294,000 p/week

W Yacht Charter in Florida

W12Charter Guests

58m Feadship

58m   2013/2020

from $400,000 p/week

Starfire Yacht Charter in Florida

Starfire12Charter Guests

54m Benetti

54m   1998/2012

from $248,000 p/week

Maria Yacht Charter in Florida

Maria12Charter Guests

52m Feadship

52m   1995/2014

from $230,000 p/week

Amarula Sun Yacht Charter in Florida

Amarula Sun12Charter Guests

50m Trinity Yachts

50m   2008/2018

from $195,000 p/week

Aspen Alternative Yacht Charter in Florida

Aspen Alternative10Charter Guests

50m Trinity Yachts

50m   2010/2016

from $185,000 p/week

Gigi Yacht Charter in Florida

Gigi12Charter Guests

50m Westport Yachts

50m   2010

from $225,000 p/week

Sheherazade Yacht Charter in Florida

Sheherazade12Charter Guests

50m Westport Yachts

50m   2009/2014

from $250,000 p/week

Zoom Zoom Zoom Yacht Charter in Florida

Zoom Zoom Zoom10Charter Guests

49m Trinity Yachts

49m   2005/2016

from $165,000 p/week

Never Enough Yacht Charter in Florida

Never Enough11Charter Guests

48m Trinity Yachts

48m   2006/2014

from $150,000 p/week

Top Five Yacht Charter in Florida

Top Five12Charter Guests

48m Christensen

48m   2005

from $180,000 p/week

Themis Yacht Charter in Florida

Themis10Charter Guests

48m Trinity Yachts

48m   1999/2015

from $150,000 p/week

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