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A technicoloured paradise of awe-inspiring natural beauty

Few places on earth offer the opportunity to unwind in such glorious untouched surroundings than the vast scattering of islands in the South Pacific. Celebrated by artists and writers for astounding beauty and romantic allure, they embody a sense of being at the edge of the known world. A place where the warm local people are passionate about the simple joys of life, an outlook which visitors cannot help but follow too.

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South Pacific

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The more than 300 islands that make up Fiji offer a cocktail of culture, race and religion as well as a diverse landscape of forest-covered mountains, cascading waterfalls and blue lagoons. First explored by Captain Cook in the 1700’s, a yacht charter vacation in Fiji offers far more than an idyllic escape from the fast-paced frenzy of city living. Watersports enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers and culture vultures alike will revel in the range of activities available amongst the tropical surroundings.

Let the scents and colours of the laid-back Cook Islands seduce you into a sense of pure serenity. Sheer cliffs and mountain peaks dominate the landscape, embracing the sun bleached atolls and volcanic green islands, perfect for fishing, diving and easy living. Described as the ‘Crown Jewel of the Pacific’, the ancient Kingdom of Tonga is the smallest of the Pacific island groups yet is famous for its rich culture, local traditions and king-sized monarchs. Be the first on earth to watch the sun rise (the islands straddle the international dateline) and uncover the ancient marvels of the islands history and their gentle inhabitants.

Halfway between California and Australia are the seductive islands of French Polynesia, best known for the main island of Tahiti. The mesmerising wonderland of reef-fringed islands and translucent aqua lagoons are a shamelessly chic playground for the world’s elite. From the increasingly popular and luxurious Bora Bora, to the mysterious Tuamotu Islands, adventures are plentiful on a luxury yacht charter of these enthralling archipelagos.

The fascinating Solomon Islands provide the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in diverse and traditional cultures amongst swathes of beautiful, pristine coastlines. A wealth of vibrant annual festivals offer an exciting element to a luxury yacht charter vacation where you can see colourfully painted and feathered Highland warriors, fearless snake-wielding fire dancers and brilliantly attired island oarsmen chanting to the backdrop of a beating drum.

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Moorea, French Polynesia

Find your perfect island on a Tahiti yacht charter

With idyllic beaches, volcanic peaks lit by tangerine sunsets and bewitching lagoons filled with abundant marine life, Tahiti and the other 117 far-flung islands of...

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