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Guide to New Caledonia

The Land of Eternal Spring

Nicknamed ‘the land of eternal spring’, New Caledonia captivates with its natural beauty. Surrounded by a dazzling blue lagoon, the French territory offers a slice of southern France in the wonderfully remote waters of the Pacific, with pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes, spectacular wildlife and a fascinating fusion of cultures to discover on an off-the-beaten-track charter adventure.

Lying in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, between Vanuatu and Queensland, Australia, New Caledonia is surrounded by the world’s largest lagoon and a 930-mile-long coral reef, second only in size to the Great Barrier Reef. Now on the UNESCO World Heritage List, these impressive natural features present some of the most spectacular diving on the planet, with an astounding variety of tropical fish, green turtles, sharks, whales and dugongs calling the region home.

The rich biodiversity continues onto the mainland. New Caledonia is famed for its flying foxes, and there is an incredible mix of exotic birds, insects and plant species. Landscapes, meanwhile, range from mountaintops to pine tree-lined white sand beaches, where yacht-goers can hop ashore for lazy afternoons relaxing in pure tranquillity.

Yet, New Caledonia is more than just a tropical paradise for nature and beach lovers. Sitting in sharp contrast to the open natural spaces is the capital city of Noumea. Here the island-chain’s enchanting melting pot of Melanesian and French culture is at its most visible, with luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and plush boutiques competing with traditional cuisine, dance and other local traditions.

Receive the warm and friendly New Caledonian hospitality while being served croissants and baguettes, and don’t leave without trying the traditional dish of bougna, a mix of meat with yams or sweet potato mixed in a banana leaf and cooked under hot rocks.

Within easy reach of the capital is the idyllic Isle of Pines, a huge outcrop of coral with silicon-like sand. Most luxury yacht charters stay within the barrier of the lagoon, but the Loyalty Islands north of the mainland can be reached in a night’s sail. Charterers will be rewarded with the three pristine islands of Lifou, Maré and Ouvéa.   

For more information on a luxury private yachting vacation to the idyllic South Pacific island, view all New Caledonia charter yachts available for rent.

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Reasons to Visit

Spectacular dive sites
Diverse flora and fauna
Pristine white sand beaches
Stunning landscapes
Fusion of Melanesian and French cultures

Good For

  • Marine Life
  • Nature
  • Diving
  • Anchorage

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