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Guide to the Cook Islands

A castaway’s dream come true

Scattered like sparkling specks of gold dust in the vast expanse of the South Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands boast some of the world’s most astounding landscape views of awe-inspiring beauty. Encompassed by rugged mountain summits, lustrous rainforest and gleaming sandy beaches, this glorious archipelago offers a world of adventures in an opulent island paradise.

Comprised of 15 miniature islands the Cook Islands lay between Samoa and the French Polynesia, with the northern group largely made up of coral atolls whilst the southern group mostly volcanic each island offers a unique array of opportunities for a dreamlike charter vacation. Discovered in the 18th century, the Cook Islands were aptly named after explorer Capt. James Cook and remain a self-governed and self-reliant location with vivid traditions of their eventful past.

Steeped in Polynesian culture, the local people are warm and welcoming making for a hospitable stay. From taro plantations to quaint fishing villages, there is much to be explored in this gorgeous Pacific paradise making for an idyllic yacht charter destination. This smattering of heavenly atolls lie deserted and remote awaiting visitors to admire their remarkable vistas of resplendent natural beauty. Hop from one island to the next along the fabulous cruising grounds of the Pacific which teem with an abundance of vibrant marine life.

Deemed as the glittering jewel in the crown of the islands, the glorious capital of Rarotonga has been compared to the indulgent isle of Tahiti. Rarotonga is the most developed atoll of the Cook Islands tough maintains a rustic and rural appearance. Home to a myriad of boutiques, shops and resorts the Cook Islands are renowned for their trade of the luminous black pearls which are predominantly sold here once they have been produced in Penrhyn and Manihiki. With a plethora of activities to choose from guests will never want for things to do with snorkelling, diving, horse riding and fishing to name but a few of adrenaline fuelled activities for days filled with endless fun and adventure. Despite the fast paced sporting opportunities, life in Rarotonga is tangibly relaxed and with an assortment of pristine beaches, visitors looking for a sense of secluded rejuvenation can laze on the sands to their hearts content.

North of Rarotonga lies the hook-shaped sister isle of Aitutaki which is brimmed with sugar white beaches, swaying palm trees and lustrous coral reefs whilst a kaleidoscope of tropical fish dominant the crystalline waters. The startling contrast of colours here makes for dreamlike picturesque vistas which will linger in your mind long after you have left.

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