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Guide to Tonga

Discover the true South Pacific

Comprised of over 170 islands, of which just 40 are inhabited, the Kingdom of Tonga lies nestled in the heart of the glistening waves of the South Pacific Ocean. This beautiful island cluster is saturated with endless sun, unparalleled natural beauty and awe-inspiring vistas. The Kingdom of Tonga guarantees to exceed every expectation.

Drenched in sumptuous sunshine and crawling with white powdery beaches, Tonga is a haven for sun worshippers, beach hoppers and laid-back travellers looking for ultimate rejuvenation. Steeped in ancient traditions and archaic island architecture, Tonga is an idyllic charter destination particularly for the lovers of the outdoors. Lush rainforest and vibrant reefs line these stunning islands allowing for rugged and exotic outdoor adventures.

This authentic and compelling charter destination is encompassed by a myriad of undiscovered islets making for the perfect location to hop from one island to the next. These uncrowded isles are a pacific playground for yacht charterers. Discover why Captain James Cook dubbed this exotic Kingdom the ‘friendly isles’ and experience the genuine hospitality of the warm local people.

The main island in this affectionate archipelago is the coral atoll of Tongatapu. Ripe with farming plantations and crumbling archaeological sites, this diminutive isle is renowned for its romantic ambience and laid-back nature. Dubbed as the ‘abode of love’, this easy-going island is home to the harbour-side capital of Nuku’alofa where market stalls are ripe with fresh local produce and authentic arts and crafts.

Unhurried and undiscovered, the Ha’apai group lie off the beaten path to the north of the main island of Tongatapu. This eclectic mix of cinder cones and coral isles offers fishing villages, and curvaceous sandy beaches which dissolve into the tranquil azure waters. From diving, sailing and kayaking to horse riding, snorkelling and hiking, the Ha’apai island group offer a plethora of activities to suit every visitor.

Deemed as the adventure hub of Tonga, the Vava’u group is a premier sailing destination and home to the beautiful Port of Refuge Harbour. This tropical labyrinth is brimmed with hidden causeways for snorkelling, opportunities for whale watching and sheltered cruising grounds for limitless exploration. Discover remote sea caves and history-laden shipwrecks and you will no doubt leave with a few stories to tell.

Home to a smattering of rural villages and resplendent beaches, the island of Niuas is one of the most favoured islands for remote isolation from the modern world. Covered in lush hills and dense jungle life, the island of Eua is perfect for hiking lovers and nature enthusiasts. Underwater caverns make for a divers paradise whilst the Eua national park offers well-trodden trails for some of the best trekking in the Kingdom.

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