New Caledonia Luxury Yacht Charters

New Caledonia is a slice of tropical paradise sitting in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Relatively isolated, the island is an emerging charter destination, attracting those after a remote cruising experience. Resplendent in natural beauty, pristine white sand beaches, a vibrant culture and a diverse mix of wildlife, New Caledonia has something to offer everyone on a yachting vacation. 

Yacht Charters in New Caledonia
Surrounded by the world’s largest lagoon and the world’s second longest coral reef, New Caledonia is a paradise for those looking to escape on a tropical yacht charter. Renting a superyacht is an outstanding way to discover the island’s many treasures. Visit from April to November during the hot season to experience the best sailing conditions, with south-easterly trade winds of 15 to 20 knots.

New Caledonian Yacht Charter Itineraries
New Caledonia offers diverse charter itineraries thanks to its variety of landscapes and fusion of cultures. When circumnavigating the mainland on a luxury yacht charter, it’s possible to remain within the lagoon for most of the trip. The usual route is to head south to the legendary Isle of Pines to the south of New Caledonia. This island is part of the Southern Province alongside the capital city of Noumea.

Cruising the Northern Province can bring charterers into contact with remote Melanesian villages and unspoilt mountain ranges, while the pristine Loyalty Islands of Lifou, Maré and Ouvéa can be reached on an overnight cruise. Take in palm-fringed beaches, Melanesian traditions and a variety of French influences.

Renting a Private Yacht in New Caledonia
​There is a range of luxury yachts available for charter in New Caledonia. For help selecting the perfect charter yacht and putting together your dream New Caledonian itinerary, please speak to your preferred charter broker.

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Discover New Caledonia

Google map

Discover New Caledonia

Crewed Charter Yachts in New Caledonia

19 Yachts for charter in New Caledonia
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Liberty Yacht Charter in New CaledoniaLiberty yacht charter lifestyle
from $277,000 p/week♦︎
Big Fish Yacht Charter in New CaledoniaBig Fish yacht charter lifestyle
from $245,000 p/week
Dream Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Dream36Charter Guests

107m Halic Tersaneleri

107m   1997/2018

from $2,397,000 p/week♦︎

Bold Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Bold16Charter Guests

85m SilverYachts

85m   2019

from $1,162,000 p/week♦︎

Air Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Air12Charter Guests

81m Feadship

81m   2011/2017

from $920,000 p/week

Sherakhan Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Sherakhan26Charter Guests

70m Vuyk

70m   2005/2017

from $501,000 p/week♦︎

Lady E Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Lady E12Charter Guests

69m Amels

69m   2006/2020

from $595,000 p/week

Keri Lee III Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Keri Lee III12Charter Guests

54m Trinity Yachts

54m   2001/2016

from $220,000 p/week

Liberty Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Liberty12Charter Guests

50m ISA

50m   2011

from $277,000 p/week♦︎

Big Fish Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Big Fish10Charter Guests

45m McMullen & Wing

45m   2010

from $245,000 p/week

Douce France Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Douce France12Charter Guests

42m Alumarine

42m   1998/2015

from $112,000 p/week♦︎

The Beast Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

The Beast12Charter Guests

40m Profab Central Engineering Ltd

40m   2019

from $225,000 p/week

Dardanella Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Dardanella12Charter Guests

37m Vitters

37m   1996/2018

from $100,000 p/week

Radiance Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Radiance8Charter Guests

37m Bayaco

37m   2010/2019

from $95,000 p/week

Imagine Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Imagine7Charter Guests

34m Alloy Yachts

34m   1993/2008

from $54,500 p/week

Relentless  Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Relentless 9Charter Guests

34m Kingship

34m   2006/2018

from $95,000 p/week

Corroboree Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Corroboree12Charter Guests

33m Lloyds Ships

33m   1988/2018

from $60,000 p/week

Nomad IV Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

Nomad IV12Charter Guests

30m Maxi Dolphin

30m   2013

from $66,000 p/week♦︎

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