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The 10 best wreck sites in the Bahamas

By Katie Scott   10 August 2023

Brimming with colorful marine life, delicate soft corals, and jaw-dropping shipwrecks, the Bahamas offer an exciting experience below the water's surface, bringing you face to face with huge shoals of tropical fish, thrilling drop-offs, and sharks. 

Whether you're a thrill seeker or a newly certified diver looking for your first wreck dive, the Bahamas have it all. Take a journey with us as we show you our top 10 Bahamas wreck sites and prepare you for an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more.

Tears of Allah (Bond Wreck)

Starting off with one of the most iconic dives in the Bahamas, the Tears of Allah wreck dive is found off the coast of New Providence and is also commonly known as the Bond Wreck.

Perfect for Nassau yacht charters, the 27m (88ft) cargo ship had a shady past, being confiscated for drug running, but was sold to film producers of the popular British franchise James Bond. Featured in Never Say Never Again, the cargo ship was intentionally sunk to form part of the film set and is still largely intact and almost upright.

Exploring the decks of the sunken ship, you can expect to see a colorful habitat of sponges and soft corals plus large schools of blue tangs, snapper, French angelfish and Nassau grouper. 

Hesperus (Turtle Wreck)

A shallow wreck in the beautiful Bimini Islands the Hesperus wreck is mostly the hull of a ship and is ideal for more experienced divers, though perhaps not for the faint of heart. Despite only being 20ft under the surface, the wreck of Hesperus is situated on the edge of a drop-off.

Also named Turtle Wreck, there's quite a strong current but you can expect to see a fantastic selection of marine life from lionfish and barracuda to sea slugs, stingrays, and loggerhead turtles. On some occasions, there is so much marine life that you can't see the wreck until you're right on top of it.    

Pablo Escobar's Plane

An infamous dive site for new and experienced divers, Pablo Escobar's Plane juts out of the water at Norman's Cay in the Exumas, and provides the perfect opportunity to fully explore a plane wreck.

A WWII-era plane, it is thought that at the time of its crash in 1980, the plane was carrying an illegal stash of cocaine and was on route to the USA. Norman's Cay itself has a past of being a refueling stop for smugglers.

Now an artificial reef, the crystal clear waters around the site make this a great chance for yacht charter guests to see a wreck dive from both above and below the water's surface.

Sugar Wreck

Situated off the west coast of Grand Bahama Island, the Sugar Wreck is aptly named for a sunken sailing ship that went down while transporting sugar from the Caribbean. 

Adjacent to another dive site known as Tiger Beach, this area is particularly popular for divers because of the diverse community of marine life.

Submerged just 20 feet under the water's surface this Bahamian dive wreck is ideal for divers of all experience levels with the possibility of seeing shoals of grunts, gobies, snappers, wrasse, angelfish, and parrotfish. Plus, on a good day, there's even the chance to catch sight of some turtles. 

S.S Sapona

A concrete-hulled cargo steamer that ran aground close to the Bimini Islands during a hurricane in 1926, the SS Sapona is incredibly easy to spot, with a large amount of her superstructure projecting above the water's surface. 

Taking a luxury yacht charter around the dive site will introduce charter guests to an incredible display of tropical fish, with beginners also able to try out the dive with just 15 feet of water. 

Commissioned by US President Woodrow Wilson, the ship was originally used to transport troops during WWI and was then used as a bombing target for training exercises during WWII.

Sea Star Wreck

Ideally located just 65 miles from Palm Beach, FloridaFreeport dive sites are some of the most accessible if you plan on taking your luxury charter around the northern tip of the Bahamas. 

The Sea Star wreck differs from many dive sites because it was intentionally sunk to become an artificial reef. A 54m (177ft) Italian freighter, Sea Star II was sunk in April 2002 but had a natural reshuffle by Hurricane Frances in 2004. 

Found about 27m (88ft) down, she has become home to an impressive range of fish and marine life, with lionfish, snappers, jacks, and jellyfish all making an appearance.

The Bimini Plane Wrecks

As well as Pablo Escobar’s Plane wreck in the Exumas, the Bimini Islands also play host to a range of similar dive sites in close proximity to each other. Mostly located close to the water's surface, these plane wrecks range in different states, with some more intact than others. 

Now all home to a vibrant array of marine life, these unintentional artificial reefs are good starting points for those who have just obtained their diving license, or for charter guests wanting to try out a bit of snorkeling. 

One plane wreck can be found about half a mile off the South Bimini coastline near the airport, being a DC-3 that reportedly crashed in 1982 after running out of fuel.

Ray of Hope

Another dive wreck dive located off the coast of New Providence, the Ray of Hope dive is deeper at 60 feet and is an opportunity not to be missed during your Bahamas yacht charter.

A 60m (200ft) freighter was purposefully sunk directly adjacent to an older wreck known as Bahama Mama, creating an exceptional supersize dive site, that now regularly welcomes Caribbean reef sharks. 

Closeby to a drop-off, the variety in marine life is captivating, though with sharks present this is an adrenaline-fuelled dive, and may not be a dive suitable for everyone.


An enticing wreck dive with a different ambiance, the Willaurie was a 39.6m (130ft) freighter that was constructed in the Netherlands in 1966 and spent her Bahamian career as a mailboat. Sinking in 1988, she went down at Clifton Pier and was later towed several miles west of New Providence, where she still remains today.

Differing from some other wreck dives, the remaining structure of Willaurie now resembles a cage, which has become home to abundant marine life and has proven a popular site for visiting motor yacht charters

De La Salle

A wreck that is primed for underwater photography, the wreck De La Salle SS is home to large schools of snapper and lies at a depth of 21 m (68ft). Located close to Nassau, this wreck is a great taster session before heading further into the Bahamian islands during a crewed yacht charter.

Originally a French cargo steamer, before being commandeered by the British, she was built in 1921 and met an untimely end as she was struck by a German U-boat in 1943. 

To find your ideal diving companion for your next charter vacation, take a look at all the available Bahamas yacht charters, and read our advice on how to get the most out of a Bahamian yacht charter.

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