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Bimini Yacht Charter Guide

Historical Paradise

Although the Bimini Islands are among the closest Bahamian destinations to the USA mainland, they are are surprisingly quiet and tranquil.

Reasons to Visit


Become a historian and discover the Stones of Atlantis
Be rejuvenated by the healing hole
The Fountain of Youth commemorated

Good For

  • Snorkeling
  • Monuments
  • Marine Life
  • Nature
  • Diving

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Surrounded by stunning crystal clear turquoise waters, the Bimini islands occupy a peaceful but central location which should be high on your itinerary when exploring the Bahamas. Despite the position of the islands they do not attract as many tourists and yacht charters as many other groups of islands around the Bahamian area. This is an extra plus for you,  meaning more time to do your own thing and enjoying the seclusion that comes with it.

Exploring the islands you will find many interesting connections with history, one of the famous being a freshwater well with a commemorative plaque. On more than one occasion the Bimini islands have been associated with the Fountain of Youth, as some people believe that the location of that fountain is here in the Bimini islands. As a result, many religious parties make pilgrimages to pay homage to the possible existence of the phenomenon. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also locations within the chain of islands which have ties to ancient pirate legend. 

In addition to the beauty which is evident across the islands, perhaps these islands are more enticing from the water. One such spot is the Healing Hole. Filled with many nutrients and minerals including lithium and sulphur, this pool is popular with visitors to help rejuvenate the body and relax. Just as relaxing, around the coasts of the Bimini islands you can enjoy some fishing. Catch a fresh supper or try to find the smalltooth sawfish, which is one of the rarest fish in the world.

Exploring deeper in the depths of the waters, you can tick off one of the most popular shipwreck dives in this area. The S S Sapona has a colorful history which has seen her store oil, have a career as a rum runner during the prohibition and then be savagely attacked by a hurricane. Even after she was grounded, the Sapona was used by armed forces for target practice during the second world war. Ideal for all levels of divers, the wreck can be seen at only 20 feet below the surface. When visiting the wreck you will not be alone as there are hundreds of fish and even some jellyfish housed in the vicinity.

Even after ticking the S S Sapona off your list you still need to visit another sight- one which has puzzled many divers and oceanographic experts. Situated in the northern area of the Bimini islands is the attraction best known as the Stones of Atlantis. Although many theories place Atlantis in one of many locations around the globe, this particular spot is a positive contender. The arrangement of stones appears to be man-made, and it looks like it could be a path or even a segment of wall.

Take to the waters to investigate for yourself, and be sure to see all the other beautiful sights around this tropical necklace of islands. Start planning your vacation to Bimini by comparing all of the available luxury superyachts for Bahamas yacht charters.

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