Below Deck yacht names revealed - and how much it costs to rent the celebrity superyachts


Since 2013, Below Deck has been captivating TV audiences across the globe by offering a highly sought-after peek into life on board multi-million dollar luxury charter yachts. Taking readers behind the scenes, YachtCharterFleet identifies the yachts featured on the show, as well as those which have appeared on the celebrated spin-off series Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Vessel.

Bravo’s hit reality TV series Below Deck chronicles the lives of crew members who work and reside aboard a luxury yacht during the charter season.

Each season features a different crew configuration, and the episodes show how the crew members interact and deal with personal issues alongside their working lives. The seasons are filmed over six weeks, with every episode featuring a new group of charter guests.

Many crew members are recurring on the show;  the longest-standing is Captain Lee Rosbach, who been on the show since 2013. A fan favourite, he has been at the helm of every yacht on Below Deck and seen a number of different crew formations. 

Captian Lee in Ohana yacht uniform
Cast members from Below Deck Bravo TV SeriesChief Stew Kate decorating the yacht able

Among the crew members, Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain was an integral member of the team from season two to season seven. Alongside her, Chef Ben Robinson was a permanent fixture of the crew from season one to season four, before stepping out for season five.

Throughout the course of the show, the yachts have played an important role on Below Deck. 

Hiring a Below Deck yacht will cost from €140,000 per week - and that price doesn't include expenses such as fuel. While some of the yachts were given an alias over the course of filming, their real names can now be revealed below; as well as the exact cost to rent them. 

Show Yacht Real Name Length Charter Rate
Season 9 MY SEANNA STARSHIP 185' From $260,000/week
Season 8 MY SEANNA STARSHIP 185' From $260,000/week
Season 7 VALOR BG 153.10' From €140,000/week
Season 6 MY SEANNA STARSHIP 185' From $260,000/week
Season 5 VALOR BG 153.10' From €140,000/week
Season 4 VALOR BG 153.10' From €140,000/week
Season 3 EROS STAY SALTY 161' Not Available
Season 2 OHANA STAR DIAMOND 154' From $160,000/week
Season 1 HONOR BARENTS 164.1' From €155,000/week

Getting even closer to these Below Deck superstars, we take a look at each of the stand-out features of every yacht that has appeared on Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean and the latest spin-off, Below Deck Sailing Vessel.

Below Deck Season 9: superyacht STARSHIP (aka MY SEANNA)

below deck my seanna yacht
dining area below deck my seanna yacht
yacht my seanna helipad

Airing in October 2021, Below Deck season 9 returns for more high-jinks at sea. It features once again the majestic motor yacht STARSHIP (aka yacht MY SEANNA) as well as returning chef Rachel Hargrove, plus a number of new yachties for capers onboard, including chief stew Heather Chase.

For the first time in Below Deck's history, filming took place in the jaw-droppingly beautiful cruising grounds of St.Kitts and Nevis. This two-island nation spellbinds yacht charter guests with its palm-fringed beaches, mellow waters and innumerable bays.


Starship 56m Delta Marine 2001 from $275,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Season 8: superyacht STARSHIP (aka MY SEANNA)

Season 8 saw superyacht STARSHIP (known as MY SEANNA) become the second yacht, after VALOR, to feature in more than one series of the show, having been the motor yacht on which season 6 was filmed. Airing for the first time on 2 November 2020 the show followed her to the beautiful cruising grounds of the Caribbean.

Viewers were introduced to a number of new faces, as the show returned to the Caribbean for the first time since season 5. Filming for the new season was wrapped up earlier than normal to keep the cast and crew safe in light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.


Starship 56m Delta Marine 2001 from $275,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Season 7: superyacht VALOR (aka BG)

For the third time in Below Deck history, charter yacht BG (known as VALOR) was back as the Season 7 superyacht. The yacht's real name is BG, and she was built in 1990 by the world's most revered shipbuilder Feadship. Since then, she has undergone many interiors refreshes to keep her in tip-top condition. 

Season 7 saw the crew head even further afield, with filming taking place around the resplendent cruising grounds of Thailand. From the iconic Phi Phi Islands to the beautiful beaches of Ko Yao Yai, the crew were treated to a truly memorable South East Asian experience.


BG 47m Feadship 1990 from €140,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Season 6: superyacht STARSHIP (aka MY SEANNA)

Airing in October 2018, Below Deck season 6 featured an almost entirely brand-new cast and the largest superyacht ever to be featured on the show: motor yacht STARSHIP (aka yacht MY SEANNA). She is known for being among one of the most opulent yachts on the charter market due to her ornate interiors.

It is the first time in the show's history that a yacht has appeared under its original name. Plus, set in the South Pacific islands of Tahiti, the season was the first to be filmed in a destination outside of the Caribbean, presenting a sought-after insight into more far-flung cruising grounds. 


Starship 56m Delta Marine 2001 from $275,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Season 5: superyacht VALOR (ex BG)

Airing on 5 September 2017, Below Deck Season 5 saw the return of motor yacht BG, marking the first time a yacht has made a comeback on the show and she once again took on the pseudonym VALOR. This time, however, the crew accompanied her to the tranquil cruising grounds of St Martin.

The starring yacht was built by esteemed Dutch shipyard Feadship in 1990 and was last refitted in 2021. Once owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, she offers her guests the very best in amenities and lounging options, ensuring consistently memorable charter vacations.


BG 47m Feadship 1990 from €140,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Season 4: superyacht VALOR (aka BG)

Taking place in the Virgin Islands, the fourth season of Below Deck was filmed aboard motor yacht BG - known as VALOR for the show. Featuring a Hamptons-style interior and extensive exterior spaces, she sleeps up to 12 guests with an attendant crew of 10.

With a number of new faces replacing old favorites, viewers got another chance to take a look inside one of the finest superyachts ever built by Feadship.


BG 47m Feadship 1990 from €140,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Season 3: superyacht STAY SALTY (aka EROS)

Rented yacht for Below Deck Series 3
Crew at bar in Motor Yacht EROS
Jacuzzi on rented yacht for Below Deck
Main Salon with bar on superyacht EROS

Season 3 of Below Deck was announced after a hugely successful second-season finale, which was the highest-rated episode of the series. The new season saw the crew head to the Bahamas onboard superyacht STAY SALTY known on the show as EROS. 

She is equipped with an array of luxurious amenities including an eight-person sundeck Jacuzzi, barbecue and yacht-wide sound system. She also boasts timeless interior styling with intricate wood panelling and a neutral colour palette which helps create an inviting atmosphere for those on board.

The yacht was sold in November 2013 - just before filming for season 3 began - for an asking price of $17.9 million.


Below Deck Season 3 yacht EROS, otherwise known as STAY SALTY, is not currently available for private yacht charter vacations.

Below Deck Season 2: superyacht STAR DIAMOND (aka OHANA)

Rented yacht for Below Deck Series 2
Crew at bar in Motor Yacht OHANA
Sundeck on rented yacht Ohana for Below Deck series 2
Main Salon after refit now called Rhino

Premiering in August 2014, season 2 of Below Deck returned with 13 episodes documenting life on board the slightly smaller superyacht OHANA in the British Virgin Islands. Among many other features, the yacht is equipped with a large sundeck, outdoor bar and luxury accommodation for 10 guests.

After filming the series, OHANA was sold for an asking price of $10.9 million and was later extensively refit and renamed motor yacht RHINO. Work to the superyacht has included a complete interior refresh - she now features light, modern styling - an engine rebuild and a cabin conversion.


Star Diamond 47m Admiral Marine Works 1998 from $160,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Season 1: superyacht BARENTS (aka HONOR)

Below Deck Honor Yacht Series 1
Crew onboard Honor yacht chartered for TV series
Jacuzzi on rented yacht for Below Deck
Salon on luxury charter yacht after refit

The first season of Below Deck premiered on 1 July 2013 after being announced in April 2012. Chartering around the Caribbean, the starring superyacht was named HONOR for the show but chartered under the name CUOR DI LEONE which translates to ‘Lion Heart’ in Italian. She now goes by the name BARENTS. 

Built by Italian shipyard Benetti in 1999, the luxury yacht can accommodate up to 12 charter guests, and features luxury amenities for guests to enjoy including state-of-the-art TVs and a sundeck Jacuzzi.

Following the show, superyacht BARENTS was sold for around $15 million and her new owner commissioned a major refit. A great deal of money was spent on updating her interior with a classic-modern style of design as well as on brand new exterior furniture and entertainment systems.


Barents 50m Benetti 1999 from €155,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Mediterranean

Following on from the success of Below Deck, a spin-off – Below Deck Mediterranean – premiered in May 2016. While the original series takes place during the winter charter season when the Caribbean is at its peak, Below Deck Mediterranean is filmed during the summer charter season.

Season one of Below Deck Mediterranean saw Captain Mark Howard at the helm; but the baton was passed to Captain Sandy Yawn for seasons two to six. Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier was another permanent fixture on the show from season one to five, before leaving the show in season six.

Below deck Med captain Sandy in uniform
Cast members from Below Deck Bravo Mediterranean TV SeriesBelow deck chief Bosun on the radio during docking of yacht

As its name suggests, the show is based in the Mediterranean, the world’s most popular yachting hub from May to October. Despite the change in location, the same format and accompanying on-water antics from the crew and guests alike can be expected. Below, all the names of the superyachts which have appeared on the show, and the cost to rent them.

Show Yacht Real Name Length Charter Rate
Mediterranean 6 LADY MICHELLE LADY MICHELLE 180' From $275,000/week
Mediterranean 5 THE WELLINGTON THE WELLESLEY 184'5 From €230,000/week
Mediterranean 4 SIROCCO SIROCCO 154.2' From €180,000/week
Mediterranean 3 TALISMAN MAITON TALISMAN MAITON 177.1' From €231,000/week
Mediterranean 2 SIROCCO SIROCCO 154.2' From €180,000/week
Mediterranean 1 IONIAN PRINCESS IONIAN PRINCESS 150' Not Available

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6: superyacht LADY MICHELLE

below deck lady michelle yacht
superyacht lady michelle's outdoor dining area
yacht lady michelle from below deck jacuzzi
Jacuzzi View
crew onboard below deck mediterranean season 6

Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean premiered in June 2021 and saw a new vessel, motor yacht LADY MICHELLE take center stage. It also saw the return of Captain Sandy and Bosun Malia, plus a brand new crew. 

A floating paradise that turns heads on the water, this heavenly Benetti vessel comfortably accommodates 12 guests across 6 sumptuous staterooms. She also has the capacity for up to 12 crew members. Superyacht LADY MICHELLE boasts an open-air cinema, a split-level owner's suite and an impressive array of water toys.

This season takes the crew to one of the most idyllic cruising grounds in the East Mediterranean: Croatia. Abounding with serene golden beaches, crystalline waters and gorgeous coves to explore, it's one of the most popular yacht charter destinations.


Next Chapter 55m Benetti 2003 from $325,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5: superyacht THE WELLESLEY (aka THE WELLINGTON)

Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean premiered in summer 2020. The show was shot on board the motor yacht THE WELLESLEY, and the superyacht was given the alias THE WELLINGTON over the course of filming. 

The yacht has an elegant 1920's theme, with a chic club lounge complete with bespoke humidor. She features plenty of marble accents and ample alfresco deck areas, as well as a jacuzzi with innovative spill pool features.

The yachties set course for Spain for this season, cruising around the azure waters of the Balearic Islands. The homeport was Port Adriano on the island of Mallorca.


The Wellesley 56m Oceanco 1993 from €230,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4: superyacht SIROCCO

Season 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean saw the return of superyacht SIROCCO. An elegant and sophisticated motor yacht, she features plenty of alfresco sunning areas and an 8-person jacuzzi pool; the perfect spot for the charter guests to unwind after a long day exploring.

Season 4 took the crew to one of the most iconic destinations in the Mediterranean; the South of France. Between the luxury yachting hub of Monaco to the beautiful beaches in St Tropez, this season promises lashings of glitz and glamour. 


Sirocco 47m Heesen 2006 from €180,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 3: superyacht TALISMAN MAITON

Superyacht 'Talisman Maiton' seen from the starboard side with jetskis beside it
The lounging section on board motor yacht Talisman Maiton
The water-filled Jacuzzi on board superyacht Talisman Maiton
The contemporary furnishings featured in the main salon of superyacht 'Talisman Maiton'

Premiering in 2018, season 3 of Below Deck Mediterranean saw familiar and new faces head to the sublime cruising grounds of Italy. This time, the crew treated their discerning guests to a world of luxury on board the 54m/178ft motor yacht TALISMAN MAITON.

Built in 2006 and refit to an exacting standard in 2016, the yacht boasts a range of exciting features that make her particularly appropriate for the waters of the Amalfi Coast. Indeed, her entertainment options range from a stunning selection of water toys to a sundeck Jacuzzi and a refreshingly modern interior.


Talisman Maiton 54m Turquoise Yachts 2006 from €231,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2: superyacht SIROCCO

Set in the picturesque waters of Croatia, the second season of Below Deck Mediterranean took place on board the charter yacht SIROCCO built by Dutch shipyard Heesen.

Featuring an African-inspired interior comprised of Makassar wood, leather and natural stone, both the communal and guest living areas exude a unique sophistication.

The exterior is just as appropriate for television, with a dedicated party space offering an abundance of space for guests to gather in to socialise and unwind on the water.


Sirocco 47m Heesen 2006 from €180,000 per week + expenses

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1: superyacht IONIAN PRINCESS

Premiering on 3 May 2016, Below Deck Mediterranean is a spin-off of the increasingly popular franchise. This time the ‘yachties’ took care of their guests onboard the motor yacht IONIAN PRINCESS in the Mediterranean destination of Greece

The starring yacht IONIAN PRINCESS was delivered from Christensen in 2005 and was later refit in 2016. Truly opulent, she bears interiors which are sleekly finished with a range of warmly toned woods and plenty of comfortable furnishings. She also boasts one of the largest sundecks for a yacht of her size.


Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1 yacht IONIAN PRINCESS is not currently available for private yacht charter vacations.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

This is the first time the Below Deck franchise has branched away from multi-million motor yachts, and the sailing vessel component of the latest spin-off series is expected to add even more drama and excitement.

This is partly due to the fact that the design of luxury sailing yachts creates far more confined crew areas than we are used to seeing on the original Below Deck. Sailing yachts generally feature smaller galleys, compact stew stations and cramped crew quarters which are in closer proximity to the guests’ living areas,  putting crew under increased pressure to deliver their signature silver service.

In addition, deck crew are placed in a far more demanding role, with sailing yachts requiring increased accuracy and precision to safely maneuver and plenty of deck duties taking place in the midst of guest areas.

Show Yacht Real Name Length Charter Rate
Sailing Yacht 2 PARSIFAL III PARSIFAL III 177'2 From €195,000/week
Sailing  Yacht 1 PARSIFAL III PARSIFAL III 177'2 From €195,000/week

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1: superyacht PARSIFAL III

Side view of superyacht Parsifal III underway, surrounded by sea
Main salon onboard Parsifal III, central curved sofas facing each other around a coffee table with windows across both sides
Interior dining area onboard superyacht Parsifal III. Adjoined by wet bar and suitcase, overlooking wide stretching windows.

Making her return following a successful inaugural season in Corfu, iconic superyacht PARSIFAL III is rejoined by Captain Glenn Shephard and a new crew in season two of the Below Deck spin-off. Showcasing timeless interiors by Remi Tessier, Parsifal III is an award-winning high-performance sailing yacht with captivating Perini Navi style.

Season two of Below Deck Sailing Yacht was filmed along the beautiful coast of Croatia, which is adorned with over 700 islands. Many of these islands are uninhabited, making them perfect for idyllic escapes.


Parsifal III 54m Perini Navi 2005 from €195,000 per week + expenses
Swim Platform
Jacuzzi Deck
Salon Seating

This stunning sailing yacht is the perfect candidate for season 1 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Her highly luxurious interiors and stand-out selection of amenities are balanced by high-performance sailing capacities, which come courtesy of renowned shipyard Perini Navi.

Filming of season one of Below Deck Sailing Vessel took place around the beautiful islands of Greece. This East Mediterranean destination is peppered with an incredible variety of islands, and this season was shot around Corfu.


Parsifal III 54m Perini Navi 2005 from €195,000 per week + expenses

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