Yachts for charter in the Whitsundays

A luxury yacht charter in the Whitsundays provides an infinite range of possibilities to visitors keen to experience the very best of Australia. Whether it’s indulging in the inviting climate of the Coral Sea, or exploring the incredible range of 74 islands along the Queensland Coast, renting a yacht in the Whitsundays is sure to create memories that last a lifetime. An untouched haven in the South Pacific, the Whitsunday Islands also boast a glittering array of beaches, with the Whitehaven Beach located at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef being among the most unmissable.

Whitsundays Luxury Yacht Charter Guide
Sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef and fringed by an indigo ocean, the Whitsunday Islands is in every sense a perfect yacht charter destination. Perfect for cruising as well as sailing, the waters are perfectly still, making them an ideal place to rent a luxury yacht. With an appropriately warm climate the whole year round thanks to the trade winds which protect them, the Whitsunday Islands are also home to the fringes of the Great Barrier Reef. Alive with possibilities, visitors can divide their time between exploring the iconic reef and enjoying the restaurants and bars on offer around the island of Hamilton. When cruising from one destination to another, those on board superyachts are also treated to the company of whales and their calves who typically pass through in the months between June and September.

Superyacht Charters in the Whitsundays
Whitsunday Islands luxury yacht charters typically begin in North Queensland and head over to Hook Island before exploring the other islands situated along with the Ngaro Sea Trail. It's also possible to begin at Airlie Beach at the Nara Inlet and cruise over to the likes of Cateran and Bay and South Molle before returning. With so much to see and to experience, it's advised that charter guests plan to spend at least a week in the Whitsundays, with there being so much to see and do, it is not uncommon for vacations to take place over two or more weeks. Replete with dry rainforest, postcard-perfect beaches, and spacious anchorages, the variety and views on offer around the Whitsunday Islands are perfectly suited for a luxury yacht charter.

Charter Itineraries in the Whitsundays
Comprised of more than seventy islands, the Whitsunday Islands are unquestionably best experienced by renting a private luxury yacht. With snorkeling opportunities to be had around Blue Pearl Bay, tranquility to enjoy on Shaw Island, and a quaint culture to absorb on Hamilton Island, the Whitsunday Islands promise to set only the most perfect backdrop for a luxury yacht charter vacation. Thanks to a large number of anchorages located around the various islands, it's possible to find a convenient place to stay should you decide to spend awhile in a certain spot. One of the more popular hangouts for adventurers is Stonehaven, whilst Langford Island is unrivalled for daytime stops.    

Chartering a Private Boat in the Whitsundays

To get your plans for chartering a yacht in the Whitsundays, take a look at all of the options available below. Taking into consideration the kinds of things you and your guests will require, you'll be able to discern which yachts are most suitable. For more information regarding your choice of charter yacht in the Whitsunday Islands, and the kinds of itineraries possible, get in touch with your preferred yacht charter broker. They will be able to assist you in planning your dream vacation, combining your party's needs with recommendations about the best time to visit this idyllic destination.

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Whitsundays Timezone

Local Time: 14:28.  GMT + 10

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Discover the Whitsundays

Whitsundays Timezone

Local Time: 14:28.  GMT + 10

Crewed Charter Yachts in the Whitsundays

18 Yachts for charter in the Whitsundays
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Triple 888 Yacht Charter in Whitsundays
from $59,000 p/week♦︎
AQA Yacht Charter in WhitsundaysAQA yacht charter lifestyle
Nancy-Jean Yacht Charter in Whitsundays


37m Sunseeker

37m   2009

from $125,000 p/week

Radiance Yacht Charter in Whitsundays


37m Bayaco

37m   2010/2019

from $95,000 p/week

Quantum Yacht Charter in Whitsundays


37m Warren Yachts

37m   2009

from $99,238 p/week

Emerald Lady Yacht Charter in Whitsundays

Emerald Lady8

35m Lloyds Ships

35m   1983/2008

from $53,000 p/week♦︎

Three Rivers Yacht Charter in Whitsundays

Three Rivers12

35m Sunseeker

35m   2014/2020

Seven Star Yacht Charter in Whitsundays

Seven Star8

30m Azimut

30m   2005

Triple 888 Yacht Charter in Whitsundays

Triple 88810

30m Horizon

30m   2008/2016

from $59,000 p/week♦︎

AQA Yacht Charter in Whitsundays


28m Warren Yachts

28m   1996

Bahama Yacht Charter in Whitsundays


28m Lloyds Ships

28m   1981/2010

from $56,000 p/week

Laura J Yacht Charter in Whitsundays

Laura J8

27m Norman R. Wright & Sons

27m   1989/2016

from $46,000 p/week♦︎

Blooms Yacht Charter in Whitsundays


27m Leopard

27m   2011

from $32,000 p/week♦︎

Pure Adrenalin Yacht Charter in Whitsundays

Pure Adrenalin12

27m Azzura Yachts

27m   2002

Atao Yacht Charter in Whitsundays


25m JFA Chantier Naval

25m   2006/2018

from $31,000 p/week

Bali Hai II  Yacht Charter in Whitsundays

Bali Hai II 8

25m Norman R. Wright & Sons

25m   1964/2009

Alani Yacht Charter in Whitsundays


24m Sunseeker

24m   2003

from $48,000 p/week♦︎

Cattitude Yacht Charter in Whitsundays


23m Alliaura Marine Group

23m   2012/2013

from $45,000 p/week

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