Amalfi Coast

10 Day Charter Itinerary - Naples to Naples
Island Hopping in the Tyrrhenian Sea
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Day 1

10 Day Amalfi Coast Charter Itinerary - Naples to Naples

Island Hopping in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Ideal for Summer Season

The Amalfi Coast’s breath-taking landscapes of towering cliffs and pastel-hued villages perched atop tumbling hillsides have long made it a magnet for elite travellers and, incorporated with a visit to the seven tiny Aeolian Islands situated off the tip of Sicily, a 10-day charter vacation discovering these Italian gems is one of pure delight.

  • Day 1

    Embark from Naples

    On your first day, you will embark on your Italian luxury yacht charter in the historic city of Naples.

    In the morning you will get the chance to do a spot of exploring around Italy's second-largest city where you can visit some boutique galleries or dine at some fine restaurants such as Palazzo Petrucci. 

    You will then be greeted by your eager crew and your motor yacht's captain, where the outline of your cruise will be discussed in more detail. Shortly after, you will cruise to the island of Capri and anchor off Faraglioni Rocks for lunch and watersports. Then head over to Marina Grande for dinner at Da Paolino, or venture to Fontelina for an exclusive meal overlooking the sunset. In the evening you will return to your motor yacht for some well-deserved rest and relaxation, followed by an overnight cruise to Filicudi.

  • Day 2

    Laze about in Filicudi

    Laze about in Filicudi

    After an overnight cruise, you will find yourselves woken up by the sound of sleepy waves on the island of Filicudi.

    Spend the day anchored at Filicudi, one of eight islands that make up the Aeolian archipelago. Try some of the many watersports on offer or relax. Enjoy lunch and dinner onboard your luxury charter yacht made fresh by the onboard chef using local ingredients. The small island has mountain peaks that present you with the most awe-inspiring view of mainland Italy. 

    Laze about in Filicudi
  • Day 3

    Discover Lipari

    Discover Lipari

    After a hearty breakfast, you and your guests will travel east towards Lipari.

    Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands and is relatively close southern Italy. Livelier than all the other islands, Lipari is host to some welcoming and hospitable people, who will invite you into their little community with open arms. Explore the city centre where you can do some souvenir shopping, or perhaps you would prefer to visit the archaeological museum and stroll through Lipari Cathedral.

    Following this, enjoy lunch at E'Pulera before you visit and explore the ruins of Lipari castle. If you prefer, you and your guests can skip the afternoon culture lesson and spend the rest of your day relaxing under the sun at Spiiagga Valle beach, before returning to your motor yacht for supper. 

    Discover Lipari
  • Day 4

    The VIP island

    The VIP island

    Exclusive and fashionable, Panarea is the smallest of the Aeolian islands and is host to beautiful waters and tranquil vistas. 

    You will spend the day anchored here where you and your guests can spend hours on end playing in the water.  In the afternoon dine at the hillside village of Raya, where the view and cuisine will take your breath away.

    The island's unique atmosphere and enchanting isolation has made it the people destination with some of the world's jet-setters, who you may have the chance to bump into when you explore the inland plazas and cafes, or if you stay to enjoy the intimate night life scene. 

    The VIP island
  • Day 5

    Panarea - Stromboli - Positano

    You will spend a few hours of the morning in Panarea before cruising north to Stromboli where you will spend the day.

    Make the most of the day by exploring Stromboli's volcanic landscape. Unspoiled by tourism, guests will have the coast essentially to themselves where they can lounge about with cocktails until the late afternoon, where they will head to Fico Grande to explore the small coastal settlement. Bars and restaurants pepper the coast, luring you in with the delicious smell of mouthwatering Sicilian cuisine.

    Here, you will chose one of many restaurants to dine at, such as La Lampara or Trattoria Ai Gechi, with the island's active volcano in the background. An after-dinner walk up the nearby hill will end your day beautifully by presenting a vibrant sunset over the horizon. You will then return to your superyacht where you will undergo an overnight cruise North.

  • Day 6

    Returning to the Amalfi Coast

    On this day you and your guests will explore the idyllic and bubbly city of Positano. 

    Before you hit the mainland up you may want to visit Sirenuses, a nearby island rumoured to be the home of the mythical sirens that now boasts gorgeous waters to anchor at and go for a morning dip. Explore the lively city where you will find a variety of museums and cultural buildings to discover. 

    Positano is host to many exclusive beach clubs, so if you and your guests are keen to remove yourself from the busy centre, be sure to pay a visit to TreVille Beach Club or Il San Pietro di Positano. In the evening you will dine at the creative and gourmet restaurant Zass, where you will feast on Michelin star dishes to the romantic sound of waves brushing the coast. 

  • Day 7

    Experience the richness of Capri

    Day seven will take you to the famous and highly exclusive island of Capri.

    In the morning, cruise to Capri and anchor off the Blue Grotto cave where you can explore one of the best natural wonders of Italy. This will be the perfect opportunity for you to experience all of the sites you missed when you embarked, such as visiting some of the many gardens and villas like San Michele and Lysis.

    After your busy morning of taking in the rich culture and beauty of Capri, you will have worked an appetite. Venture to Da Paolino for an authentic and decadent Capri meal under a bed of lemon trees. The fragrant and zesty ambience is sure you give you the perfect atmosphere to end the day. 

  • Day 8

    Rejuvenate in Ischia

    Hopping to Ischia, you will unwind and relax to the fullest extent.

    Cruise to the beach destination of Sant' Angelo Ischia and enjoy a morning full of sun in the sun, have your chef prepare you a light breakfast or venture to the coast and visit one of the delightful cafes for some fresh coffee and pastries. Vineyards are scattered throughout all of Ischia, presenting you with some wonderful and family-owned wine distilleries.

    In the afternoon you will visit Ischia's Thermal Garden resort, known for having waters with healing properties. This lush botanical garden will offer you a gorgeous and utterly serene environment to unwind and recompose. The venue is attached to a hotel that offers an upscale restaurant as well as a number of bars. Sadly you will have to return to continue charter vacation, but there is no doubt you will want to return. 

  • Day 9

    Wrap up in Procida

    Wrap up in Procida

    On your final full day, you will anchor by Procida, enjoying the most you can make of your luxury superyacht.

    In the morning, cruise to the Flegrean Island of Procida to enjoy the last day of your yacht charter vacation where you will cruise the crystalline waters and explore what the picturesque coasts have to offer you. Perhaps following yesterday's nature experience, you may wish to continue the theme and explore Isola Vivar nature reserve.

    Lunch will be served onboard your charter yacht, while dinner will be taken at Ristorante Scarebeo. Spend the night in the port of Procida in one of their exclusive beach resorts partying until the early hours of the morning.

    Wrap up in Procida
  • Day 10

    Disembark in Naples

    On this day you will return to Naples where you will disembark.

    However, you will still have plenty of time to explore the various wonders of the city, such as the grand palace, or perhaps you will want to visit Pompeii or the lost city of Baiae before returning home.

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