Late-Summer Escapes: The best charter yachts and the top destinations to book a superyacht charter in now

By Katia Damborsky   5 August 2020

If you couldn’t enjoy a luxury yachting vacation at the beginning of summer, you don’t have to miss out; there’s still plenty of time to book a crewed yacht charter in August and September, so check out our expert recommendations below.

Did COVID-19 put the brakes on your plans at the start of summer?

With travel restrictions relaxing around the world, there’s never been a better time to book; and there’s still plenty of summer sunshine left!

Plus, private yacht charter is now being hailed as one of the least risky ways to enjoy a safe, socially-distanced vacation in the post-vaccine Covid era. Limited exposure to other people coupled with rigorous hygiene standards and a self-contained, controlled on-board environment has meant that more and more people are considering yachts for an upcoming vacation. 

So, where are the best places to visit now? 

1. Greece

Average highs in September: 79 degrees

With more coastline and islands than any other European country, a yachting vacation in Greece is one of the best ways to explore all this incredible destination has to offer. Explore history-steeped landmarks that nod to an Ancient World, sleepy fishing villages that look as if they’ve been lifted from a travel brochure, and dine on fresh-catch seafood while admiring the mesmerizing sunset views. Breathtaking beaches and tiny islands create diverse and varied itineraries, while rich marine life promises plenty to see below the surface of the sea. 

Some yachts available in Greece include:

  • The 310'4 /  94.60m charter yacht O'PARI, available to book from €1,000,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 120'9 /  36.80m luxury yacht IDYLLE, available to book from €77,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 143'2 /  43.64m  charter yacht DALOLI, available to book from €99,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 200' / 60m  motor yacht ITOTO, available to book from €220,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 77'5 /  23.60m motor yacht MAKANI, available to book from €36,000 p/week (+ expenses)

2. The Bahamas

Average highs in September: 88 degrees

A tropical paradise, the Bahamas is a year-round playground for yachts. Sand as soft as flour rises up from the clear blue sea, creating uninhabited cays and secret sandbars that only appear at low tide. You’ll experience some of the most incredible diving and snorkelling opportunities on the planet, with plenty of marine creatures and ancient plane and shipwrecks throughout the islands. A yacht charter in the Bahamas is never boring either, and sights like Pig Beach, Thunderball Grotto, and Dean’s Blue Hole will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. 

Some yachts available to book in the Bahamas include:

3. Sardinia

Average highs in September: 81 degrees

Set adrift from the west coast of the Italian mainland, Sardinia is an oasis of natural beauty. The Costa Smeralda, otherwise known as the Emerald Coast, has a distinctly Caribbean feel, with its white sand shores and lagoon-blue bays. The Maddalena Peninsula is a great component to any yacht charter in Sardinia, and the luxury shopping and trendy restaurants of Porto Cervo make this a perfect destination for any type of charterer. 

Some yachts available in Sardinia include:

  • The 173'11 /  53m  luxury yacht MIRAGE, available to book now from €180,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 236'3 /  72m  superyacht SOLO, available to book now from €650,000 p/week (+ expenses
  • The  164'1 /  50m charter yacht ARBEMA, available to book now from €160,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 180'5 /  55m, superyacht SEVERIN'S, available to book now from €295,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 105' /  32m superyacht ISLA, available to book now from €98,000 p/week (+ expenses)

4. Croatia

Average highs in September: 77 degrees

Croatia has seen a surge in popularity in summer 2020. The country has been quick to bounce back after an early containment of COVID-19, and its nautical tourism sector is currently flourishing. It’s easy to understand why, since the country is home to thousands of islands and islets, coupled with dazzling seas and idyllic beaches. The towns are equally beautiful, with clay red rooves and palm-tree lined ports as far as the eye can see. 

Some yachts available to book in Croatia include:

5. The Maldives

Average highs in September: 86 degrees

The Maldives is sometimes overlooked as a charter destination due to its remote location, but those who are willing to make the journey will discover heaven on earth. Scattered across the Indian Ocean and ringed in shades of turquoise, the many islands of the Maldives offer a true taste of peace and serenity. Be sure to spend some time on a private island in the region; you’ll have the chance to experience overwater bungalows and underwater spa treatments. 

Get in touch with a charter broker to find out more about chartering a yacht in the Maldives

6. Corsica

Average highs in September: 75 degrees

Replete with rustic character and boho charm, the French island of Corsica is a world away from the sparkle and glamour of its Cote d’Azur cousin. Corsica is the perfect destination for hikers and history-lovers, with rugged mountainous landscapes and culture-steeped buildings and architecture hugging the shorelines. Postcard-worthy towns and authentic Mediterranean cuisine can be found across all the major port towns, and there’s plenty of beaches and great snorkelling spots to visit by yacht.

Some yachts available in Corsica include:

  • The 118'1 /  36m motor yacht 'Mania I', available to charter from €135,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 108'3 /  33m luxury yacht PENELOPE, available to charter from €110,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 31'5 /  40.05m superyacht ANYA, available to charter from  €150,000 p/week (+ expenses)

7. New England

Average highs in September: 73 degrees

While New England isn’t renowned for its high temperatures, it’s still hot and sunny well into August and September. Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod are great destinations for cruising the coastlines, admiring the scenery and enjoying beachfront barbecues. There are plenty of museums and art galleries to keep you occupied during the day and the whale watching season in the region runs until October so you can expect to see some of these majestic creatures from the deck of your yacht.

Some yachts available in New England include:

  • The 311'8 /  95m megayacht MADSUMMER, available to charter from €1,400,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 208'4 /  63.50m luxury yacht LIONESS V, available to charter from €425,000 p/week (+ expenses).
  • The 223'7 /  68.16m superyacht SYCARA V, available to charter from $485,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 198ft /60.35m charter yacht 'ROCK.IT', available to charter from €400,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 183'9 /  56.0m motor yacht BABA'S, available to charter from €350,000 p/week (+ expenses)

8. Turkey

Average highs in September: 85 degrees

Turkey is one of the best-kept secrets for a yacht charter vacation in summer. Temperatures extend well into the eighties in September, and with very few crowds and some of the most awe-inspiring scenery on earth, it’s easy to understand why some of the largest superyachts in the world spend their summers here. Lush green landscapes stretch out across the shore, with bright blue water and plenty of secret coves and bays for you to explore. 

Some yachts available to book in Turkey include:

  • The 180'5 /  55m luxury yacht LILI, available to charter from €290,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 246'1 /  75m luxury yacht ARROW, available to charter from €850,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 240'2 /  73.20m motor yacht 'Planet Nine', available to charter from €650,000 p/week (+ expenses)
  • The 167'8 /  51.1m motor yacht MYSKY, available to charter from €259,000 p/week (+ expenses)

If you would like to make the most of some late-summer sun in one of these wonderful destinations, please get in touch with your preferred yacht charter broker.

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