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The top 14 most Instagrammable places in the Bahamas

By Katia Damborsky   Last Updated: 28 March 2023

Discover our recommendations for the most beautiful places to take Instagram pictures in the lush island chain of the Bahamas. Don't miss out, be sure to add these sites and attractions to your itinerary.

The Bahamas is a tropical oasis of natural beauty, and it's full of secret spots and great attractions where you can take Instagram-worthy pictures.

But this necklace of islands covers a vast area, and it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, on a crewed yacht charter vacation most of these sites are easily accessible. 

Read on to discover our recommendations for the best places and attractions you have to visit in the Bahamas if you want take truly sensational pictures for social media in Nassau, the Exumas and beyond.

1. Nurse Sharks

Compass Cay in the Exumas

Who would’ve thought sharks could be so photogenic? These docile creatures flock to Compass Cay year-round, giving you the opportunity to swim alongside these gentle giants. 

Jump into the shallow water and float alongside them, or relax on the dock and let them come to you. 

While they have a predatory appearance that’s not dissimilar to their Great White cousins, nurse sharks are generally very passive; but be warned, as they have been known to take inquisitive (though not seriously damaging) nips out of Instagrammers.

2. Pablo Escobar’s Sunken Plane

Norman’s Cay in the Exumas

Just off Norman’s Cay lies the corroding skeleton of what was once a private plane which belonged to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

This dive site is remote, so having a charter yacht is the best possible way to access this sordid slice of history.

The plane crashed in 1890, landing well short of a runway that Escobar erected himself as part of a drug-smuggling operation to the USA.

There were no casualties on board, and the cargo was even pulled from the plane before it came to its final resting place on a shallow sandbar.

Now, it is a hotbed for fish and marine life, and the crystal-clear water acts as the perfect spot for snorkelling and swimming; and selfies, of course.

3. Ocean Atlas


Renowned for being the world's largest underwater statue, this impressive 60-tonne, 18-foot tall statue sits on the seafloor off the coast of Nassau.

It depicts a young Bahamian girl who appears to be holding up the ocean, and it was placed there in 2014. It is hoped it will one day act as an artificial reef.

This enormous statue is worth seeing for its impressive size alone, but an underwater camera is by far the best way to capture this ocean-dwelling giant for yourself.

4. Coco Plum Beach

Near Blow Hole Cay, the Exumas

woman on a swing in blue waters

Coco Plum Beach is an idyllic strip of pristine beach in the Exumas.

With its long swathes of unspoiled white sand lapped by crystalline water, Coco Plum Beach is a haven of beauty and the perfect spot for a picture. 

Just off shore, the famous wooden swings of the Bahamas rise up from the shallows. Take a seat, snap some pics and watch the like stream in.

5. Pig Beach

Near Big Major Cay, the Exumas

Show off your animal-loving side on the ‘gram at Pig Beach, a strip of powdery white sand on an island that’s totally uninhabited; save for a wild colony of pigs.

Only accessible by sea, there are many rumours as to how the pigs came to be here. The most likely is that a handful escaped from a nearby islet, and have since grown into a fully-fledged family of pigs and piglets.

The pigs live on the sand and in the shallows, and you’re permitted to bring food to feed them; but be sure to follow instructions from local guides and don’t give them anything they’re not allowed to consume.

Generally friendly and inquisitive creatures, the pigs are an iconic component to any Bahamas yacht charter adventure.

6. The Musician

Rudder Cut Cay, in the Exumas

You’ll have to drop anchor, don your snorkelling gear and whip out your waterproof camera case for this one. 

The Musician sits about 14 feet below the surface of the sea, located in a small inlet on the south side of the Rudder Cut Cay.

A quirky surprise for underwater adventurers, the stainless steel sculpture was submerged here by David Copperfield, who owns the surrounding island chain. 

Dive down, take a seat alongside the mermaid and pretend to play the piano as you’re papped.

7. Nipper’s Beach Bar and Grill

Great Guana Cay, the Abacos Islands

two girls at nippers beach bar

On the waterfront on Great Guana Cay in the Abacos, Nipper’s Beach Bar Bar and Grill is a great spot for a relaxed lunch and a sunset snap of your meal.

The restaurant has a quintessentially Caribbean vibe to it, with lollipop-coloured tables and chairs and a punchy mural wall.

Take a seat overlooking the bay and enjoy a pina colada and a Conch salad, a classic Bahamian speciality that is not to be missed while chartering in the region.

8. Glass Window Bridge

Eleuthera Island, near Gregory Town

If you have access to a drone, this is the perfect site for you. The Glass Window Bridge is a natural wonder which sits on the northern side of Eleuthera Island, near Gregory Town, and is a part of Queen's Highway. 

Separated by rocks just 30 feet wide, the bridge provides a breathtaking contrast between two seas. On the eastern side, the Atlantic Ocean is a deep and rich sapphire blue; whereas on the western side, the calm aquamarine Bight of Eleuthera stretches off peacefully.

It's best to step ashore to truly discern the magic of this site; but be sure to get some aerial shots from above as well.

9. Tiger Beach

 West End of Grand Bahama Island

Trained divers in the mood for a walk on the wild side should head to Tiger Beach, a famous underwater haven on Grand Bahama Island for a variety of different shark species.

This shallow reef is one of the few places in the world where it's considered safe to dive with sharks in the wild. 

Be sure to dive with trained instructors, who have a wealth of experience interpreting the sharks' behaviour and will help ensure the experience is safe and smooth sailing. 

While you're down, be sure to snap a picture of yourself alongside your new finned friends.

10. Atlantis Paradise Island

Bahamian capital of Nassau

atlantis bahamas island

If you’ve ever seen a travel brochure for the Bahamas, chances are you’ve seen the iconic pink and orange fortress of Atlantis Paradise Island.

This palace-style building is so much more than a hotel. To boot, it’s also home to an expansive water park and enormous aquarium that houses numerous species of fish and marine animals. 

Expect to swim with dolphins, glide alongside string rays in the underwater ruins of Atlantis and see sharks up close as you shoot through a glass slide in the Mayan Temple Shark Lagoon.

Opportunities for picture-taking are bountiful throughout the Atlantis Paradise Island Hotel; what’s more, the island has its very own marina so you can dock your yacht and head on shore with ease.

11. Pink Sand Beach

Harbour Island, Eleuthera

This pretty pastel-hued strip of beach makes a dreamy shot for Instagram. The pink sand phenomenon is caused by crushed red pebbles mixing with the white sand, so the shade varies in its 'pinkness' day to day. 

Even if the beach isn't looking particularly bright, you can still enjoy a donkey ride along the shore or a sunset walk, leaving footprints in the icing-sugar sand as you go. 

12. Chat N Chill

George Town, the Exumas

This little shack on the beach is a lovely place to stop off and spend an afternoon relaxing. A hammock offers a serene spot for an afternoon snooze, while a rope swing provides yet another fantastic shot for Instagram.

The beach is also home to crystal-clear water and a large population of manta rays.

After a refreshing cocktail, be sure to paddle in the shallows and stroke them as they glide along close to the surface.

13. Queen's Staircase


Also known as the 66 Steps, the Queen's Staircase is an important piece of history in the heart of the Bahamas.

It is located on the Fort Fincastle Historic Complex in Nassau, and was carved out of solid limestone rock by slaves in the 18th century. 

The steps provided a direct route from Fincastle to Nassau City, and they were later renamed to honour Queen Victoria, the reigning monarch in the late 19th century. 

While there were 66 steps in total, now only 65 are visible as the final one was paved beneath the asphalt. If you choose to take pictures here, be sure to be respectful and mindful of the cultural and historical significance of this site.

14. Thunderball Grotto

Staniel Cay, the Exumas

With a star billing in the first two James Bond movies, Thunderball Grotto is a great site for a spot of snorkelling and selfie-ing. 

Accessed via small crevices that are filled with water at high tide, the interior of the Grotto is a beautiful sight. Light streams in from above, illuminating the water and making it appear bright blue. 

Below the surface, you can expect to find myriad tropical fish species flourishing.

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