Guide to Warderick Wells Cay

Protected Marine Paradise

Most well known for being the entrance to the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, Warderick Wells has a substantial amount to offer for all nature lovers.

Located between West Stroud Cay and Hog Cay, Warderick Wells has continually attracted many tourists to the area because of its involvement with the Land and Sea Park. As the entrance to the protected area the island makes a statement by displaying the skeleton of a 50 foot sperm whale. After losing a battle with a plastic bag from the sea, the sperm whale reminds all visitors to act responsibly when out at sea.

Anchoring down in one of the allocated areas you can take your tether for a trip around the island to see one of the rarest life forms on Earth. Stromatolites are living organisms which can date back many hundreds of years. Despite looking like a large group of rocks, they are alive and are heavily protected by the Bahamas National Trust.

Whilst on your tender you can also navigate yourself to a prime location to plunge into the depths of the warm Bahamian waters. Underneath the surface are some spectacular displays of coral reefs. Still under the protection of the Land and Sea Park, the coral displays are bountiful and densely populated by local wildlife. Even a quick trip through the reefs will introduce you to hundreds of brightly colored fish, lobsters and maybe even some turtles.

Back on the mainland of Warderick Wells there are many mapped out walks to take. Diverting you through some stunning flora and fauna, there are some incredible views to see and photograph as you spot some of the native and rare wildlife roaming through the undergrowth. Although fishing and the removal of any wildlife are forbidden, you are welcome to take as many photographs as you like when touring the island.

If you love to explore new cultures and local history there are a collection of caves dotted around the island which are said to be tainted by pirates in times gone by. Also on the island, you can explore the remains of a loyalist plantation which was built in the late 18th century. If exploring the past interests you and your guests take a look at all the full selection of  Bahamas luxury charter yachts.

Reasons to Visit

One of the oldest living organisms, Stromatolites, can be found here
A real life skeleton of a sperm whale
Ruins of a loyalist plantation and pirate caves

Good For

  • Snorkeling
  • Marine Life
  • Nature
  • Diving

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