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Coronavirus: Where can I charter a yacht right now?

By Katia Damborsky   2 June 2020

As Coronavirus travel restrictions start to relax around the world, you might be considering booking one of the safest types of vacation for summer 2020: A Social Distancing Yacht Charter. Here’s everything you need to know about all the destinations where you can charter a private yacht right now during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Private yacht charters are among the safest forms of luxury travel amid the COVID-19 crisis, offering you a controlled, self-contained environment and limited contact with other people. As travel restrictions start to relax, we can expect a huge rise in the demand for Social Distancing vacations on board superyachts.

From Greece to the Caribbean, many of the world's most beloved yachting destinations are beginning to open up to yacht-goers. You can now escape to the seas, avoid the crowds and explore new destinations in the lap of luxury, surrounded by your closest friends and family. For more information, you can take a look our article on what to expect from a Social Distancing Yacht Charter.

Here are 8 destinations where you can charter a yacht right now, as well as our top recommendations for motor yachts and sailing yachts available to book in each region. 

Where can I charter a yacht in the Caribbean & the Bahamas?

1. The Bahamas

Open now

loon yacht in the bahamas
pig beach in the exumas

With its hundreds of islands and cays, a yacht charter in the Bahamas is the perfect way to experience some seclusion, solitude and an escape from everyday life. This blissful destination is a sun-soaked oasis where long days, tropical sunshine, powdery sand beaches and clear blue sea await.

The flexibility of a private yacht charter means you can still see all of the most famous sights of the Bahamas, such as Pig Beach and the sunken plane wrecks, and choose to visit them outside of peak times, when there are no crowds.

Thanks to a low COVID-19 case rate, the Bahamas has set a tentative reopening date on before July 1. You can read our guide to Social Distancing Yacht Charters in the Bahamas for more information (including advice about flying privately) and you can also take a look at our 9-day Exumas Social Distancing itinerary for some inspiration for your next vacation at sea.

A selection of yachts for charter in the Bahamas:

  • The 216' (66m) motor yacht INVICTUS. She charters from €546,000 p/week (+ expenses) (approx $603,000) and is currently offering a flexible booking policy

  • The 205' (62.5m) luxury yacht 'Party Girl'. She charters from €505,000 p/week (+ expenses) (approx $554,000)

  • The 130' (40m) motor yacht 'Sweet Escape'. She charters from $99,000 p/week (+ expenses) and is offering a special deal for yacht charters of 2 weeks or more

  • The 131' (40m) charter yacht 'Take 5'. She charters from $140,000 p/week (+ expenses).

You can also take a look at a selection of yachts available to charter right now in the Bahamas

2. The US Virgin Islands

Open now

pretty beach in the us virgin islands
two people snorkel in the usvi
sandy beach in the caribbean

The US Virgin Islands reopened their borders for travel on June 1, with most of the island chain’s bars, restaurants and other social venues up and running- but with Social Distancing and the use of face masks strictly enforced.

The beauty of the Virgin Islands means you can spend more of your time at sea rather than on shore. Experience phenomenal coral reefs, unbeatable dive sites and pristine beaches that look as if they’ve been lifted from a travel brochure.

For a true Caribbean yacht charter experience, it doesn’t get much better than the Virgin Islands.

A selection of yachts for charter in the US Virgin Islands:

  • The 146' (44.5m) superyacht MILESTONE. She charters from $165,000 p/week (+ expenses)

  • The 155' (47.24m) luxury yacht LOON. She charters from $175,000 p/week (+ expenses)

  • The 142'5 (43.40m) superyacht BACA. She charters from $185,500 p/week (+ expenses).

Where can I charter a yacht in the USA?

3. Florida Keys

Open now

beach in the florida keys
coral reefs in the caribbean
beach and chairs in the florida keys

The Florida Keys reopened for travel on June 1, and this island destination is ideal for our US-based readers looking for a tropical mini-break. You can drive directly from Florida down to the Keys to meet your yacht- so no need to worry about chartering a private plane, and you can easily maintain Social Distancing every step of your journey.

The Keys are formed of almost 2,000 islands, but only a handful have a permanent population. That means there's plenty to explore by superyacht, and you can expect some truly breathtaking natural beauty wherever you cruise.

The Florida Keys are popular among keen anglers and scuba divers, as the seas here are teeming with life. Coral reefs offer a kaleidoscope of color, while gamefish including wahoo and tuna promise plenty of opportunity for catching some big fish.

A selection of yachts available for charter in the Florida Keys:

4. Alaska

Open now

bears in the shallow waters of alaska
whale breaching the sea surface in alaska
ice chips off large glacier in alaska

For those looking for the ultimate nature and wildlife experience and the chance to make incredible memories, a yacht charter in Alaska promises a truly unique experience. 

While chartering here in the summer months, you can expect to see humpback whales, orcas, brown bears, mountain goats, eagles, sealions and deer. You’ll also have the chance to see awe-inspiring natural wonders such as the Tracy Arm glacier and the famous waterfalls.

Alaska is open for crewed yacht charters now, but you’ll need to adhere to Coronavirus rules and regulations when travelling here. For some inspiration, you can take a look at our 7-day Alaska Social Distancing Yacht Charter Itinerary.

A selection of yachts for charter in Alaska:

5. New England

Open now

lighthouse on the coast of new england
sandy beach in cape cod
mansions in new england, pretty balconies

For those looking for a breath of fresh air, New England is a great destination for a Social Distancing yacht charter. The region is home to sandy beaches, colorful coastal communities and a rustic Old-World charm- perfect for culture-lovers.

From the tranquil shores of Cape Cod to the chic Martha’s Vineyard, New England offers a lovely alternative for a crewed yacht charter.

A selection of yachts available to charter in New England:

Where can I charter a yacht in Europe?

6. Greece

Open now

blue and white buildings in town of santorini in greece
blue bay in greece, little town on the shore
statues at entrance to port in greece

Yacht charter in Greece got the green light to go ahead late in May. Throughout the pandemic, the country has maintained a very low number of Coronavirus cases, particularly across the Greek islands, and the country has managed to flatten the curve quickly and effectively. 

Similarly to the Bahamas, Greece is also home to countless islands which are ideal for exploring as part of a luxury yacht charter itinerary that focuses on Social Distancing. 

From the Cyclades to the Sporades, you can expect postcard-worthy villages, beautiful little beaches and the remnants of ancient temples and buildings which nod to the rich heritage and varied culture of the country. Best of all, many of the most impressive sights in Greece can be enjoyed from the comfort of a superyacht- so no need to step on shore. 

To start planning, our 7-Day Social Distancing charter Itinerary will have you living out your Mediterranean yacht charter dreams in no time. 

A selection of yachts for charter in Greece:

  • The 236' (72m) superyacht AXIOMA. She charters from €549,000 p/week (+ expenses) (approx $606,000)

  • The 192' (59m) charter yacht 'Capri I'. She charters from €265,000 p/week (+ expenses) (approx $285,0000)

  • The 138' (42m) motor yacht MOKA. She charters from €165,000 p/week (+ expenses) (approx $182,000)

  • The 70' (29m) luxury yacht VIVALDI. She charters from €72,000 p/week (+ expenses) (approx $79,500

  • The 125' (38m) superyacht NAMASTE. She charters from €133,000 p/week (+ expenses) (approx $144,000)

  • The 77' (23m) motor yacht MAKANI. She charters from €36,000 p/week (+ expenses) (approx $40,000)

7. Croatia

Open now

sandy beach in croatia
town of korcula in croatia
red clay building on the shores of croatia, aerial view

Croatia is the first Mediterranean yachting destination to open for charter. The country has also maintained one of the lowest Coronavirus case rates in Europe, thanks to swift containment measures implemented early on. 

Yacht charter in Croatia was already increasing in popularity before the COVID-19 crisis, and it’s easy to see why. This Adriatic gem is awash with natural beauty, ranging from rustic, red-rooved towns to rugged, pine-coated landscapes. 

While cruising here, you can expect to explore national parks, dine alfresco on sandy beaches and swim and snorkel around pristine dive sites. To experience all of this and more, you can start by taking a look at our 9-day Social Distancing Yacht Charter Itinerary around Croatia.

A selection of yachts available for charter in Croatia:

8. Montenegro

Open now

little island off the coast of montenegro
little river running through the countryside in Montenegro

Next door to Croatia is Montenegro, a small country that's rich in culture, scenery and awe-inspiring natural beauty. The pair are usually visited as part of the same itinerary, and it's simple and straightforward to cross between the waters of Croatia and Montenegro.

As well as being steeped in beauty and history, Montenegro is also home to Porto Montenegro, the premier luxury superyacht hub in the East Mediterranean. Porto Montenegro was one of the first superyacht marinas to introduce specialized health and safety measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, and the country was the last in Europe to report a single case of Coronavirus.

All of the charter yachts available in Croatia are also available in Montenegro, so be sure to take a look at our article above for more information.

Travel from overseas

It's important to bear in mind that although these countries are currently open to superyachts, there may still be some restrictions on overseas travel that would stop you from flying out to meet your yacht of choice. Be sure to plan ahead and reach out to your yacht charter broker with any questions or concerns.

Please note that the destinations on this list are our hand-picked recommendations; many other yachting destinations are currently open for charter at the time of writing, including France and Italy. We will be sure to update you on this in future articles.

To make a booking, please get in touch with a yacht charter broker.

For more news, travel updates, advice about superyacht rental during the COVID-19 crisis, ideas for Social Distancing vacations and more, please refer to our guide on Coronavirus Yacht Charters.


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