Guide to Montserrat

The Caribbean ‘Emerald Isle’

A striking, volcanic island with scenery varying from dramatically steep cliffs to lush green rainforests, Montserrat is best appreciated from the decks of a superyacht.

The British Overseas Territory of Montserrat is famous for its volcanic eruption in the 90’s that left its capital blanketed in ash and pyroclastic flows. It is now returning to its former glory as  place of idyllic tropical charm and spectacular natural beauty which have earned it its name of the Caribbean’s ‘Emerald Isle’.

While the closely-monitored volcano remains the most popular tourist site on Montserrat, it is now the north that is being redeveloped as the hub of the island. The black-sand beaches that line the coast are interlinked by rocky trails so therefore hard to access by anything other than water. - leaving them serene and unspoilt. This area boasts some renowned snorkelling and dive sites such as Lime Kiln Bay and all have been carefully protected to reduce the impact on the sea life.

Located southeast of Puerto Rico, the volcanic element of the islands means that the soils is rich and fertile. If you’re a nature lover, you will be in your element here amongst old plantations  and a myriad of hiking trails through lush rainforests. Local rangers offer guides through the most beautiful parts of the island where you can spot rare wildlife such as the Montserrat oriole, the national bird, and other rare species like the forest thrush and bridled quail dove. 

Like all Caribbean island’s, Montserrat knows how to throw a party and is the only island in the region to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Every year it comes alive with festivities including colourful calypso shows, masquerade steel and string bands and fireworks. It’s a fantastic time to see the island in full swing before retreating back to the quiet, undisturbed life while aboard the comfort of your luxury Caribbean charter yacht.

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