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Discover the breathtaking beauty of Northern Europe luxury yacht charters

By Steph Loseby   Last Updated: 21 March 2023

For a unique and adventurous yacht rental vacation, there is no better place to cruise than the fjord-like waters of Northern Europe, one of the most riveting cruising grounds in the world.

Encompassing the best of the Baltic Sea from Scotland and Norway to Iceland and Svalbard, cruising around this picturesque sector of the world promises to be an unforgettable experience and one that is far from your ordinary super yacht charter vacation.

Best Northern Europe yacht charter itineraries

beautiful crystal blue water and green mountains in Norway

If adventure is what you’re searching for, you will most certainly find it in a Northern Europe itinerary. Packed with picturesque coastlines, glacial sculptures and historic sailing grounds, the environment is perfect for fueling your adventurous spirit and undertaking new experiences. 

Below are some of our top destination picks to help inspire your next Northern Europe yacht rental adventure.


A historic and colorful destination that calls out to all adventurers, Norway's magnificent coastline and fjords promise to be a truly awe-inspiring experience. With an island count comfortable in the tens of thousands, there is an abundance of activities, sites and restaurants that will keep the entire charter party entertained. 

Suitable for summer or winter charter vacations, Norway is great for cruising all year round. A summer vacation provides longer, sunnier days whereas a yacht rental vacation during the winter months increases your chances of witnessing the Northern Lights, a visual spectacle of dancing light that brightens up the dark midnight sky. 

Flanked by steep, dramatic mountains, the mainland also serves as a source of endless inspiration.

From the expertly maintained Nærøy fjords and UNESCO-protected mountain peaks to the immense cascading waterfalls and rolling rural landscapes, Norway brings beauty and adventure to the next level, ensuring a truly unforgettable yacht vacation.


Famously an incredibly tranquil place to sail, Scotland is a fantastic destination for a yacht charter. There is a mythical quality enriched by Scotland's striking west coast, teeming with wildlife, along the dramatic coastline you are likely to see porpoises, seals, dolphins and, if you're lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of an orca and minke whales. 

beautiful cliffs and blue water on Scotland coastline

Home to some of the most unique and beautiful yachting grounds in the world, guests can enjoy the beautiful cities, lochs, castles and unspoiled scenery that the United Kingdom has to offer. 

Particularly a popular destination for those interested in nature, golf and whiskey, Scotland is home to many incredible golf courses and whisky tours for connoisseurs who would like to experience how it all began. Three of the world’s iconic whisky names are found on the Scottish isle of Islay: Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Laphroaig and guests can enjoy private tours and tastings at all three.  

Scotland’s charm is in its picturesque rolling landscape and centuries of history, guests have the opportunity to take a scenic walk through the fascinating hills or feast their eyes on the incredible vistas from their very own superyacht rental.


Lying on the constantly active geologic border between North America and Europe, Iceland is a bucket-list destination you must see for yourself at least once in your lifetime. Soak in the natural hot springs of the Blue Lagoon, dine inside a Volcano’s magma chamber and whale watching from the air on a helicopter tour, these are just a few of many experiences Iceland has on offer. 

Head to the cosmopolitan and incredibly modern capital city of Reykjavík and take in the city's profound culture, history and nightlife. The central core streets around Laugavegur are where you’ll find a range of engaging museums such as the Saga museum and an abundance of vibrant bars and elegant shops. 

On either side of Reykjavík, you'll find some of Iceland's most iconic scenery and explosive landscapes such as the Hekla Volcano, the hot springs at Landmannalaugar and the impressive Gullfoss waterfall. Most importantly, an Iceland yacht charter allows you to access some of the most beautiful landscapes with no restrictions.

Dive deep into the Silfra fissure and snorkel between tectonic plates or kayak along the dramatic coastline and witness stunning sea arches up close from a perspective that isn’t possible any other way. You most definitely will not be disappointed with the number of unique experiences you can undergo during your Iceland yacht charter vacation.


Midway between Norway and the North pole, this remote and tranquil Norweigion island is packed with glaciers, polar bears and stunning snow-capped scenery. Perfect for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts, if you’ve ever dreamed of waking up to a view of glaciers glittering in a sun that never sets or dog-sledding under the northern lights, Svalbard is the destination for you. 

polar bears on the ice in Svalbardmagestic cliffs in Svalbard
beautiful image of the snowy mountains and Northern Lights in Svalbard

The wilderness and wildlife are Svalbard's biggest lures, more polar bears than people live here among the icy mountains, gleaming glaciers and picture-perfect scenery. Learn all about Svalbard's past in the Svalbard Museum which displays the life formerly led by whalers, trappers, seal and walrus hunters and miners. 

The best way to see this beautiful part of the world is by expedition yacht, allowing you to experience all the comforts associated with luxury superyacht vacations while embarking on extensive long-range voyages in the far reaches of the globe. The Svalbard archipelago retains a real sense of a real sense of adventure thanks to its unique landscape and extreme climate. 


Although not strictly Northern Europe, Greenland is a natural addition to add to your itinerary due to its relatively close proximity to Iceland. A destination you simply won't want to miss out on, Greenland is a totally unique and mesmerizing place for yacht travelers and nature lovers alike. 

Home to the world's largest national park, multiple UNESCO World-Heritage sites and incredible fjords and glaciers, almost 80% of Greenland is covered in ice. The snowy land and crystal-like waters create a wilderness like nowhere else on the planet, providing you with picturesque scenery and the perfect platform for you to embark on some pretty wild activities.  

From dog sledding and heli-skiing to ice fishing and whale watching, Greenland is a favored destination amongst expedition yachts. Onboard your chosen charter yacht, you can explore the numerous tranquil sheltered bays to your heart's content and enjoy the midnight sun or if you're lucky, the Northern Lights, one of the most magical sights you will ever see.

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To find out more about chartering in the region, check out our Northern Europe yacht charter guide and make sure to browse our selection of itineraries for this region which have been created to offer inspiration and give you a feel for the area and some of the best things to do whilst sailing there.

For further inspiration, check out the fleet of superyachts available for charter in Northern Europe.

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