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Guide to Poros

‘An inspiring island teaming with beaches, nature and culture.’

Lapped by the warm waters of the Saronic Gulf and encircled by strikingly beautiful beaches, the elegant Greek island of Poros is a treasure trove of delights that will inspire even the most discerning of charterers.

Thanks to its easy accessibility by water from the mainland, the lively harbour town of Poros has become a favourite with Athens' city goers looking to enjoy a weekend away while soaking up the atmospheric surroundings. It is also becoming an increasingly popular stop-off during itineraries in the beautiful Peloponnese region, with its excellent mooring facilities and picturesque setting providing a perfect start to a Greece luxury yacht charter vacation.

At just 31 square kilometres, Poros may be small but it also plays host to some important archaeological sites such as the crumbling ruins of the Santuary of Poseidon as well as an abundance of beaches, bays and attractions. Beautiful neoclassical buildings fill the main town, winding steeply into the hills that create a dramatic ampitheatre effect on the indented slopes.

Amongst the roads and buildings, dense pine trees fill the air with woody scents, giving the island its vertiginous green coating which is best appreciated in all its glory as you approach from the sea. Superyachts can be found throughout the year in the port of Poros, its waterfront lined with chic bars and cafés which benefit from the spectacular panoramic views on offer. The calm, warm waters that line the coast are perfect for swimming, particularly the pretty beaches of Neorion Bay and Kanali and the sheltered cove of Agape or Love Bay which has become well-known as an idyllic spot anchor for the afternoon.

By day, Poros envelops laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle with a hint of modern sophistication that goes hand-in-hand luxury yacht vacations. When the sun goes down the island comes alive with activity, with an international collection of visitors spilling out of the tavernas and into the stylish bars and nightclubs. This combined with a wide variety of day trip options make it a must-see on your next visit to the Peloponnese.

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Reasons to Visit

Beautiful beaches
Modern cafe lifestyle
Excellent restaurants
Great walks through the countryside
Close to the mainland
Great harbour for superyachts

Good For

  • Snorkeling
  • Nightlife
  • Nature
  • Fine Dining
  • Anchorage

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