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Guide to the Pacific

Magical, exotic, inspiring; welcome to paradise

Decorated with distant archipelagos, the Pacific offers an exotic playground of volcanic vistas, tropical beaches and wild forestation. From surfing beaches to island hopping, revel in the untouched seclusion of paradise and let the charm of the Pacific enchant you. Listen to the calm and soothing sounds of the waves lapping the shoreline and coconuts dropping from palm trees.

The Pacific is an idyllic charter vacation with dramatic mountain landscapes, lush rainforests and beautiful beaches all to be admired from the decks of your luxury yacht.

Marshall Islands
Cruise along the azure waters and pay an unforgettable visit to the Marshall Islands. The inviting cruising grounds open up a world of scattered atolls and an abundance of remote islands strewn along this magnificent body of water. With a plethora or marine life and diving opportunities, boredom is not an option in the centre of the ocean. Explore the exotic flora and fauna which thrive here with over a hundred species of coral draped around the islands. Coconut and papaya plantations occupy uninhabited atolls alongside pandanus and breadfruit trees making for a landscape of sheer paradise.

Palau Islands
The Palau Islands are situated in Micronesia, to the southeast of the Philippines. It is a world-renowned destination for scuba diving and a haven for anyone looking to explore beneath the waterline amongst coral reefs, blue holes, wartime wrecks, hidden caves, tunnels and more than 60 vertical drop-offs. The islands themselves are just as spectacular and are home to a rich covering of flora and fauna as well as incredible wildlife ranging from exotic birds to crocodiles that guard the mangrove swamps. 

Hawaii Islands
With a deliciously warm climate and warm people to match, Hawaii is a glorious location to visit during a yacht charter of the Pacific. Brimmed with idyllic islands, secluded coves and alluring black sandy beaches this volcanic playground is simply breathtaking. With so much more than sun, sea and sand to be discovered, let the beats of the Polynesian rhythms envelop you as the smiling faces bid you Aloha. Astounding natural beauty and volcanic summits captivate hearts with exquisite cuisine and turquoise waters making it difficult to leave this opulent destination.

To the east of the Philippines lies Guam. Steeped in colonial history and a unique and complex culture, Guam is as cosmopolitan as they come. As one of the largest islands in the Mariana archipelago Guam is largely undiscovered though offers the ultimate charter vacation for those looking to take in the exotic allure of another world. North Guam is lightly populated though lured visitors with its famed Ritidian beach, renowned for its beauty which exudes from the swaying palms, lush vegetation, azure waters and arcs of golden sands. Central Guam holds the majority of the population with individual townships offering opportunities to shop and dine ashore though for avid travellers and curious minds the southernmost tip of Guam offers a kaleidoscope of rural retreats from tumbling waters, historical villages, black sand beaches and an untouched culture. Let the warm and friendly Chamorro people captivate you with their resilient and genuine charm and explore the diverse and multicultural lifestyle of a spirited indigenous culture.

With diving, snorkelling and kayaking opportunities, the Pacific is an outstanding location for adrenaline fuelled fun on the water, or relaxing with a book under a palm tree. For those looking for endless adventure whilst keeping their feet on the ground, why not take to hiking, trekking and rock climbing for throes exhilaration whilst admiring the awe-inspiring surrounding views.

The Pacific offers an abundance of experiences to be had and with the neighbouring waters of the South Pacific within cruising distance this part of the world is an unparalleled paradise.

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