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Guide to Hawaii

Say Aloha to the paradise islands of Hawaii

Just by breathing the words, Hawaii evokes images of heavenly beaches, endless sunny days and copious palm trees, whilst the reality boasting all of this and more. Far removed from any continent by 2,000 miles, the Hawaiian Islands are an idyllic destination for yacht charters and are becoming increasingly popular for those seeking a holiday of a lifetime.

Laced like jewels in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii boasts eight main emerald islands, each one as ruggedly beautiful as the next. Although an idyllic location for a secluded yacht charter, Hawaii is located in the centre of the Pacific meaning venturing to the islands is not for anyone unsteady on their sea legs. The ocean waters can be subjected to swells so a sturdy vessel such as a catamaran is ideal for a Hawaiian yacht charter. With a warm climate all year round and warm people to match, Hawaii promises one heavenly day to the next. Although one of the youngest American states, Hawaii has a preceding reputation of sun, sea and sand which exceeds expectation upon arrival.

With a variety of glorious islands to explore, a yacht charter provides the perfect opportunity to hop from one to the next, discovering some of Hawaii’s untold secrets along the way. From Kauai to the “Big Island” of Hawaii, there is a plethora of sights to see and memories to be made. Nicknamed as the “Garden Isle”, Kauai boasts tropical rainforests, towering cliffs and sugar white sandy beaches. To the west side of the island, the Waimea Canyon is an unmissable sight. Often dubbed the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, this breathtaking geological wonder offers stunning panoramic views with copious trails to trek whether you’re a novice or experienced hiker. The bustling streets of Oahu are great for shopping and dining ashore whilst the volcanic landmark, Diamond Head, is a remarkable scene. Revel in the historical impact of Pearl Harbour before venturing to Molokai. Deemed as the most traditional Hawaiian Island in the isolated archipelago and often referred to as “the Friendly Island”, Molokai is renowned for being laid back and relaxed, combining the opportunity to do as much or as little as you please. From water sports, whale watching and sport fishing to reading a book under a palm tree, the choice is all yours. The island of Lanai is untouched and tranquil with miles of sun kissed shoreline for that ‘get away from it all’ feel whereas sightseeing at Keahiakawlo is a one of a kind experience. Renowned as the “Garden of the Gods”, this location transforms into an enchanting sight at dusk as the setting sun casts a warm orange glow on the rocks, illuminating this fascinating rock garden in brilliant shades of red and purple. 

Meander from one isle to another, sightseeing, sun bathing and sampling cuisine. Maui offers heavenly beaches, tumbling waterfalls and quaint small towns. Keep an eye out for the humpback whales that migrate here every year and don’t leave until you have experienced the awe-inspiring volcanoes at Haleakala National Park. Last but certainly not least, no charter to Hawaii would be complete without a final stop off at the “Big Island”, aptly named Hawaii Island. By day, gaze in admiration at Kilauea within Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park, witness the tallest sea mountain, Mauna Kea and sip on the famous Kona coffee before paying a well-earned visit to Hapuna beach, often deemed as one of the best beaches in the world.  As the sun sets, watch out for the glittering stars which dazzle like a diamond chandelier in the clear night sky.

Hawaii encompasses vast expressions of nature, lush vegetation and divine landmarks, which come together to complete this natural wonderland. With so much to explore, admire and adore, Hawaii exceeds every expectation.

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