Guide to North Africa

Intoxicating and enchanting; discover North Africa

From rugged coastlines to sun drenched beaches, it is near impossible to resist the magnetism of Africa. This golden continent is diverse and enchanting, with vast open plains which are inhabited by majestic and elusive wildlife. With secluded bays, vibrant cities and unmatchable sights, North Africa is an awe-inspiring natural wonder.

North Africa is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and boasts stunning coastlines for yacht charters. Cruise amongst a wealth of cultures and nations for an unrivalled vacation, guaranteed to awaken the soul. With opulent hideaways and glittering cities, North Africa is increasing in popularity with a plethora of sights and magnificent wonders to be admired. Whether you’re looking to lay back and relax on a sun kissed beach or revel in the spectrum of elusive wildlife with an African safari, North Africa has something for every visitor.

Nestled to the Northwest of Africa, experience the explosion of colour and life that is Morocco. With labyrinthine streets lined with thriving markets, bustling souks and steamy hammans, Morocco is brimmed with life. Home to renowned cities such as Marrakech, Fes and Casablanca; explore the exotic treasures of this ancient land. Curving sandy beaches, authentic Berber flavours and stunning mountain landscapes are just a handful of Morocco’s unmissable highlights. Adjacent to Morocco, to the Northeast of Africa lays Egypt, where the iconic sights of the enigmatic pyramids have astounded visitors for millennia. From pharaoh tombs, Mamluk mosques and the epic Nile River, Egypt is rich in antiquities and unparalleled historical monuments. This unique land of ancient wonders is enlightening and charismatic with many picturesque landscapes and views to admire from your superyacht. Hugging Egypt’s spectacular shorelines is the Red Sea. Teemed with vibrant corals and underwater scenery, the Red Sea is an excellent spot for scuba diving and snorkelling, with crystal clear waters making it a favoured location amongst those eager to explore the vibrant life beneath the waves. With stunning sandy beaches, the Red Sea makes for a popular year-round charter vacation.

At the nethermost point of the Red Sea, tucked south of Egypt lays Djibouti, one of the smallest countries amongst the African nations. What Djibouti lacks in size it makes up for in culture, adventure and ambition. This intriguing country preserves an energetic urban ethos and is rich in entertainment, making for a yacht charter full of character; perfect for the avid travellers looking to be enchanting by an undiscovered region. With opportunities for trekking, diving, snorkelling and windsurfing, a charter to Djibouti can be as action packed or laid back as desired with stunning ivory shores for the less intrepid traveller.

This melting pot of cultures is an idyllic location for yacht charter with a myriad of nations to be explored. A land unlike any other, North Africa is an unforgettable destination which will undoubtedly lure you back time and again.

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