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    Africa Destination Guide
    Africa Yacht Charter Guide

    This remarkable continent boasts an abundance of magnificent countries and stunning archipelago’s, offering truly exhilarating and unforgettable experiences. The very name itself conjures up images of vast open plains, wildlife encounters and iconic scenery. Encompassed by the Mediterranean Sea to the North and Indian Ocean to the southeast, Africa provides some of the most extraordinary cruising grounds where visitors can revel in the pebbly shorelines, sunlit beaches and magnificent island re

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    North Africa Destination Guide
    North Africa Yacht Charter Guide

    From rugged coastlines to sun drenched beaches, it is near impossible to resist the magnetism of Africa. This golden continent is diverse and enchanting, with vast open plains which are inhabited by majestic and elusive wildlife. With secluded bays, vibrant cities and unmatchable sights, North Africa is an awe-inspiring natural wonder.

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    Southern Africa Destination Guide
    Southern Africa Yacht Charter Guide

    Africa conjures up images of vast open plains, wildlife encounters and iconic scenery and Southern Africa does not disappoint. The sheer expanse of the African continent is otherworldly, bringing together rugged coastlines, rich golden sands, sheltered forests and mountain ranges which are guaranteed to open the mind and enlighten the soul. Revel in the pebbly shorelines, sunlit beaches and magnificent island retreats of this gorgeously bronzed continent.

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    Zanzibar Destination Guide
    Zanzibar Yacht Charter Guide

    Throughout history many have succumbed to the irresistible call of Zanzibar, from the explorers, traders and missionaries of centuries ago to modern travellers seeking out gorgeous beaches, pristine coral reefs and exotic cultures.

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    Tanzania Destination Guide
    Tanzania Yacht Charter Guide

    Tanzania is home to some heavy-hitting attractions: the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Great Migration. But there’s more to this East African country than its epic wildlife and mind-blowing landmarks. For one, powdery white sand, sleepy coastal villages and day-dreamy islands make its bewitching Indian Ocean coastline perfect for blissful, off-the-beaten-track superyacht vacations.

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    East Africa Destination Guide
    East Africa Yacht Charter Guide

    Magical East Africa is a feast for all the senses. In this captivating corner of the planet, magnificent landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and enchanting cultures collide to create a travel experience unlike any other. Come here to track the big five and conquer imposing peaks before indulging in dashing coastal delights as part of a luxury yacht charter.

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