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Guide to Egypt & Red Sea

A heavenly haze of sun-kissed desert

Encompassed by a plethora of barren desert land, towering mountain landscapes and alluring crystalline waters, the Red Sea is a breathtaking fusion of striking natural beauty and inspiring ancient history. With fantastic opportunities for diving, beach hopping and sightseeing, the Red Sea offers a collage of colour and contrasts waiting to be explored.

With year round warm waters and constant coastal winds, the Red Sea is an idyllic sailing vacation with a backdrop of stunning volcanic islands, endless blue skies and turquoise waters teeming with abundant marine life, this location offers the perfect getaway for any yacht charter. Renowned as one of nature’s last frontiers, the Red Sea is a favoured destination for avid diving enthusiasts with remote diving spots and secluded bays abound with an endemic population of fish and miles upon miles of reef-lined coastline as far as the eye can see.

The Red Sea conceals a whole host of treasures from the natural wonders of the great pyramids to the sun drenched sands of the bronzed desert plains. Nestled to the northwest of the Red Sea, lies the inviting allure of Egypt. Bordered by crystal waters and steeped with natural marvels Egypt is brimmed with a plethora of spectacular delights. The stunning resort of Sharm-El-Sheikh offers some of the world’s most exotic diving opportunities whilst the bustling town of Hurghada is rapidly becoming a favoured yachting destination. From Egypt, cruise southwards along the dramatic coastlines around the Sinai Peninsula down towards the border with Sudan.

Discover the seaside town of Bur Safaga, whose commercial port lies close to excellent dive spots. Unspoiled by tourism, Safaga offers a low-key alternative to its Hurghada neighbour. Framed with towering mountains and encompassed by arcs of sandy beaches, Port Safaga provides the perfect anchorage for shore excursions to Luxor or the Valley of the Kings.

Cruising across the Red Sea to Juddah, explore one the largest cultural melting pots in the world. Laced with a plethora of shops, souks, restaurants and a kaleidoscope of inhabitants this laid back land has been considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan in the world. Brimmed with nostalgic architecture and crumbling buildings, the old town is unmissable for anyone looking to meander along the footprints of a bygone era.

Saturated in sun and boasting a myriad of opportunities for diving, snorkelling or simply soaking up the sun, the Red Sea offers a wealth of opportunities for adrenaline fuelled activities, admiring historical landmarks and roaming along beautiful seaside promenades against a backdrop of natural wonder.

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Reasons to Visit

World Renowned Diving
Souk Shopping
Colonial History
Abundant Marine Life
Cosmopolitan Cities
Unique Cultures

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