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REV OCEAN - future World's Largest Charter Yacht now gets even bigger and new delivery date announced

By Anna Ingles   11 November 2023

In a riveting development for the world of luxury yacht charters, the ambitious REV Ocean project is back on course for its 2026 launch. After overcoming technical hurdles, the future world's largest charter yacht is set to redefine maritime exploration with its unique blend of opulence and scientific endeavor.

The shipbuilder VARD has reached an agreement to proceed with the construction of the REV Ocean vessel, with enhancements to extend its length by 12 meters, making her around 195m (640ft) LOA, and to refine various design aspects. These modifications will enhance the vessel's scientific capabilities, as well as provide additional space for guests and researchers alike. VARD is on schedule to deliver the vessel in February 2025, allowing for its operational debut in the last quarter of 2026.

Side profile rendering of REV Ocean with 12m extension

REV Ocean is not just any luxury yacht for charter; it's a vessel with a mission. Coined as a "charter with a purpose," it will be available for private yacht charters that accompany teams of researchers. This innovative charter arrangement enables individuals to participate in groundbreaking oceanic research while enjoying the voyage of a lifetime.

REV will be a platform for gathering knowledge. I would like to welcome researchers, environmental groups, and other institutions on board, to acquire new skills to evolve innovative solutions to address challenges and opportunities connected to the seas

Kjell Inge Røkke, Owner

Rendering of REV Ocean in Antarctica

Guests aboard the explorer yacht REV Ocean will have the opportunity to engage in various activities, such as uncovering shipwrecks, observing marine wildlife in Antarctica, diving to explore coral reefs, and contributing to vital oceanographic research. The yacht's state-of-the-art facilities, including its Triton submersible and advanced scientific laboratories, will allow travelers to immerse themselves in the critical work supporting the UN Decade of Ocean Science.

Rendering Aft view of REV Ocean

Aboard this luxury yacht for charter, one can expect yacht-standard amenities, including exquisite food and cosmetics sourced from natural ingredients. The vessel is not only a haven for adventure but also a platform for education, with opportunities to learn diving, piloting submersibles, and engaging in local community science programs.

First look onboard

People looking through observation lounge future forward window
Huge main swimming pool on main deck inder contruction
 YCF Editor standing in front of REV Ocean

YachtCharterFleet had the honor of an exclusive tour of REV Ocean in 2019. They provided us a glimpse into the vessel's impressive scientific equipment and research facilities, along with insights into the vision of the owner, Kjell Inke Rokke. In line with its environmental ethos, REV Ocean boasts fuel efficiency, an energy recovery rudder system, and an exhaust cleaning system.

Large private swimming pool on the foredeck

Anticipation is high for the launch of this pioneering vessel, which promises to be a game-changer in both the luxury charter market and the field of marine science. The REV Ocean experience is poised to offer travelers an unparalleled adventure, seamlessly blending the essence of luxury with the spirit of conservation and discovery.

If you're interested in a once in a life time REV OCEAN research yacht charter contact your chosen yacht charter broker today to register your interest.


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