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Norway Aims to Attract More Superyachts This Summer

By Rebecca Bradbury   29 March 2017

As the summer cruising season fast-approaches, Norway has been highlighted as an alternative to the more traditional charter destinations of the Mediterranean.

Last week, a new collaboration was announced between Norway-based port agent Bergen Shipping and Exclusive Scandinavia, creators of private and customized tours and cruises in the region.

Joining forces, the companies now offer a bespoke service for superyacht owners and charter clients wishing to explore the Norwegian coast. From tailoring itineraries to clearing customs and arranging berths, the partnership aims to make visiting the region by luxury yacht even more accessible.

The new service certainly shines the spotlight on Norway as a charter destination and adds to the country’s ongoing development of superyacht tourism. One initiative leading the way was established in 2014 and goes by the name of Superyacht Norway.

Made up of shareholders that represent popular tourist destinations in the fjord region and companies with links to the industry, the organisation invests in intensive marketing and significant infrastructure construction projects specifically geared towards facilitating superyachts.

red houses perch on the water's edge in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
peaceful Norwegian Fjord of Vetlefjord
Beautiful aerial view of Lofoten in the Norwegian Fjords
Hiker stands on the edge of Hiker on Trolltunga Rock looking out across the Norwegian Fjords

There is no denying that Norway has a lot to offer charterers and can serve as an alternative to the summer hotspots of the Mediterranean, such as the, French Riviera and Greece. Yet, there are many features unique to this Scandinavian gem that the more popular destinations can’t offer and vice versa.

Less frequented by superyachts, the waters of Norway’s fjords offer a more secluded yacht charter experience, perfect for those discerning travellers looking to get off the beaten track and venture beyond the typical hangouts frequented by jetsetters throughout the summer months.

One of the main attractions is the spectacular natural beauty. The Norwegian Fjords, located in the North Sea along the country’s west coast, features deep and dramatic inlets lying in gorges between majestic mountains, as well as glaciers, cascading waterfalls and picturesque archipelagos. 

Such cruising territory brings with it a whole host of adventurous activities, far removed from the beach days of the Mediterranean. Choose from hiking, biking, fishing, dog sledging and kayaking, and there is a rich culture and food scene to experience in the charming fjord-side villages too.

Norway’s fjords offer a more secluded cruising experience, perfect for those discerning travellers looking to get off the beaten track

the narrow yet beautiful Naeroyfjord, Norway, in the spring
tiny sea village of Reine in Lofoten, Norway

The fjords of Western Norway are, in fact, included on UNESCO’s prestigious World Heritage List and, thanks to the warming Gulf Stream and air currents caused by the Coriolis Effect, the area enjoys a mild climate and remain virtually ice-free.

Nature lovers will also love discovering the cruising grounds, home to seals, walruses, porpoises and various fish species, while eagles and other spectacular birds soar overhead.

Other benefits of visiting Norway by luxury charter yacht include more attractive pricing when compared to the established ports of the Mediterranean and Caribbean and, as Norway is not a member of the EU, superyachts are privy to lower fuel prices.

Among the charter yachts available there this summer are the 80m/262ft expedition yacht TALITHA which, launched in 1929, fuses authentic charm with modern amenities, and the recently converted 77m/254ft expedition yacht LEGEND with exceptional go-anywhere capabilities.

colourful houses along the water's edge in Trondheim Norway
expedition yacht TALITHA opens for charter in Norway
expedition yacht LEGEND opens for luxury yacht charters in Norway

For more details on a luxury yacht charter to Norway, speak to your preferred charter broker.


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