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8 Reasons Superyacht SUERTE is One of the Most Exciting Debuts at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show

By Charlotte Ashley   13 August 2015

Following a first look at running shots of motor yacht SUERTE as she impressed on sea trials, YachtCharterFleet examine why she is one of the most exciting debuts gracing Monaco’s waters this September.

In 2014 news came from the self-described ‘boutique shipyard’ Tankoa Yachts that construction had resumed on a ‘Project S693’ under new ownership, a hull that had its origins at Baglietto. A year later images of the shipyard’s first superyacht and word of its unique amenities would capture the industry’s imagination and she would become one of the most highly-anticipated deliveries to come out of Italy.

The eight most important reasons why 69-metre (227 feet) motor yacht SUERTE is a must-see at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show are explored below.

team behind superyacht suerte gather at launch at tankoa yachts in july

8. The Tankoa Touch

Praise doesn’t come much higher than Francesco Paszkowski (pictured front right above), and during the building process the designer highlighted how “with each person on their team, there is a profound wish to produce high quality work with personal attention to every single detail” he rarely comes across in the industry.

Choosing a shipyard that seeks delivers “no more than six yachts a year” as not to compromise on quality clearly has it perks. As does going “boutique” for the owner, allowing them to personalise SUERTE down to the small detail to receive a yacht that delivers everything they want in a luxury yacht.

At her 1 July launch, her naval architect Professor Ruggiero watched from the dock and said, “ I launched more than 400 boats in my life. I don’t remember when I saw such a perfect result from the first time in the water.” GM of Tankoa, Edoardo Ratto proudly added, “Achieving such perfect balance at first launch happens once every 40 new launches. I am truly and sincerely emotional about our first yacht.”

7. A Timeless yet Modern Design

Francesco Paszkowski was given clear instruction when planning the exterior of SUERTE, make her “timeless” - and a design “that would still look very good ten years down the road” was born.

Step indoors and a “modern, but warm and inviting” interior created by Margherita Casprini awaits, using solely noble and natural materials to create a homely feel. Amongst her Japanese-inspired interior of slate floors and greenery, features such as aviation-inspired main salon bar (shaped like an aeroplane wing) and a floor-to-ceiling wine display incorporated into the bulkhead set her apart from the rest.

Natural light beautifully flows into her main salon, with a 900-litre aquarium, a 16-person cinema and dining facilities for up to 16 located forward taking care of entertainment. Guest cabins carefully use washed teak, black marble, Chinese-style lacquered ceilings and large windows to get the balance of comfort and style just right.

6. Passing the ‘Eco-Friendly’ Test

Notably built to integrate ‘eco-friendly’ technology into her engineering, both of her engine exhaust stacks have carbon filters to limit emissions to qualify her for RINA’s Green Plus certification.

superyacht suerte cruises with minimal vibrations and noise

5. Minimal Noise and Sound in All Conditions

In the design process of M/Y SUERTE special emphasis was placed on the reduction of noise and vibration in comparison to similar superyachts. With a gross tonnage of approximately 1,250 GT, she is equipped with latest innovative sound and vibration-insulation technology to fulfil this brief.

Her generators in her engine room have pressurised exhaust mufflers, which work to mix exhaust gas with water to reduce noise both when she is at anchor or in port. Additionally, her fore superstructure is built from high-tensile steel rather than aluminium to reduce vibration while underway.

luxury yacht suerte's master suerte

4. The Quintessential ‘Owner’s Deck’

Divided into two sections to supply twice the luxury, the master suite is complete with a library and study area for those moments of tranquility at sea. Not content with simply having an entertainment system in the suite, a separate television room with an Opium bed and a skylight which doubles as the swimming pool's floor above.

back view of superyacht suerte and tender garage

3. A Sizeable Tender Garage

The original plans for SUERTE’s tender garage were significantly adapted so the superyacht’s tender garage could be home to a large quantity of jet-skis for the owner’s son.

It will offer a large space for storage and working on the competition jet-skis, as well as what it likely to be an extensive collection of the latest water toys.

beach area on superyacht suerte

2. A Sauna with a View

To some a sauna is relaxing enough, but the owner of SUERTE wanted to take the experience to the next level at her Beach Club. Sea views, and perspectives of the world’s most glamourous charter destinations can be enjoyed from her glass wall whilst unwinding in her sauna after a session at her upper deck gym, or after a chilled out day at sea.

Also found in her Beach Club (seen above) - crafted in stainless steel to protect from corrosion - is a lavish Hammam and showers with a chilled water system perfected to hit the 3º mark.

aerial view of luxury yacht suerte's sundeck swimming pool

1. A Glass-Bottomed Swimming Pool complete with Waterfall

Looking out over SUERTE’s spacious sundeck and all eyes are directed to her swimming pool. On further inspection, the deck's focal point becomes even more impressive, with Bisazza mosaic tiling, a glass-panelled floor, bar and a waterfall flowing from the superstructure overhang ensuring her swimming pool will be one of the most luxurious for years to come.

According to Tankoa build captain Renzo Chelazzi, her pool was especially designed so "when the pool is full of water, light will play in this area” - just inviting you to take a dip.


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