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Guide to Ios

Explore further than the party reputation and you’ll find island serenity.

A lively bar scene and some gorgeous sandy beaches have given the island of Ios a party reputation but there’s much more to this Greek island than meets the eye. Make the effort to explore its rural landscape and beautiful villages and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Along with Mykonos and Santorini, Ios is one of the popular islands to visit in the Cyclades archipelago. Of course, if what you’re looking for is a little evening revelry and some well-deserved hedonism then make an appearance between June and August with the rest of the party-goers. Visit outside of these months and you’ll experience a different kind of atmosphere.

Like many Greek islands, Ios’ main town or Chora is full of life with winding cobbled streets, wishy-washy pastel hued buildings and a smattering of bars and tavernas. This is where the nightlife scene prevails but also where you can find fantastic traditional cuisine and famously good Greek coffee shops. Head downhill from the Chora and you’ll be able to explore the ruins of Skarkos - an archaeological site that is still under excavation and thought to be one of the most important prehistoric areas in Greece.

For the best views on the island make your way from the Chora, past the iconic windmills and to the amphitheatre. The Odysseas Elytis houses 1,000 visitors who can enjoy cultural performances and concerts throughout the summer but its the views that look out over Mylopotas Bay that are truly memorable. Other sights on the island include a multitude of churches and chapels, 365 to be exact - one for every day of the year.

Ios is also home to some beautiful sandy beaches with the above mentioned Mytopolos Bay being the most popular. The sands here are soft and golden and some small restaurants and bars are offered nearby. For the discerning traveller, the beaches of Kalamos and Magganari are occupy isolated coves and are perfect for some quiet contemplation away from the summer crowds.

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Reasons to Visit

Views from the Odysseas Elytis ampitheatre
Pretty main Chora
Lively summer nightlife
Abundance of beautiful churches and chapels
Secluded coves and beaches

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