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Guide to Delos

Let your imagination open to this sacred Greek island of light.

Encircled by the Cyclades and just a few miles away from Mykonos in the blue of Aegean, the rural island of Delos couldn’t be more different from it’s cosmopolitan sibling. As the mythical birthplace of Apollo God of Light and Artemis Goddess of Hunting, this dedicated UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important historical and cultural centres of the East Mediterranean.

With no hotels, overnight stays on the island are forbidden to tourists so the opportunity to visit by the luxury of a charter yacht is the best way to enjoy this rustic Greek island. While Delos lacks the modern facilities and luxuries of many other Greek islands such as Mykonos, its abundant history and ruins let you cast your mind to a land of central Greek importance.

Sites such as the beautiful marble Avenue of Lions, House of Dionysus, the Sacred Lake and Cleopatra’s House stand today as impressive relics of past civilisations and ensure a visit here will leave you wiser to the story of Greece. Extensive excavations continue on the island today with many fascinating finds now homed within the Archaeological Museum of Delos. Strict visiting times have ensured that the island, it’s landscape and invaluable ruins remain fiercely protected with development almost non-existent.

Delos (Dhlos) is dominated by the magnificent Mount Kynthos which occupies around a third of the island. At just 5km long and 1300m wide, it has no permanent population yet is home to an impressive scattering of museum’s, archaeological sites and remnants of world’s gone by. A hike into the mountain trails is well-worth doing for the views over the harbour, across the island and beyond, before heading back your superyacht to relax in comfort.

The best way to experience Delos is by the freedom of a charter yacht and if you’re looking to enjoy the significant history of Greece amongst the hedonism of the Cyclades, this is an unmissable stop.

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Reasons to Visit

Beautiful undeveloped landscape
Captivating views from Mt. Kynthos
Fascinating Archaeological Museum of Delos
Sacred historical sites
Entire UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Our PickTop Things to See & Do

Delos (Dhílos)
Landmark, Museum & Attraction
Delos (Dhílos)

One of the most important historical sites in Greece

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