Guide to Harbour Island

Stunning Beaches And Tranquility

Famous across the globe for its special beaches, Harbour Island continues to draw tourists from across the globe to enjoy the incredible sights and experiences on the island.

Named as a location with one of the best beaches in the world the location of Harbour Island is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the Bahamas. The stunning pink sandy beaches are the envy of beach locations around the world as tourists flock in to see the pink sand for themselves.

The comforting atmosphere of this island is warm and welcoming. Walking along the soft pink sand you can see many luxurious restaurants which offer local delicacies including the favorite conch salad.

Moving inland you can visit the one town on the island, Dunmore Town. The English colonial architecture is just as it was when the settlers arrived and gives you a unique sight into times gone by. Taking a stroll around the streets you can enjoy the Bahamian atmosphere at its best and maybe even mingle with some of the A list celebrities who frequently visit the island.

Into the warm water around the coast you can enjoy some incredible sights in the crystal clear waters. Hundreds of underwater species roam these waters and you may even try your hand at some fishing, for a fresh feast for supper. Anglers and sunbathers alike will remember Harbour Island forever, so incorporate the island in to an idyllic itinerary by viewing all the luxury superyachts for Bahamas yacht charters.

Reasons to Visit

Iconic Pink Sands
Dunmore Town

Good For

  • Snorkeling
  • Marine Life
  • Nature

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Pink Sand Beach
Beach & Attraction
Pink Sand Beach

The Bahamas' pink paradise

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