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Guide to Gam Island

Small island replete with lush vegetation and vibrant wildlife

Separated from Waigeo Island by The Passage, Gam Island is famous for its stunning seascapes and incredible biodiversity. Typical of the rest of the Raja Ampat, it is home to hundreds of different marine and avian species, though it is a particularly popular destination for viewing the rare red birds-of-paradise.

A birdwatcher’s dream day out 

Thanks to Gam’s lush jungles, the island is a hotspot for rare birds, especially the iconic red birds-of-paradise which, being an Indonesian endemic, you won’t see anywhere else in the world. These birds typically play from 7am until 8am, so you will need to be up early to hike and see it– though watching their iconic courtship dance as the daybreaks over the forest canopy is no bad way to start the day!

The best-known locations for sighting these birds are Sawinggrai Village and Yenbeser Village, where you will also be able to experience authentic island life by interacting with the very friendly locals. Offering homestays to tourists, the village populations are happy to show you around and prepare traditional dishes. 

Excellent dive sites 

What sets this island apart from the other islands in the Raja Ampat is that it holds the most heat-adaptive corals in the archipelago. To see these for yourself, be sure to charter a luxury yacht with snorkeling and diving gear and head down to Beser Bay. 

Typical of the tropical climate, Gam’s waters are crystal clear and bright blue, so you will easily see both the coral and the myriad other marine species that live beneath the water: expect to see swarms of stingless jellyfish, manta rays, eagle rays, or even the renowned walking sharks and dungongs if you’re lucky. 

After a morning of swimming with the fish, dry off by climbing into a kayak for some more exploring. Paddling through hidden lagoons and coves, you will see Gam’s unusual blue water mangroves and orchid-covered karst islets. Gam Island promises 360-degree views accessible by a variety of different activities– ensuring there is something for everyone’s tastes in your charter party. 

If you want to see Gam’s beautiful wildlife for yourself while chartering in the Raja Ampat archipelago, then speak to your chosen charter broker for more information.

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Reasons to Visit

Birdwatching sites
Excellent for diving
Kayak and paddle boarding opportunities
Stunning panoramic views

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