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Guide to Waigeo Island

Edenic haven in the heart of the Raja Ampat

Also known as ‘Amberi’ or ‘Waigiu’, Waigeo Island is the largest of Raja Ampat’s 4 main islands. Owing to its size, it offers you and your luxury charter party a plethora of beautiful dive sites, hiking trails, and much more. Like other South East Asian countries such as Thailand, it has white beaches and lush green landscapes. What makes Waigeo stand out, however, is that much of the island is uninhabited and many parts are still unexplored; it remains as one of the world’s last remaining hidden gems where you can escape to for a quiet, excluded trip while chartering in Indonesia.

Wildlife Galore 

Typical of the Raja Ampat, Waigeo’s virgin rainforests, nutrient-rich waters, and mangrove systems are home to a myriad of marine and avian species– many of which you won’t see anywhere else in the world. 

Choosing a yacht charter with snorkeling and diving equipment is an absolute must if you are thinking of visiting this island as it is the best way to experience Waigeo’s incredible marine biodiversity. The most popular diving spots that we recommend visiting are Waiwo Beach whose waters are roughly 100-ft deep where you will see white and black tip reef sharks; perhaps the best place to visit is Mayalibit Bay, which is a Marine Protected Area spanning an incredible 49 451 hectares surrounded by fjord-like mountains. Dive into its warm, blue water to see the sea dragons, pygmy seahorses, or– if you’re lucky– a species of white dolphin that is still unidentified. 

For bird-watching enthusiasts, this island is perfect as several homestays offer birding tours where you will have the opportunity to see the renowned red birds of paradise. Other animals which can be spotted in the verdant jungles include opossums, snakes, and frilled and giant monitor lizards. 

Breath-taking hiking opportunities

Be sure to pack hiking boots as Waigeo Island is characterized by its rocky karst islets, scenic bays, and towering cliffs that promise a variety of exciting hiking trails. 

In addition to its inviting blue waters and pristine beaches, visitors can also marvel at at least 2 waterfalls that pour down from the island’s interesting rock formations.

It is also worth traveling inland to visit Waigeo’s charming villages where the friendly locals offer a unique experience of island life. Indeed, given Raja Ampat’s commitment to ecotourism, these villages have several homestay opportunities, so the locals are more than happy to teach you traditional crafts, and prepare island cuisine. 

If you want to stop off at Waigeo Island while chartering in Raja Ampat, then do speak to your preferred charter broker for more information.

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Reasons to Visit

Wide array of diving sites
Pristine beaches
Tropical climate
Incredible biodiversity
Great hiking opportunities

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