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Guide to Misool Island

Tropical paradise with incredible marine biodiversity

Divided into 3 administrative regions, Misool is one of the 4 major islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago. Situated in the Coral Triangle, its coral reefs and coastal waters are some of the most biodiverse on Earth, offering you and your charter party an Edenic getaway. As is typical of other South East Asian countries like Thailand, Misool boasts of white beaches and turquoise waters fringed with coocnut trees that are perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring the island’s natural wonders.

Like the rest of the Raja Ampat, Misool is characterized by its vibrant coral reef, but this island is home to a vast array of soft corals in particular– including the beautiful fan-like giant gorgonian corals. These vibrant coral reefs house a myriad of other marine life including some rare fish that are native to the island like the Misool rainbowfish. With so much to see underwater, Misool is truly a diver’s paradise so underwater exploration is an absolute must while chartering in the area.

Another feature that makes Misool Island unique is that it has 3 saltwater lakes where the absence of predators has made it a haven for stingless jellyfish, so be sure to stop off there for a swim.

Above the water’s surface, Misool is heavily forested with a plethora of mangrove swamps so it is perfect for hiking to spot the different tropical birds and other wildlike who live there. For the real nature enthusiasts in your charter party, we recommend visiting the Pulau Misool Nature Reserve on the southern part of the island. 

Although Raja Ampat only opened to tourism in the last decade, this island has a rich history: in many of the caves across the island, etched on the walls are 5000-year-old petroglyphs that will transport you back to ancient times. 

If you want to visit Misool Island while chartering in Indonesia, then get in touch with your chosen charter broker to find out more. 

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Reasons to Visit

Pristine beaches
Diving haven
Hiking opportunities
Tropical climate

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Misool Marine Reserve

Giant marine reserve with unparalleled biodiversity

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