Charter smarter: 6 reasons to book your Mediterranean yacht charter now

By Nina Done   Last Updated: 12 July 2021

Whilst the winter calls to mind endless images of the Caribbean, there are some very good reasons to book your 2021 Mediterranean yacht charter as early as possible.

It’s no secret that the Mediterranean is the place to be in summer. From the buzzing towns of the South of France to the sun-soaked islands of Greece, it’s where the SuperyachtSet comes out to play.

The region is home to the most anticipated events of the year and invariably pulls in an A-list crowd. Behind all the glamour, though, is a great deal of planning. From booking the perfect superyacht to agreeing on charter rates and drawing up the perfect itinerary, a lot of work goes into creating an unforgettable vacation.   

Besides providing you with more time to identify the perfect destination for your next escape on the water, booking your luxury charter yacht well in advance will award you with the following advantages.

1. A richer selection of superyachts

a busy marina in Nice with many superyachts arriving for their luxury yacht charter adventure through the Mediterranean
a sporty superyacht cruising the crystalline waters of the mediterranean while on their luxury yacht charter
a woman enjoying the rrefreshing waters of the Mediterranean while on her luxury yacht charter adventure through the Mediterranean
superyacht Maltese falcon cruising the deep and refreshing waters of the Mediterranean

Exciting superyachts for charter are in high demand. Seriously high demand. With this in mind, it pays to book your vacation well ahead of summer.   

Put simply, delaying your booking means that you risk missing out on that superyacht you’ve set your heart on.

Alternatively, if you’re still on the lookout for a yacht, having plenty to compare will allow you to find the one that perfectly meets the needs of you and your party. 

Whether you’re interested in experiencing the newest motor yacht available for charter, or prefer life on board a sailing yacht, booking in advance will mean that you’ve got a far greater choice at your disposal. 

2. More time to create a perfect itinerary

a fleet of lucury superyachts on their summer 2020 charter season in the mediteraean visit a greek beach off of the coast of myukons
the candy colour houses on the hill of the amalfi coast rolling down to the seafront where there are many berthing spots for superyachts that are on their luxury yacht charter vacation through the Mediterranean many superyachts on the coast of a secluded beach of the Mediterranean

Memorable vacations that you’ll speak about for years to come don't just happen by accident. No, they’re the result of time spent speaking with a knowledgeable charter broker who understands your requirements and shapes an itinerary to suit them.

Want to spend some time island-hopping in the Ionian this June? Begin speaking with your broker now and you can start mapping out a unique itinerary that stops off at all of the best islands in Greece

Would you rather be brushing shoulders with the A-List? Giving your charter broker time to arrange a Cannes Film Festival yacht charter can make that happen.  Or are you looking to spend time dining, unwinding and dancing at beach clubs? St Tropez ticks all the boxes, and your broker will be able to provide you with first-hand recommendations and reserve tables ahead of your visit. 

Ultimately, by providing your charter broker with more time to plan your vacation, the more finely tailored and exciting it’s going to be.   

3. Less competition for berths

a busy port in the amalfi coast with many superyachts berthing to enjoy the Mediterranean while on their luxury yacht charter

While you won't need to spend every night in port, it can be nice to spend an evening or two on shore, and head back to your yacht in the marina afterwards. The marinas in the Mediterranean get seriously busy in the summer, and competition for berths is fierce during peak season.

Islands like Capri and Ibiza are notoriously busy, with a very limited number of berths available, particularly for larger yachts. Book well in advance if you're certain you'd like to spend a night in the harbour here, and the same goes for hotspots like St Tropez and Portofino.

If you're looking to attend events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, it's advisable to book up to a year in advance, particularly if you're wanting a coveted trackside berth. 

4. Secure the perfect dates

A group of friends enjoying mimosas while on their luxury yacht charter vacation through the Mediterranean
a family on their superyachts tender jumping into the Mediterranean sea
a group of young couples enjoying their ride on to the shores of the amalfi coast while on their luxury yacht charter through the Mediterranean

It's hard planning a yacht charter with a large group of friends and family, as you'll have to factor in when everyone's available and unavailable. Plus, there's usually only a limited number of weeks where you can charter a yacht in the destination that you want, particularly in the high season. 

Luckily, co-ordinating your vacation plans are much easier if you get a jump on it and start early. Booking early means your options are wide open and ready for the taking, with the ideal dates for all the group.

No more syncing your calendars- just ask your broker to do the booking and sit back and look forward to what's coming next.

5. A better chance of getting better rates

A couple enjoy their morning coffee as they overlook the Mediterranean from the comfort of charter yacht sunrays
Charter smarter: 6 reasons to book your Mediterranean yacht charter now photo 6superyacht aquarius on her charter season through the Mediterranean with all of her water toys and, swim platform, and beach club on display

Many superyacht owners offer reduced charter rates for guests who book well in advance. Whilst offers on certain yachts will vary year on year, you stand a good chance of enjoying better weekly rates if you make arrangements in winter.

Our special offers section will help you to keep up to date with all of the best opportunities available this summer. 

6. Save on airfare

a man using the on board water toys of the luxury yacht he is chartering through the Mediterranean

Organizing your yacht charter early means you can also book your airline tickets in advance, and benefit from savings typically associated with advanced booking. 

To check availability and begin booking your 2022 yacht charter in the Mediterranean, get in touch with your preferred yacht charter broker today.

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