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A Closer Look At Indonesia’s Charter Grounds

By Editorial Team   Last Updated: 2 June 2023

In many ways, the jewel of South East Asia, Indonesia opens up an inexhaustible list of possibilities for the modern superyacht guest. Offering a plethora of richly varied islands and beautiful clear waters, there are few destinations as readily primed for luxury yacht vacations.  We take a closer look at what makes Indonesia the perfect yacht charter destination.

Characterized by its ongoing commitment to preserving its many natural charms, Indonesia, and its secluded islands, in particular, provide a veritable yacht charter gateway to total relaxation. The climate remains inviting for months on end, the dive spots are world-renowned, and a handful of the beaches are lined with pink sand.

What’s more, thanks to their longstanding marine history, the various regions which compose Indonesia are populated by vessels that have been shaped to help discover the many attractive destinations which are reachable only by water. Modern twists on the traditional phinisi, for example, allow charterers to explore the water with all the convenience and style of a modern motor yacht.

We take a look at a few of the many islands which lend themselves perfectly for an Indonesian luxury yacht charter itinerary.

Komodo Islands

A Komodo Dragon rests on Komodo Island
A yacht berthed in Komodo Island
A pier leading into the water at Komodo Island
Yachts at anchor in Komodo Island

Part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Komodo has developed an enviable reputation among adventurous charterers as well as those just looking to relax against a tranquil backdrop.

Situated between Sumbawa and Flores, the island is home to the ‘dragons’ from which it takes its name. Protected by Indonesian law, and housed by the many national parks, the creatures can be easily observed and photographed by charterers.

For those less inclined to greet the marine life, the rolling landscapes of the island are fringed by some of the rare pink sands which are perfect for spending the day on. An illusion created by the build-up of red coral, there are only several such beaches the world over.

Presenting a number of unique opportunities, Indonesia is an unquestionably premier luxury charter destination

2. The Raja Ampat Islands

Known locally as ‘the last paradise on earth’, the Raja Ampat Islands are comprised of many unspoilt beaches which are shared only with beautiful birds.

Making things all the more exciting, the history of the islands is plainly visible, with ancient tribal communities still carrying out their traditions in the expertly protected environment. Dense with marine life, it has been estimated that Raja Ampat is home to more species than any other destination in the world.

Unsurprisingly, the islands are punctuated by iconic dive sites which lend themselves just as nicely to the more casual snorkelers in a given party. Nothing short of beautiful, the Raja Ampat archipelago is sure to amaze even the most experienced of charterers.

3. Flores

Like other leading destinations in Indonesia, Flores abounds with undisturbed beauty and offers visitors the chance to traverse largely unchartered territory.

From active volcanoes to fields full of bright flowers, it’s difficult to imagine the islands being better suited for a luxury charter.

A vibrant contrast to the beaches and local fishing communities, the bustling harbour town of Labuanbajo provides a good taste of the local life.

Due to its proximity to the Komodo National Park, Flores can be nicely added to longer itineraries taking place in the region.

Ticking all of the boxes and then some, Indonesia no doubt ranks among the most refined of charter destinations

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