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5 of the Best Secluded Beaches in the Balearic Islands

By Charlotte Ashley   Last Updated: 30 March 2023

The most renowned island of the Balearic Islands may be Ibiza due its famous party atmosphere, but the archipelago has considerably more to offer than its bustling nightlife. Each of its four principal islands have a unique personality awaiting discovery via your superyacht.

Where best to start than getting to know their beaches? The best undiscovered coves, rustic coastlines, powdery white-sand shores meeting aquamarine waters far from the madding crowd of party-goers have been carefully compiled by our team of experts below.

1. Cala Llentrisca, Ibiza

Cala Llentrisca is possibly the most isolated and hardest to reach beaches on Ibiza, thus one of the ideal beaches for absorbing the Mediterranean sunshine on your luxury yacht charter. Decorated with delectable traditional fisherman’s houses this beach is nestled beneath rocky cliffs with unique emerald-green waters coloured from untended reefs and a naturally pebbled beach. Well-protected from the elements this spot offers tranquillity hard to find anywhere else in the Balearics - it is an ideal anchorage if you are in need of clearing the head after glamorously partying in Ibiza Town.

The old timber jetty that protrudes out into the crescent-shaped bay is idyllically picture-perfect and encompasses the bays serenity. With fisherman boats bobbing far out at sea this secluded spot that is all-but-deserted makes you feel as though you’re on your own private beach. The shallow water is especially good for swimming and snorkelling.

Cala Llentrisca is an extraordinary beach which is flawlessly unspoilt and breathtaking that the peace is hard to resist and completely recline under. With a perfect bay-width ideal for just one superyacht, be sure to get their early to claim your spot ensuring this majestic discovery is utterly yours.

2. Coll Baix, Mallorca

Coll Baix, Mallorca

Coll Baix is a rarity and a gift for those on a superyacht charter vacation. Nestled along the north coast of Mallorca this incredibly special beach is difficult to reach from land with sheer cliffs and undulating scraggy paths. However, on your yacht charter take advantage of the quickening deep waters and drop anchor near the coast. Simply glide into the bay, get settled, and absorb completely the unspoiled beach and surrounding towering mountain slopes and milky turquoise waters.

For those interested in exploring a little, the coastline around the bay offers a path of pine trees that leads up to top for a spectacular aerial view of your yacht bobbing idyllically. This wild and untainted beach has been protected as a Natural Area of Special Interest and so with 250 meters of empty golden-brown sand, this beach is a must visit on your charter around the Balearics. With all the amenities you need on board kick-back, relax, take a swim and spend countless hours savouring the peace, quiet and solitude of this unique discovery.

3. Cala Llentia, Ibiza

Cala Llentia, Ibiza

At the pinnacle of this long thin bay you’ll come across one of the least known beaches on the west coast. With no facilities and no signposts this small bay overhung with craggy cliffs is the place to escape high season bustling beaches over the island. This unspoiled cove is set in a beautiful natural environment with only a fisherman’s small boathouse to suggest there is any mark of habitation. Cala Llentia is all you could ask for and more when it comes to choosing a private beach to visit on your yacht charter.

With a shoreline that offers children endless hours of uninterrupted exploration - such as a small cassette hidden in the rocks on the left side, warm crystal-clear waters for swimming and snorkelling, and cliff tops dotted with huge stone artistic columns, there is entertainment for all your guests.

This little corner of the west coast is already particularly special due to the breath-taking sunsets that grace its coastline. Imagine spending an afternoon anchored in this isolated bay before reclining on-board sipping a glass of champagne as you watch from your encased outlook, in utter privacy, the dazzling sight that is the sun on its downward course before it melts into the sea.

4. Cala Murta, Mallorca

Cala Murta beach in Mallorca in the Balearics

This is no ordinary spot, but an idyllic place perfect for an excursion where you just want to get away. Surrounded with typical lush Mediterranean forest and spectacular cliffs this unspoilt natural cove boasts indisputable beauty, and with underwater conditions excellent for anchoring, is the ideal place to spend some secluded time on your chartered yacht. Situated on the striking island of Mallorca, Cala Murta beach offers breath-taking scenery of the Med with views stretching out as far as Menorca, making relaxing in your Jacuzzi or lounging on your sumptuous seating exceedingly rewarding.

This secluded beach is isolated from the crowds of the high summer season leaving the crystalline waters and pebbly shores your own private playground. Being sheltered from the north wind you’ll be sure to have a relaxing and unspoilt anchorage no matter the time of day. Whether you wish to stay and absorb the fascinating scenery from your yacht, or whether you decide to take a swim or tender to shore for exploration, this enigmatic beach allows you complete freedom to unwind with friends and family.

5. Espalmador, Formentera

At the most northern tip of Formentera you will discover the uninhabited private island of Espalmador. Separated from Formentera by a small stretch of shallow water with strong currents, this little island is unspoiled with not a single building on it. Whilst this paradise is tricky to get to by land there are ferries that ship tourists to its sulphurous mud baths. However, with 140 hectares there are delectable secluded bays with deserted white sands ideal for dropping anchor and claiming as your own.

For a chance to have this island completely to yourself, avoid the crowds that are ferried over by visiting before 10am, when you’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful breakfast as you watch the sun rise at one of the most striking beaches in the Balearics.

With privates coves, pristine beaches and shallow warm waters Espalmador is the stuff of dreams rivalling many of the Caribbean’s own turquoise gems. One of the most secluded beaches with guaranteed privacy and spectacular scenery is Illa des Porcs, a tiny loan spot of land host to an idyllic black and white striped white house. Drop anchor here and you’ll be sure to lose track of time.

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