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12 unique beaches to visit on your Mediterranean yacht charter

By Laura King   Last Updated: 22 March 2023

From pink sands to unique rock formations, the Mediterranean has no shortage of interesting beaches and impressive coastal spots to visit as part of your next superyacht vacation. Which one will you head to first?

One of the great joys of private yacht charter is finding your own little slice of beach where you can while away an afternoon basking under the sun. Spend some time splashing in the sea, discovering the surroundings or enjoying a beach picnic as the sun sets. 

From the pretty shores of Greece to the sun-soaked Italian island of Sardinia, the Mediterranean has no shortage of beaches where you can make those dreams a reality. Each one boasts its own kind of beauty; but we’re most interested in those with a little something extra to set them apart.

Below, we've rounded up the most unique and impressive beaches for you to visit on your next crewed yacht charter around the Mediterranean. 

1. Sarakiniko, Milos, Greece

One of the most Instagrammed beaches in Greece, Sarakiniko’s beauty is a must-see on the island of Milos. Arriving here is like arriving in another world. Chalky volcanic cliffs sit starkly against the vibrant blue of the shallow waters, lending an almost lunar surface quality to the setting.

unique beach in milos, greece

Sunglasses are a necessity here, as is food and a beach umbrella if you’re planning on spending the day, as it’s blissfully devoid of sunbeds and restaurants. You can drop anchor round the corner from the beach at Polonia and take a tender across; be sure to spend some time exploring the nearby shipwreck or the network of semi-submerged caves carved into the cliff face. 

2. Golden Horn, Croatia

A jewel of a beach found not far from Split, Golden Horn or ‘Zlatni Rat’ is Croatia’s most iconic and spectacularly unusual stretch of pebbles. Protruding like a white shining tendril out of the turquoise waves, this beach’s unique features are what make this bay so striking.

Easily accessible by boat, the winds breezing across the Adriatic Sea constantly change the shape and position of Golden Horn, so it never looks the same way twice. You’ll find the east side of the peninsula is typically a couple of degrees warmer than the west, and the latter is best for watersports. It's easy to drop anchor, dive in and swim straight up to shore.

3. White Beach, Santorini, Greece

Nestled in a secluded cove next door to the more popular Red Beach, White Beach is difficult to reach but most definitely worth the effort. One of Santorini’s most remarkable beaches, its mix of bright white and dark pumice pebbles are framed by alabaster cliffs and offset against grey volcanic sands.

This is a quiet place for tranquil moments where you can take your time to enjoy the crystal clear waters and soak up the untouched beauty, while your yacht nods on the gentle waves just offshore. Snorkelling is particularly good here, and White Beach faces west so you’re in for a stunning sunset.

4. Cala Goloritze, Sardinia, Italy

A tiny and almost entirely unspoilt nook along the Gulf of Orosei, Cala Goloritze is Sardinia’s ultimate hidden beach. Named a UNESCO World Heritage site, this humble cove can be discovered at the base of a stunning ravine, although not without some difficulty.

cala goloritze blue beach sardinia

Towering cliff faces, pure white pebbles, and warm crystal waters await, while a notable lack of people makes this beach a splendid little sanctuary. Due to its protected status, boats cannot come close to the shore; but the clear and calm waters will no doubt entice you to dive in and swim straight up to shore. 

5. Ölüdeniz Lagoon, Turkey

Famous for its silky soft sands and swirling shades of turquoise and azure, this protected national park is one of the most favoured spots in Turkey. Separated from the main beach by a narrow channel, it’s hard to ignore the call of the lagoon’s shallow waters and pine-scented breeze.

No boats are allowed here to disrupt the natural peace of the setting, and you’ll spot an abundance of sea life in these sheltered waters with a snorkel mask. Rent a kayak to further explore the rocky shores, and end the day watching the sun set behind the headlands.

6. Cala Mitjaneta, Menorca, Spain

Considered one of the most exquisite beaches in the Balearics, Cala Mitjaneta is the neighbour of the bigger and more easily accessible Cala Mitjana. An untouched natural environment contained within a tiny natural cove, this beach is the pinnacle of the island’s south coast.

Gain access via your motor yacht to spend some time wrapped up in its beauty. The powdery sands framed by pine trees and limestone cliffs are well preserved and unspoilt thanks to its remote location, creating a perfect escape from its more crowded neighbour.

7. Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Accessible only by boat, Navagio Beach or ‘Shipwreck Beach’ is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Found on the northwestern shores of Zakynthos, this little cove is the ideal mix of pristine pebbly sands and iridescent waters, but with an additional rusty shipwreck taking up more than its fair share of the sands.

Stories about how it got there vary, but rare is the chance to see a shipwreck on dry land. The lofty cliffs above this beach also offer breathtaking views, and a stunning vantage point of the ship's rusted skeleton from above.

8. St Nicholas Island (Sveti Nikola), Montenegro

An island boasting three beautiful rough sand beaches, St Nicholas Island is perched just off Montenegro’s shoreline, close to Budva. Covered with dense evergreen forests which scent the air, the island is teeming with a variety of birds and wildlife.

The three beaches are only accessible by boat and boast invitingly translucent waters. A true taste of the Mediterranean awaits any visitor to St Nicholas Island with its haven of natural life and idyllic shores.

9. Pampelonne Beach, St Tropez, South of France

Pampelonne Beach is the most well-known beach in the South of France and is easily the most glamorous coastal spot in St Tropez. It is a place where you can rub shoulders with famous faces and A-listers at a selection of chic beach clubs. Fan favorites include Verde Club and Club 55, where the good vibes and electric energy set the tone for a day of drinking, dancing and dining. 

The long stretch of open white sand is meticulously clean, and the ocean waters truly cerulean. Such beauty and allure is what captivates visitors of all walks of life at this iconic beach, and it’s most certainly the place to see and be seen.

10. Elafonisi, Crete, Greece

A truly unique and stunningly attractive beach, Elafonisi is separated from Crete’s coast by a shallow band of water. Wade across barefoot and get your first glimpse of what is widely considered the prettiest beach on Earth. A magical place with the softest pink dunes and warm shallow cerulean waters, Elafonisi’s raw natural beauty is unlike anywhere else.

Many factors influence how pink the sands will be, but whatever hue you find, it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable and otherworldly experience.

11. Cala Luna, Sardinia, Italy

A secluded crescent of bleached sand protected by soaring limestone cliffs, Cala Luna is yet another gem in Italy's crown of beaches. Hailed as one of the best snorkelling spots in Sardinia, the water here is absolutely transparent. Drop anchor in the bay and enjoy the sands, which are dotted with natural caves for a welcome spot of shade during the day.

See what you can spot below the crystal waves, and soak up the relaxing atmosphere as the light breeze carries scents of the nearby trees. Not far from here is also Bue Marino Caves, which are perfect for a bit of exploring by boat. 

12. Erimitis, Paxos, Greece

Boasting gorgeous white cliffs that hang over the pebbled cove below, the beach definitely has a spectacular stand-out appearance, whether you come here for the views or for a spot of peaceful tranquillity, you certainly won't be disappointed with this idyllic Paxos bay. 

Erimitis beach paxos

Completely hidden, Erimitis beach is best accessed via yacht, delivering all visitors the most remarkable, crystal clear waters, white sandy pebbled coves and that tranquil summer feeling. Whilst enjoying the exotic surroundings, guests can also make the most of the crystal clear waters and snorkel off the back of their luxury yacht charter or wait until sunset to admire the beautiful, picture-perfect landscapes with a glass of wine in hand. 

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