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Guide to the Aegean Islands

Far removed from the mainland lies Greece’s best kept secret

Boasting some of the most glittering shorelines and picturesque beaches, the northeast Aegean Islands are exciting and undiscovered. Lying closer to the Turkish coastline than the Greek mainland, the islands exude an authentic Grecian heart which is palpable upon arrival. Located just off the main tourist routes, these islands are less crowded than some of their neighbours within the Aegean Sea, making for an idyllic yacht charter getaway.

Encompassing a cluster of islands each as unique as the next, this unbelievable Mediterranean charter destination compromises a number of scenic isles, which are scattered like jewels across the Aegean waters. Brimmed with olive and grape groves that drape the rolling hills of the islands, this stunning archipelago is the ultimate escape. Meander along fortress villages, sample delicious local seafood dishes and explore remote islands as you hop from one island to the next from your own superyacht.

Samos is a lively island which lies to the easternmost side of the Aegean Islands. Reputed as the birthplace of Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, Samos is steeped in a myriad of archaeological sites with old monasteries and churches which exude a tangible history. The stretches of the waterfront are drenched with sun and laced with a plethora of casual cafés, vibrant tavernas and lively bars whilst sun worshippers will enjoy the sunbeds which line the sands. The main town provides a pretty and awe-inspiring view. Curving around the half-moon bay, the buildings are decorated in pastel shades and draped along the stunning green hillside which gives way to more traditional villages which lay inland, escaping the hustle and bustle. Samos offers many sailing opportunities with secluded coves and delightful white sands making for a beautifully scenic coastline. Renowned for its sweet Samian wine, Samos is a sublime charter destination and lies closely to the hotspots of the Dodecanese.

The third largest island of the northeast Aegean Islands, Lesbos is otherworldly in size and opportunities. This lovely island is the ultimate escape with unspoiled stretches of golden sands, quaint fishing villages and striking architecture all draped in a calming ambience. Lesbos offers the perfect blend of fun filled activities with opportunities for winding down and soaking up the sun. Renowned for being the bird watching capital of Europe, Lesbos is flourishing with wildflowers which line the wonderful hiking trails. With traditional settlements scattered all over the islands be sure to make a stop at Plomári, which is famed for having the strongest and best ouzo not to mention superb sardines. Situated around a striking Byzantine castle sits the main town of Mitilini whilst in the north lies the intriguing and picturesque town of Molivos. Here there are many opportunities for sun bathing, snorkelling and roaming around the town’s main attractions with evenings to be spent sipping cocktails into the small hours.

Steeped in a rich history and brimmed with medieval towns and preserved treasures, Chios lies close to the Turkish coastline making it ideal for those looking for a yacht charter to both Greece and Turkey. Teeming with beautiful black sand beaches, picturesque landscapes and numerous museums Chios is one the most unspoilt islands of the northeast. Enjoy delicious local cuisine cooked with mastic before washing it down with the islands traditional drink of soumada. The main attractions in Chios are the ancient villages and archaeological sites making for a charter saturated in prehistoric treasures.

Lemnos is a more subdued island when compared to its neighbours, making for an idyllic location to wind down in peace and quiet. This sleepy and tranquil island is ideal for uninterrupted sailing around secluded bays and beaches, in addition to massive volcanic rocks waiting to be explored. Venture inland to discover chic cafés, small shops and excellent ruins and sample the fresh fish dishes and revel in the remarkable scenery of this stunning destination without the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

Named after the mythical Icarus, Ikaria boasts archaeological sites, sun-drenched beaches and natural monuments to explore. This island is often subjected to strong winds and is home to a single anchorage which is really safe. Renowned as one of the most beautiful of the Greek islands, Ikaria has glorious mountain scenery, lush vegetation and secluded coves, some of which are only accessible by boat. The hot springs in Therma are an appealing attraction and the island is vibrant with an endemic species of flora and fauna.

To learn more about these destinations and cruising destinations, feel free to get in touch with your preferred charter broker to discuss itineraries. Similarly, take a look at all of the superyachts available for rent in Greece.

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