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Coronavirus and Social Distancing Yacht Charters: An opportunity to learn a new skill



If you're considering a social distancing yacht charter as a result of Coronavirus, you'll discover that this type of vacation is the ultimate opportunity to pick up some new skills and try your hand at new hobbies that you can't experience with other types of luxury travel. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has many people considering a social distancing vacation after travel restrictions are eased.

Luckily for charter guests, a private yacht charter is the ultimate self-isolation vacation. 

As well as escaping the crowds and discovering new destinations, a yacht charter is also a great time to reconnect with your family and pick up some new skills. 

A superyacht gives you access to the best amenities and facilities, so there's no better opportunity to immerse yourself in activities and learning new skills. 

Here's our pick of the best things to try on your next social distancing yacht charter:

Water-Skiing and Wakeboarding

a man enjoying his yacht charter by playing some watersports near his luxury superyacht away from high risk zones of coronavirus
a woman waving at her family who are vacationing in the Americas on a luxury charter yacht
a man wake boards intensly while his yacht is anchored by a secluded beach in French Polynesia, away from the crowds of major citys and towns

Yachts with big toy lockers will always be popular; but if your yacht has water-skis in its toy chest then you can expect some serious thrills on your next luxury yacht charter

You’ll have plenty of time to learn how to water-ski properly on your charter. Your crew will teach you the basics on deck or on a sandy beach on shore, including positions and hand gestures you should adopt. 

Unless you have impeccable balance and good fortune, your first go will probably be a bit bumpy. But practice makes perfect, and pretty sure you’ll be slicing across the surface of the sea and cutting across wakes with confidence.


guests on a luxury yahct charter enjoying some on deck yoga courtesy of their private yoga instructor while they are away from any risk factors of covid-19
guests on a luxury yacht charter enjoying their vacation by doing some morning yoga to welcome in the sun
yoga and meditation are the best way to destress in these trying times and are the best way to find some peace of mind on a lxury yacht charter away from busy social hubs that are high risk coronavirus spaces

A yacht charter is the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge, and nothing will help you master your mind like yoga. On some yachts, members of the crew are trained yoga instructors who will be able to give you one-on-one guidance and bespoke sessions. 

Your yoga classes will quickly become part of your routine during the charter; whether you enjoy them as a morning boost or a winding down session at sunset, the combination of fresh air, tranquil seascapes and gentle exercise are the perfect accompaniment to your yachting vacation. 

Strike some poses on deck and feel your stress melting away in the midst of a soothing setting. By the end of your charter, you’ll have finessed the art of yoga.


many luxury yacht charters comes with their own scuba instructor, meaning that you and your guests can enjoy some water sports safely and far away from mainland in high risk spaces
if you are a facn os scuba diving then you need not worry about the coronavirus while on  luxury yacht charter because many of the best dive spots are far away from mainland or anywhere where many peoiple might be
three guests on luxury yacht charter vacation scuba dive in a secluded cove

If your yacht is PADI-certified, then a superyacht vacation is the perfect opportunity to learn to scuba dive. PADI certification means the yacht doesn’t need to rely on rendez-vous dive schools; the yacht will have on-board dive equipment and members of the crew will be trained as instructors.

Your crew will explain the ins and outs of scuba on the yacht, Then, you’ll take a tender to a secluded beach with shallow waters where you can get to grips with the equipment before heading out into open water. 

If you’re chartering somewhere tropical, like the Bahamas, you can expect to discover an incredible underwater ecosystem of bright coral reefs and exotic fish. If you’re chartering in the Mediterranean, you can still expect some impressive marine life; but there’s also a number of awesome wreck sites scattered across the region.


a woman is prepped and ready for some activity while on her luxury yacht charter vacation that is social distancing from popular crowded spaces in the mediterranean
a man swings his golf club from the bow of his luxury charter yacht during his social distancing vacation in the caribbean

A yacht charter offers a great opportunity to get to grips with golfing. Look for a yacht with a tee-off pad and a selection of irons, and spend some time working on your swing at sea. Ask ahead to check if any of the crew are golfing pros, and they'll have you telling the difference between a driver and a putter in seconds. 

Golfing in the sea is a world away from golfing on a green. Floating targets act as holes so you can keep score if you want to; but if you're not in the mood for competition, then you can just take it easy and enjoy the feeling of freedom as you watch the balls soar through the sky.

All golf set-ups will come equipped with biodegradable golf balls that break down into fish food, so you can rest easy knowing you're not damaging the environment with your latest hobby.


If you’re looking to put your sea legs to the test, look out for a yacht with sailing dinghies in its locker. Your yacht crew will be able to show you the ropes and you can learn how to maneuver small sailing boats in shallow seas.

Laser sailboats are great for beginners looking to get acquainted with sailing. They typically have lightweight plastic hulls that don’t mind a few bumps and scratches, and sails which are easy to reef and reduce power in windy conditions.

Hobie cats are also great for sailors with limited experience, and they can usually be sailed by two people at a time thanks to the multihull design. Whichever type of sailboat you choose, sailing is a fun way to spend a breezy afternoon at anchor.


a chef prepares a delicious tepanyaki meal for some guests who are on luxury yacht charter vacation
a family enjoying a light meal prepared by the deft and expert hands of their on board chef who is following completely up-to-date health and safety protocol
your superyacht will most definitely come with an on board chef who will provide delicious meals for you on your luxury yacht charter vacation but also teach you a few things to take back home with you

Before you book your charter, ask your broker to check with the chef about cookery classes on board. Many chefs are keen to share their skills, and will teach you how to recreate some impressive dishes on your charter. 

If your yacht has a Teppanyaki grill, then this is the prime opportunity to try your hand at slicing, dicing and cooking in this innovative Japanese style. Even better; you can eat all the delicious things you cook up.


family fishing on a secluded cove in the Mediterranean away from high risk zones of coronavirus while on their luxury yacht vacation
a guest onboard superyacht northern sun enjoying their luxury yacht charter vacation by social distancing away from crowds and deep sea fishing in peace
fisihing is a great way of knowing exactly where your food is coming from, meaning that you will be at an even lower risk of contracting coronavirus while on your luxury yacht vacation

Fishing is lots of fun on a yacht, as you can access a huge variety of fishing zones- from shallow coastal areas to deeper pelagic regions that are home to bigger fish. Your yacht will be able to take you to all the best angling hotspots, and your crew will be on hand to show you how to get the grips with the rod and line. 

There are different types of fishing which you could learn, so find out from your crew what type is best for the destination you’re chartering in. Fly fishing is a particularly popular hobby around the Bahamas, where there’s ample fish to be caught just by casting a line attached to a lure.

You can practice catch and release or you can ask your yacht chef to cook up your catch for supper. Snappers are very common in the Bahamas, as are grouper and bonefish. If you have a knack for fishing, you could even go after some of the big game fish like wahoo, barracuda, kingfish or even the prized marlin.

For more information, you can take a look at our latest social distancing yacht charter itinerary in the Bahamas.


jet skiing is a fun activity for everybody and can be done in the privacy of a secluded cove and right by your luxury charter yacht like these guests are doing on motor yacht AFRICA
water toys prepared for guests on a luxury yacht vacation by the helpfull crew of their superyacht
a family enjoying some watersports while they enjoy their luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean but still social distancing and staying safe

If your yacht has an approved RYA water sport centre on board, you can get your PWC (Personal Watercraft) license while at sea. This means you'll be trained up to use the Jet-Skis and other personal watercraft for the duration of your charter.

When you're able to safely use the Jet-Skis, you're guaranteed hours of fun speeding around on the water. If your yacht has more than one Jet-Ski, that's even better; you can challenge someone in your charter party to some light-hearted racing. 

Jet-Skis are also great for getting from point A to point B. If you're chartering somewhere with lots of islets, then you can jump on the back of a Jet-Ski and shoot off to do some on-land exploration.

Gambling and games

editor katia damborsky gambling at blackjack table on superyacht
cards and chips on a poker table that is in a luxury charter yacht a set of clear glass chess pieces that guests can play while they enjoy their alone time on their luxury charter while also social distancing from high risk  spaces

A yacht charter is a great way to spend time with your loved ones, and some fun and games will bring everyone closer together. Playing cards or board games in the evenings is a lovely way to round off a day spent splashing in the sea.

The 38m (124') charter yacht HAVEN, and the 76m (248') motor yacht WHEELS (pictured above) are ideal for anyone looking to try their hand at gambling, as they have built-in casino tables. Learning to gamble in a non-competitive setting is guaranteed to be hours of fun, and the crew might even teach you a few card tricks. Blackjack is the easiest game to start you off.

Of course, there's always board games and card games which you can play as well. Master the art of chess, become an expert card sharp, or get everyone involved in some old-school board games. 


If you're interested in windsurfing, you'll have plenty of time to learn how to do it on your superyacht vacation. One of the crew should know the ins and outs of windsurfing, so they'll be able to teach you the basics and supervise you in the water. 

Once you've mastered balancing, you can get into steering, turning and tacking. As long as the weather conditions are right- light breeze and not too much swell- you should be able to pick it up quickly. Being able to windsurf competently is a talent, so it's worth investing the time into it while on a charter. 

Meditation and Mindfulness

The serene setting of a yacht is the perfect environment to press pause on your thoughts and learn to master your mind and your emotions. Ask your broker to see if one of the yacht crew will be able to help guide your mindfulness journey. 

Once on board, choose a quiet spot on deck and spend some time tuning into your breathing and listening to the sound of the ocean swell. Your instructor will help you clear your mind and get you in the right headspace to recharge. 

Awareness of your emotional state is a key skill to master after the Coronavirus lockdown, and there can be no better place to learn the art of meditation and mindfulness than on a yacht.

To learn more chartering a yacht this summer, please get in touch with your preferred yacht charter broker.

If you're looking for useful information about COVID-19 and superyachts, social distancing vacation ideas, social distancing itineraries and news about lockdown and travel restrictions, you can refer to our Yacht Charter and Coronavirus Guide.

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