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Superyacht Luxury Dining

Enjoy a personalised menu of gastronomic delights

Whilst aboard a luxury charter yacht, prepare to dine on the very best gourmet cuisines, cooked and expertly prepared by a world-class Chef to ensure every bite is tailor-made to perfection.

Each charter yacht has a professional on board crew trained in five star service to ensure each meal is catered to the highest possible standard. Whether you prefer formal dining, alfresco lunches or sundeck barbeques, your on board Chef can cater to your every gastronomic delight. From beautifully assembled four course meals to delicious snacks and nibbles, there is no doubt that your food will be nothing but exquisite. With superb service and a personalised menu, the mouth-watering cuisine aboard a superyacht is the epitome of gourmet dining.

Before you embark upon your luxury charter, you and your guests will be asked to complete a preference sheet which will itemise in detail any dietary requirements, food allergies and medical conditions that the crew should be made aware of prior to departure. Be as detailed as you can be. If you are on a strict diet, mention it; if you only like white chocolate, put it down as the crew will then use this sheet to familiarise themselves with your likes, dislikes and how you like to dine. Be completely honest and maybe even adventurous and you will not be disappointed. Once this preference sheet has been reviewed by the crew, you can rest assured that the cuisine on-board your yacht charter will be nothing less than perfect.

Prior to your charter check about the possibility of an exchange with your on board Chef, this way you can work together and establish which foods you would like to eat whilst you are offshore. This will ensure the only food served during your stay will consist of ingredients specifically requested by you meaning each and every meal will be tailor-made to perfection.

Don’t be shy when mentioning your specific requirements; the worst you could say is "we’ll eat anything" which of course is untrue. Your Chef will be familiar with special requests and will have handled many personal preferences on previous yacht charters such as, vegetarian, gluten free, diabetic friendly and low calorie, so don’t be afraid to be specific.

Dine on the very best gourmet cuisines, cooked and expertly prepared by a world-class Chef.

Oysters and champagne

Remember, Chefs will not have access to large supplies of ingredients once the yacht has set sail and although it may be possible to source ingredients locally; this is dependent on your charter destination. Be sure to mention if you have a special occasion whilst on board as yacht charter crews love to host a party. From pirate themed nights to decadent dinner parties, what better way to celebrate than with a feast of culinary delights alongside your favourite people with a slice of personalised birthday cake for dessert?

From delectable beach picnics to delicious hors d'oeuvres your on board Chef can prepare astounding meals which are perfectly tailored to your own personal preferences. Bon appétit!

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