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Guide to Panama

Where natural beauty meets tradition and history

A small country in the North America/South America connection, Panama is an enchanting country which hosts a combination of colonial architecture with modern skyscrapers. Featuring the world famous 48 mile canal and more species of birds than the entire expanse of North America, Panama is an incredible location for any yacht charter guest.

Any trip to Panama should start at the magnificent Panama City. As capital to the prestigious country, the city is built high in the sky and is everything you could possibly want it to be. Essential for business and commercial industries, Panama City has the very best in every market. If shopping is your preferred pursuit, you’ll want to make sure you leave some time to stop over at  Albrook.

The Albrook district of the city has the largest shopping mall in the region and even has a small airport so you can visit other areas of Panama. Hosting a number of world famous brands as well as various eateries and even a cinema, you can easily spend an entire day in the central precinct.

An ideal end to a day of shopping is a night out on the town in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Panama, Bella Vista. This is where the nightlife is truly at its best. The Calle Uruguay zone has a multitude of exciting clubs and bars, as well as some unmissable restaurants which overlook the canal. If local cuisine isn't your preferred taste, there are also many global names to choose from for your dining options.

Moving away from the main hub of activity in Panama City, an interesting stop is the Biomuseo. The only one of its kind in the area, this museum stands out from the crowd with its vibrant, multicoloured canopy. Focused on the history and ecological aspects of the country, the museum teaches visitors about how the isthmus emerged from the sea and the subsequent changes it made to the global layout thereafter.

Getting a true taste of Panama is easy enough by exploring the exciting and varied terrains, but if you really want to taste it you’ll need to sample what is considered by some as the best coffee in the world. Grown far up in the Chiriqui highlands, the Geisha blend is highly sought after by International buyers and coffee enthusiasts alike.

Staying with the natural environment of Panama, any visit to the country would not be complete without at least one visit to the nature trails. With some located unbelievably close to the main city, it is easy to find an area of natural beauty. The protected Metropolitan National Park has some staggering nature trails that guide through varying heights and terrains to see some of Mother Nature's best work.

Another beauty spot worth visiting is the Summit Municipal Park. Just as green and beautiful as the Metropolitan park, this spot is mostly dedicated to botanical gardens which offer you a magical and vibrant walk. In addition to the flora and fauna there are also many chances to see some exotic birds including great green macaw, brown backed dove, stripe cheeked woodpecker and crested eagles.

For more incredible wildlife, your nrcy port of call will be to head to the coast for a spot of whale watching. From June until November you may be lucky enough to see some humpback whales leaping from the sea. Returning every year, the whales come to Panama for their mating season and they don't come alone. While scouring the waters you could also see some bottlenose and spotted dolphins.

Returning to the hub of activity the Old Town District awaits your arrival to see one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites. After an inferno in 1671, the majority of the original Panama City was destroyed. Started purposefully to prevent a large scale attack and robbery, this event remains a fascinating chapter in the history of Panama. The remnants of the ancient city still remain to be a crowd pleaser and offer clear insight into the ancient construction work of city building. While at the site you can still see the remains of the cathedral tower and view a scale model of what the original settlement looked like before the blaze.

If the Panama canal has made an impression on you, there's one more stop you can make before venturing elsewhere. The Observation Center gives you an unprecedented view of the canal extension and the latest locks in place. Watch world traffic passing through before returning to your own luxury charter yacht to cruise on to a new adventure.

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