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Guide to Belize

A rich blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty

Swathed in dense jungles and bordered by ivory-sand beaches, Belize is a blissfully peaceful alternative to other destinations in the Caribbean, and its bountiful cruising grounds make for a diverse yacht charter vacation. Yacht-goers can expect to be blown away by natural wonders, from the iconic Great Blue Hole and its vast spectrum of wildlife, to the smatterings of ancient Mayan ruins scarring the shorelines.

Nestled between Guatemala and Mexico, Belize is one of the few lesser-explored gems of Central America. Its postcard-worthy landscapes and aquamarine waters studded with sandbanks make it an idyllic charter destination in its own right; but it is also a fantastic starting point for those wishing to undertake a Caribbean yacht charter vacation.

Straddled by the world’s second largest coral reef, Belize is a must-visit for charter guests with a penchant for diving, and the kaleidoscopic underwater world offers up plenty to admire for snorkellers and scuba-pros alike. Beyond the reef, the oceans are teeming with marine life and manatees, whale sharks, sea turtles and dolphins are all known to inhabit the warm waters of the region.

Further adding to the allure of this unique destination, the opportunity to dive in the world’s largest sinkhole, known as the Great Blue Hole, is perfect for anyone with an adventurous streak. The cavernous crater was once a network of limestone caves above sea level, which collapsed during the last Ice Age leaving a cavity roughly 400 feet deep. Scuba-divers can expect to encounter various species of deep-sea fish, as well as having the chance to see the stalactites that formed millions of years ago when the formation developed on dry land.

Belize is known as the epicenter of the ancient Mayan world, and some of the most breathtaking sites can be found around the country. Among the most incredible are the stone pyramid of Caracoal, which holds the crown for the largest man-made structure in Belize, and Cahal Pech, a palatial stone building that was inhabited by elite Maya families between 1000 and 800 BC. Observing the magnificent architecture of these ancient civilisations is an experience that is not be missed on a Belize luxury yacht charter.

With its quiet beaches, remote islets and incredible on-land and aquatic wildlife, everyone on a yacht charter in Belize will find something to enjoy that will create memories to last a lifetime.

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World's Largest Ocean Sinkhole
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The Great Blue Hole
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The Great Blue Hole

Belize’s bucket list dive destination

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