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World’s largest sailing yacht ‘Black Pearl’ arrives in the Mediterranean

By Oliver Pearson   27 March 2018

Delivered on Friday 16 March, the 107m/350ft sailing yacht ‘Black Pearl’ from Oceanco arrived in the Mediterranean earlier today.

Currently holding the title of world’s largest sailing superyaht, Black Pearl looked triumphant as she made her way to the Mediterranean today.

The result of a fascinating design phase, Black Pearl began life as a concept drawn up by Ken Freivokh in 2010. Codenamed Nautilus, the concept utilised the DynaRig technology engineered by Dykstra Naval Architects and made famous by the 88m/289ft sailing yacht ‘Maltese Falcon’ built by Perini Navi.

In 2012, the Dutch shipyard Oceanco were selected as the builders, bringing in Italian designers Nuvolari Lenard who made a series of changes to the exterior and interior styling to transform her into the sailing yacht we see today.

With such incredible designers playing vital roles in her design, it is unsurprising that Black Pearl has emerged with a unique identity that can be heralded as a landmark moment in the history of sailing yachts.

Indeed, her sleek black-painted steel hull is completed by the huge logo emblazoned on her central mast, making her unlike any other superyacht out on the water right now.

Due to the highly secretive nature of her development phases, there are currently no published images of her interior spaces. It has been confirmed, however, that the collaborative design continued inside and Ken Freivokh, Nuvolari Lenard and Villate Design each had a hand in shaping the look and feel of the social and guest spaces.

As the world’s largest sailing yacht, Black Pearl is sure to cause a sensation in the Mediterranean

Demonstrated by the above images, the DynaRig clearly possesses the same kind of power and performance of the legendary Maltese Falcon. A technology which was dreamed up in the 1960s, it wasn’t until the 21st century that advanced building techniques made it possible to implement the DynaRig on board superyachts.

Greatly improving the efficiency and precision of a vessel, the technology allows a single person to control the angle of the sails by rotating the freestanding masts. Forming a single panel when angled together, the sails ultimately enhance the overall capabilities of the yacht.

What truly distinguishes Black Pearl from her the Perini Navi icon is the unusual reverse bow that was born out of the original concepts and the talents at Oceanco.

Altogether, Black Pearl is truly deserving of her status as a new born legend, and her significance is sure to be felt for many more years to come.

Whilst S/Y Black Pearl will not be available for charter, you can view and compare all Oceanco yachts available to charter.


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