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Video: First Look of Lürssen's 130m+ Superyacht DEEP BLUE

By Katie Scott   2 August 2023

Emerging from her construction shed for the first time, onlookers reveled in the sight of the 130m+ Lurssen superyacht DEEP BLUE as she moved from the shipyard's Lemwerder facility.

Transported to a floating dock outside the Lurssen Aumund facility, DEEP BLUE was transferred to enable the attachment of her bow, with the previous construction shed simply not being long enough to accommodate her full LOA.

Anticipating a gross tonnage of around 9,000GT, first impressions of the Lurssen motor yacht indicate extensive exterior liveability with walk-around decks, a large infinity pool on the upper deck aft, plus potentially dual helipads on the foredeck and top deck aft. 

Forward facing view of Lurssen superyacht DEEP BLUE in a floating dock with bow attached.
Aerial view looking down on Lurssen superyacht DEEP BLUE, surrounded by water.

Video & Photos:  Philipp Gonschorek

Now set to undergo finishing stages, DEEP BLUE is not expected to emerge again until she embarks on her sea trials in the North Sea. It is not yet known whether she will become available for luxury yacht charters

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