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Luxury Charter Yachts Meet Eco-Tourism

By Louise Marsh   25 July 2013

When you think of eco-tourism you may imagine homes made from twigs, beds of straw and unappetising vegan dishes, but this isn't always the case.

Though these images of eco-friendly can be true in some cases, there are places where this is not even remotely true. Here, you can basically walk straight off your luxury charter yacht and into an eco-friendly luxury resort without even leaving a footprint.

Though non-luxury eco-tourism often gets a bad name, the above description is more a popular misrepresentation rather than an accurate description of eco-tourism, luxury or not. Furthermore, this type of tourism is a fantastic way to support local communities while having as little adverse impact on the environment as possible.

It provides you with the opportunity to discover and explore some amazing luxury yacht charter destinations and to experience the quiet and majesty of the wilderness, while enjoying the benefits of a well-organised and stylish resort.

'Eco-friendly’ is increasingly replacing ‘luxury’ as a status symbol and though this trend has been around for a while, it continues to grow and gain momentum. However, these terms are not necessarily mutually exclusive but can complement each other, sometimes being even be more effective in supporting environmental and social efforts.

If you haven’t tried luxury eco-tourism yet then be warned because it is sure to become your new way of life.

Though not all resorts can be reached by luxury charter yacht due to their isolation, they are all worthy of being experienced while your yacht waits nearby.

Explore some of these luxurious eco-friendly resorts for yourself in the Philippines, North America, Belize, Australia and Mexico.

Contact your yacht charter broker for more information on visiting a luxury eco-tourism resort on your yacht charter vacation and to organise an itinerary.

If you haven’t tried luxury eco-tourism vacation yet then be warned because it is sure to become your new way of life.

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